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10 current ideas to see you different 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

Balayage azul 3

Boldness is an outstanding feature in the
hair styles that set the trend today. The techniques for
hair coloring employ risky tones that positively call the
Attention. Therefore, it is not surprising that the blue balayage East
Being so successful Know some ideas of this type of balayage
It will benefit many people.

Meet the best balayage hairstyles
blue that are fashionable

The vibrant color
Blue does not go unnoticed in a person's hair.
However it is
important to note that the dye must be applied correctly to give the
desired appearance For that reason, it is good to analyze a French technique with
This attractive color that can go on the hair.

Electric blue

The vividness of electric blue makes the person who wears the
Balayage demonstrate self-confidence. This color is an undeniable way of using
well the blue balayage to get the attention. People with
Dark hair can take advantage of that hue to increase the visibility of the

Blue balayage 1


The metallic tones are having an answer
positive in the French technique known as balayage. For that reason, it is
appropriate to include in the ideas of blue balayage a photograph with
metallic hue As with other shades of blue, the level of
degradation is clearly perceived.

Blue balayage 2

Navy blue

Dark blue, or navy blue, is a less bet
risky compared to other more vivacious tones. This color brings a higher level of sophistication and does less
Perceptible change of hue. Despite this, navy blue allows
Balayage hair looks beautiful, shiny and bulky.

Blue balayage 3

Bluish blond

Women with dark shades are not
the only ones that can take advantage of the blue in balayage. Blue can adapt
in hair of any color. Therefore, it is assertive to state that a blonde can wear excellent technique
of balayage with blue.
Of course, it is important to note that some
Stylists recommend the use of a less dark blue.

Blue balayage 4


Turquoise blue is
An extremely striking and beautiful color.
Therefore, it is understandable that
Only bold women dare to use this hue. One of the advantages
This color is that it brings a touch of youth to the person who wears it.
This look looks good on wavy, curly or straight hair.

Balayage blue 5


The pastel hue
It is an excellent alternative
for women who want a style
Different less flashy. Pastel blue is a recommended color
frequently for the balayage of people with blond hair. The
color degradation is less noticeable but the hair still looks

Blue Balayage 6

Blue combined

Blue can be combined with other colors in order to increase the audacity of
look change
. One of the colors mixed with the blue tones is the
purple. The intensity of these two striking colors creates an optical illusion
Fascinating in the hair. In addition, there are ways to lessen the impact
Visual image.

Blue Balayage 7

Gradient Blue Tones

The use of tones
Gradient blue looks stunning on the hair.
The technique that is used in
That style should be done by a professional. There are famous people
who have opted for the choice of that degradation of blue tones. No doubts
that this option does not go unnoticed.

Balayage blue 8

Deep sea

The color blue is often associated with the sky and the
ocean. Therefore, it is understandable that a technique of balayage
with the sea This style incorporates several beautiful shades
which increase the attractiveness of coloring. Loose hair with those colors
It shows the complex elaboration behind that look.

Balayage blue 9

Blue intense

The intensity of the blue dye chosen determines the
appearance of the woman who will use it. The intense colors applied in the
tips do not allow to clearly perceive the balayage. However, the color blue
Dark that blends with black is less prominent. Therefore, it is understandable.
that some people choose this style of blue balayage

Blue Balayage 10

Reasons to do your hairstyle
blue balayage?

There are several reasons that should encourage women
to follow some of the ideas previously proposed.

  1. The blue balayages are bold and striking.
  2. There are balayage models that do not require
    constant maintenance
  3. The blue with the balayage technique looks good on
    any kind of hair