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10 guys to follow on Instagram and master makeup

10 Chicos que demuestran que maquillarse ya no es exclusivo para las mujeres

For years, women have mastered the art of makeup, we learned to wear it with pride and we even created new techniques, but all that would not have been possible without the contribution of a few men. Yes! You listened well. Some men have also been behind the fantastic creations of makeup.

Thanks to social networks, many of them are coming out of their hiding place and they are showing us that makeup is not only a matter of women, and they have gained so much popularity that they have even become the faces of the biggest makeup brands, such as James Charles or Many Gutierrez. These are your accounts of Instagram where you can follow them and learn more about techniques that will help you with your beauty routine.

1. He will teach you to mix new colors

Boy who puts on makeup in neon tones

The artist behind this fantastic creation is the star of Youtube Wesley Benjamin Carter. You can follow it in your account @wesleybenjamincarter

2. This is what a natural makeup looks like

Boy who does the natural makeup

Ron Vuggota is an artist who can create true art with his face, from a look Extreme up to a natural makeup. You can follow it in your account Instagram @ronvuggotta.

3. The ruby ​​goes on the skin

Boy giving makeup tutorials

False eyelashes are the best invention that makeup has given us, that's why Andy Truong, a Utah makeup artist, has invested in his own line, Tru Lashes. But this is not the only thing that the blogger You can boast: Truong is a genius who knows how to use ruby ​​tones to highlight the skin. Do not miss their tutorials in your Instagram @beautybyandy.

4. The outlined neon dominates the world

Boy that is outlined with neon tones

Brandon Alunan's talent is second to none. As a makeup artist he has created techniques magic where the outlined neon is the protagonist. Follow him on @branalunan.

5. The illuminator also stands out thanks to your personality

Boy who puts on makeup with illuminator

If you still have doubts about how to apply an illuminator so that your face shines perfectly, you can visit Justin Marcus's channel at Youtubeor follow it on Instagram @jay_lindo.

6. Royalty also gives beauty tutorials

Boy who puts on makeup giving beauty tutorials

Bretman Rock has more than one million followers on his channel Youtube, because of that it has become part of the royalty of makeup He can teach you all his tricks if you follow him in his account Instagram @bretmanrock.

7. Nails are also part of makeup

Boy who puts on makeup and fixes his nails

Patric Starr has more than one million 800 thousand followers in Instagram and another million more on his channel Youtube. The great thing about this makeup artist is that he made a collaboration with Sephora for a line of enamels. He will be in charge of teaching you all about nails and makeup.

8. The effects in the photos are also important

Boy who puts on makeup with special effects

Alex Rivera is 25 years old and has more than 248 thousand followers in Instagram. Rivera dominates the art of special effects, he will even give you a few tricks to edit your photos in Instagram. Follow it on your account @alexfaction.

9. The glitter makes your look stand out

Boy who does makeup with glitter

You will be surprised by the skills Oscar has to make up his eyes with glitter. You can follow it in your account Instagram @makeupbyosc.

10. Brushes are your tool and your face the perfect canvas

Boy giving beauty tutorials

Ryan Potter has more than 200 thousand followers in his account Instagram and we can't blame him, his makeup tutorials are perfect and he is a great artist. Follow it on your @cybersleep account.