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10 Basic summer cosmetics


The heat is here and it's time to make a complete check to our body and our cosmetic cabinet. The purpose is to prevent high temperatures from causing more discomfort than necessary.

A quick exam from head to toe allows detect what are the possible weak points and be prevented to strengthen them with the right cosmetics.

Ready? Well, we start.

Although since active beauty We have been preparing for the little sun for days, we believe it is necessary to do a review from head to toe to not forget anything. And the weekend is a good time for it.

So, general inspection to our body and our cosmetic kit. With paper and pencil if necessary. It's about seeing how we are, what to deal with, if we have the products for it and, if not, write them down. It is not going to be that, suddenly, we lack a lip balm.


1. Feet. High temperatures cause us to sweat much more. Y greater perspiration favors dehydration and dryness, as well as the proliferation of bacteria that cause the bad smell. To avoid this, it should be feet be airy, without socks or shoes that drown them, and with proper daily hygiene. However, it is easy for these same reasons (dehydration and contact with air) to dry out excessively and appear hardness and cracks, so it is also convenient apply a specific foot moisturizer daily, since your skin is too thick for a normal body cream to penetrate properly.


2. Legs They usually present swelling problems due to vasodilation caused by heat, with heaviness and fluid retention that can trigger fatigue to varicose veins. It is estimated that 80% of adult women suffer from this problem and, as usual, there are no figures on their incidence in males. To avoid your symptoms, refreshing creams help reduce inflammation and stimulate drainage.

Green & spring

3. Body. Even if it is not exposed to the sun, sweat causes dryness and loss of minerals, which results in a devitalized and tired skin. You have to maintain daily hygiene and apply body moisturizers Always after showering or bathing, soothe, nourish and maintain moisture. In addition, the lost water must be replenished by drinking, since for many creams that are applied if liquid is not ingested, as well as a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and oil, it is not possible to keep the skin hydrated and healthy.


4. Sun. In addition to moisturizing, you have to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays every day, even if it is not exposed on the beach. The use of clothes that leave arms and legs in the air makes it essential to apply a sunscreen in these areas. Index SPF30 minimum, dermatologists advise ..

Biotherm Homme

5. Hands. Wrinkles, spots, dryness, sagging … The hands reflect everything because they are constantly exposed and are the ones that receive the most aggressions (water, soaps, sun, etc.). Like the feet, they need a specific cream that nourishes them and protects them from external agents. And photoprotection!

6. Face. It also needs constant hydration and sun protection, since it is the part most exposed to the sun. A sunscreen moisturizer, to be light and fresh to avoid the unpleasant greasy sensation in summer, it is the most appropriate to take care of it daily.


7. Mouth. The lips do not have natural sun protection like the rest of the skin, as they contain less melanin. In addition, being a semi-thin, its corneal layer is different and it dries more easily. Must protect and moisturize them often with an ultraviolet-resistant lip balm (UV)

Helena Rubinstein

8. Eyes. The best protection is without a doubt good glasses. Glass, carved fiber or plastic lenses are the ones that absorb the most rays and although the color is not decisive, it is that crystals be duly approved. The darkness of the lenses should not confuse you, they can let the UV pass. In addition, the skin of eye contour She is very fine and sensitive and one of the first to show excess sun with swelling, bags and wrinkles. A cool eye contour can relieve it.


9. Hair. Nor does it have its own protection against the sun, so that it and humidity usually cause the cuticle to open and damage to its structure that are evidenced by roughness (due to dehydration), tangles, fragility, split ends, etc. A specific sunscreen and a mask a couple of times per weekThey are the best way to prevent.


10. Color. Health and beauty go hand in hand, so a final touch of color It can be the perfect complement to this basic plan. Terracotta powders are a summer classic both for the tan tone they provide and for the lightness of their texture, which does not load the skin but mattifies (eliminates shine) and allows it to breathe.

Keep them on hand

• PediRelax Dry Feet Moisturizer. Moisturizer with essential oils, especially sweet orange, for the treatment of dry feet, recommended by the International Federation of Podiatry. 75 ml € 8.07. In pharmacies and parapharmacies

• Prodigy Powercell Eye Urgency by Helena Rubinstein. Eye contour patches with a decongestant, tensor (lifting) and calming effect, fight bags and swelling, adapt to the skin and allow freedom of movement without falling. 1 patch € 21, pack of 6 patches € 105

Carla Bulgaria

• T-Pur Anti-grease and anti-moisture from Biotherm Homme. Moisturizing face gel for men that keeps the skin clean and dry throughout the day; Purifies, cleanses and eliminates skin shine for 8 hours, even in cases of stress or heat stroke, according to the brand. 50 ml € 27.50

• Glacil Basic Corps de Montibello. Cold leg massage gel that stimulates venous and lymphatic circulation back, promotes drainage, relieves heaviness, tiredness and swelling. 200 ml € 27. In beauty centers

• Green & Spring Revitalizing Body Lotion. Refreshing and energizing body lotion to wake the skin and activate circulation, contains dandelion, thyme and fennel. 300 ml € 30. In

• Olay Max Factor SPF15 Total Effects makeup day cream. Daily moisturizing facial cream that nourishes and acts against the signs of aging, gently exfoliates and brightens the complexion, decreases the appearance of the pores, unifies the tone with a Max Factor makeup point (two shades: medium and intense), and protects from the sun (SPF 15). € 24

• Phytoplage Phyto High Protection Hair Veil. Moisturizing lotion for hair that protects with ultraviolet (UV) filter extracted from sunflower, white lotus to maintain hydration, volume and shine, and illipé butter to prevent dehydration, invisible and non-greasy. 125 ml € 16.50. In pharmacies and parapharmacies


• Soins Soleil SPF 50+ from Galénic. Sunscreen for face and body with very high index (SPF 50+) in spray, light, invisible and non-greasy, with orange blossom aroma. 125 ml € 22.95. In pharmacies and parapharmacies

• Délice de Soleil de Bourjois. Ultrafine texture tanning powders that provide a discreet tan, with cocoa beans that provide luminosity, moisturizing poropy orange blossom elixir, SPF 15 sunscreen and chocolate aroma. € 16.25

• Hands Repairer with Bulgarian Rose from Carla Bulgaria Roses Beauty. Hand cream that repairs and protects from sunrays (SPF 15), prevents and repairs skin blemishes, with damascene rose water with nourishing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, without parabens or dyes. 50 ml € 19

• Avène Lip Stick. Lipstick with high sun protection (SPF 30) that protects, moisturizes and repairs lips damaged by sunlight and heat. € 9.85. In pharmacies and parapharmacies