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10 exercise routines to mold your belly and abdomen

Ejercicios para conseguir un abdomen plano

If summer and your favorite bikinis are ready, but your abs are not yet so prepared, you have to follow this guide of strategic points to tone and shape your belly.

Remember that all these exercises should be done once you have finished a slight warm-up and stretching, then you will lie on the floor on a yoga mat or mat and start working your body with these 10 tricks to exercise your lower abdomen in a few minutes.

1. Cross your right arm with your left leg

10 exercises to firm the lower abdomen

This routine is to start your day of abdominal exercise with some good stretches, but especially so that your abdomen is contained as much as you can for about 10 seconds; then lower your leg, rest 5 seconds and take a breath to raise the right.

2. Abs with “scissors”

girl on the floor doing exercise routine where she lifts legs

This exercise is a combination of abdominals and resistance in your legs, since it will be very important that you leave one of your feet resisting 2 inches from the ground while pressing with your left foot raised as straight as possible and your abdomen compressing with force, with 12 to 15 repetitions.

3. The "army drag"

gif girl on the floor doing

In this exercise you will move your body in the style of a crawling soldier; All your pressure will remain directed by your abdomen, which you will move along with your elbows and the tips of your feet. You should remember to keep your back as straight as possible and do this drag for 20 repetitions from back to front, followed by a break.

4. Abdominals of the "bear"

bear exercise woman on the floor flexing knees gif

For this exercise you will do 10 push-ups with your knees in each one, that is, until you count to 20 doing this movement on the floor with your back straight and your arms 50 cm away.

5. The curve- C

chcia on the floor doing exercise routine with ball

For this exercise you will do a type of abdominal in which you will keep a ball tight between your knees, and you will raise your hands with a weight on each side, at the same time you squeeze your belly.

6. The “x factor”

gif girl in the aerial lifts feet and arms

This exercise is called the x factor, since you imaginary draw an X while lying on the floor; Lift a weight on each of your hands and do these movements for 15 repetitions on each leg.

7. Horizontal climbing

10 exercises to firm the lower abdomen

This exercise consists of resistance; you will raise your knee until you hit it with your elbow and leave it suspended for 10 seconds, then you will go down and rest for another 10 seconds, until you do it yourself but with the other side.

8. Legs in fall

gif girl on the floor raising her legs

You will raise your legs at an angle of 45 degrees and then lower them but without touching the floor, causing the pressure in your belly to increase. You will do this for 30 seconds and then rest.

9. Cross knee abdominal

girl doing sit-ups on the floor with blue clothes

In a lizard position and with your foot flexed and firm, you will slowly pull your right leg out and return it inside but crossing in front of your belly until you touch your left knee with your ankle. You will do 15 repetitions of each leg.

10. The heel touch

girl lying on the floor touching her ankles abdominal exercise gif

This exercise will help you work your belly and those chubby hips; so bum and with your knees bent you will touch each of your heels with a slow but steady rhythm, especially trying to tighten your abdomen to work it with greater results.