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10 ideas for natural makeup at work or office

Propuestas de maquillaje para ir al trabajo

We who work know how sad it is not to have enough time in the morning to devote ourselves completely to makeup. However, with a couple of minutes we can get a professional and flirtatious look And it is that nothing makes us arrive in a better mood at work than to feel beautiful and safe of ourselves. Therefore, it is important that you know the tricks of makeup / no-makeup; Well, although the phrase "natural makeup" sounds redundant, it is an excellent alternative.

In the office we want to reflect the best of our qualities, and that includes the naturalness and security that we project. Going to work with layer after layer of makeup is not an option, especially if you want to show a professional image; That's why we leave you 10 looks that you need to try for your office makeup.

1. Bet on a natural makeup

tutorial for natural simple makeup

It consists of recreating the shadows and natural lights of your eyes combining them with colors that most closely resemble your skin tones. A white eyeliner to enhance the eye and enlarge your look.

2. Use illuminator for a makeup / no-makeup

girl with natural makeup and illuminator on her face

3. Try a simple eyeliner if “natural” makeup bores you

tutorial to outline Asian eyes

4. Choose fun colors for a more original look

girl with bright colored lips

Wear a light makeup and a brightly colored lipstick for a more flirty and fun look.

5. Well-groomed eyebrows is the best makeup

large eyebrow makeup abundant green eyes freckles

All stylists and image consultants have the same rule: well-groomed eyebrows are the face frame and the best makeup for a natural look.

6. Hair collected and bright colors on your lips

redhead woman with chongo and bright lip color

The easiest way to bring a balanced look to work is with a collected hairstyle, very few colors in the shadows of your eyes and only a bright lipstick. It will be the perfect combination between energy and sobriety.

7. Cappuccino and rosewood are natural shadows

girl with natural makeup blue eyes big lips

If you are white skin (almost yellow), the ideal will be to use warm tones to give life to your eyes, so as not to see you so emaciated. Perhaps you had never paid attention to pale pink, cream and light brown colors; But they will be your best choices for a natural look.

8. Take advantage of the bronzer

woman with tan makeup

There is nothing less beautiful than completely made-up faces without any shadows and natural lights on the face. The bronzer, whether light or brown skin, will always help you to give depth to your face; Enhancing your features.

9. Spend time on your eyelashes and eyebrows if you wear glasses

woman with big eyelashes and glasses

If you wear glasses daily, bet on a large frame that allows you to wear beautiful eyelashes. Finish your look with well-groomed and arranged eyebrows so that they give more impact to your look with lenses.

10. "Natural" tones will always remain with everything

tutorial to paint pink nude lips

With these simple tricks to fill your lips you will never be uncomfortable again with bringing too bright colors to your lips. This “natural” makeup style on your lips is perfect for the morning and the formalities of work.