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10 amazing brands of cosmetics created by women

10 Marcas de cosméticos creadas por mujeres para mujeres

More and more women decide to enter the world of business, especially in beauty. Their intelligence has led them to create products so impressive that they make us look even prettier. Among women we must support each other and what better way to do it than recognizing the creators of a product that we use every day: cosmetics.

These are just some makeup brands made by women that you need to try. Because in addition to supporting them, you will have the opportunity to acquire quality products that do not harm the environment.

Nailberry Enamel

Although it began as a manicure salon in 2012, a couple of years later its founder, France's Sonia Hully, created her first four shades of vegan enamel and free of animal cruelty. In 2015 he launched his line L’Oxygené, which claims to be a healthy product for nails because, in addition to not including a UV filter or chemicals such as formaldehyde, the formula has a technology that prevents water and air from passing through the enamel and damaging the nail.

Bobbi Brown makeup

In 1990, makeup artist Bobbi Brown worked with a chemist to achieve 10 natural shades of lipstick. But it wasn't until a year after their tones debuted under the name of Bobbi Brown Essentials. Since then the brand has been characterized by its bright colors that enhance the beauty of women.

Naked eye shadows

Wende Zomnir was in charge of creating the famous brand Urban Decay. The pink, red and beige tones determine the most famous shade palette created by Zomnir: Naked, which have become a staple of our makeup bag. But the best thing about these cosmetics is that their products are free from animal cruelty and in 2009 the company received the award Fifth Annual Best Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Line, granted by PETA.

Shadows of Kylie Jenner

Although the famous socialite Born in a cradle of gold, for a couple of years he has struggled to position his name in the makeup industry. Currently the youngest of the Kardashian – Jenner clan has managed to consolidate a cosmetic empire, because every time it launches a new product it runs out in a matter of seconds.

Eye shadows of the body shop

Anita Lucia Roddick was the one who started with this cosmetics company in 1976 by not agreeing with animal experiments. Since then it became one of the largest beauty brands in the world that supports associations such as Greenpeace. Its products are chemical free and make your skin look fabulous.

Tarte makeup

From the comfort of his apartment Kelly Maureen created Tarte Cosmetics in 1999. Maureen was a beauty addict but all the products she used were very unattractive so she set out to design a line of cosmetics full of glamor. Today Tarte It is a leading ecological beauty company that offers natural products made from fruits, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and oils.

Estée Lauder makeup

Josephine Esther Mentzer, was the founder of the famous brand. Estée created the company with the perfect combination of knowing how to make its products, dedication, persistence, passion, commitment and many free samples.

Flower Handling

Maybe you didn't know but the cosmetics brand Flower It was created by actress and producer Drew Barrymore. The line consists of 180 low-cost products and what makes them attractive is that they are quality products that have no advertising, invest the money in natural formulas that help the face.

Kat Von D makeup

The famous tattoo artist joined in 2008 to Sephora to launch a vegan makeup line with its characteristic seal, as the packaging designs look as if they were tattooed.

Mac products

Founded in 1984 by makeup artist and professional photographer Alicia Margbki, Make Art Cosmetics (MAC) was created as a makeup suitable for photo shoots. But it's not just a company created for beauty, they also have a series of foundations that help people like MAC AIDS Fund, which fights against AIDS.