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10 hair dyes (pharmacy and supermarket) super easy to put at home

10 hair dyes (pharmacy and supermarket) super easy to put at home

Before you dye your hair

1. The first and PRIMORDIAL right now is to do allergy test. "The manufacturer usually specifies it but it is very important to adhere to it strictly, and more, if you have never dyed at home," affirms Eduardo Sánchez. The stylist advise try the dye on a lock of the neck and let it act like this, at the same time, you will know if it causes an allergy and you will see the final result.

two. Don't wash your hair. Yes, it seems a strange advice, but the reality is that if the hair is freshly washed the dye "sticks less" and the scalp may become irritated more easily.

How to dye your hair at home

3. Dress for the occasion, that is, put on old clothes and wear a towel that can be stained. Of course, you do not want spots on the skin so before starting with the dye put Vaseline (or blue tin Nivea cream) on the contour of the face, ears, neck and nape, so you can clean yourself better. And of course, use ALWAYS gloves.

4. When in doubt, always choose the lightest shade because once you've put it on, it usually looks darker. "You have to adjust as much as possible to the tone that you have at that moment in the root and, therefore, you should always choose a lighter tone that, generally, usually corresponds to a numerically higher tone," explain from Maison Eduardo Sánchez.