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10 haircuts (long, bob, half mane …) that heal split ends and help you change your image

10 haircuts (long, bob, half mane ...) that heal split ends and help you change your image

Do you remember that scene from Holidays in Rome (William Wyler, 1953) in which Audrey Hepburn cut her hair? The princess wanted a normal life, and with this gesture (and many others) she claimed her personality. It was certainly the perfect example of how much it hides behind A makeover. The haircuts They may seem like a frivolous act, but if Coco Chanel said that they were a declaration of intent and transformation for a woman, there is a reason. If we add to this that our hair is going to have to heal, because the split ends announce an immediate disaster, we can do nothing but call right now the barber shop to make an appointment. Half-mane, Bob, Mullet? What will be chosen?

If we keep thinking about moments of makeover on the big screen, we could travel from the Pixie haircut to the Vidal Sassoon (who was not actually its architect, although it is said in the movie) by Mia Farrow in The seed of the devil (combined with those lovely dresses baby doll, contrasting with the haunting and oppressive atmosphere of Polanski's film) until the transformation of that boring hair of Anne Hathaway into The Devil Wears Prada to a stylish cut. Well, their lives, of course, changed, although we don't know if for good … But don't worry, that won't be your case, because the result will be a good face effect awesome and lots of compliments for how much it favors you.

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