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🥇 The 15 Party Hairstyles that are trending in 2020

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Today from The MadRoom We are going to talk about hairstyles, and many times we are very comfortable and we do not risk with the hairstyle, either because of the daily routine and the little time we have to innovate or simply by laziness. In this article we are going to describe what we are the ones for best party hairstyles of 2020, so that on special days we will inspire you to dare with a different and special hairstyle.

15 party hairstyles that are trending in 2020

Party hairstyles for half hair

Throughout several entries in this blog we have talked about a very versatile and very fashionable cut this 2020, and it is the bob, the best haircut of the moment. If you are a “bob” girl, pay attention to these medium hair party hairstyles.

  1. The bob with waves, take your hair with a very sharp wave and if you also lift the bangs to the side, you will wear a perfect hairstyle that will combine very well with a short party dress. If you opt for a more retro style, combine it with a red dress and a deep red lipstick.
  2. The half mane with wicks: If you want to wear a golden age Hollywood look, this is your hairstyle. A half mane with wicks and retro waves. Just put on your best long dress and create a red carpet star.

best party hairstyles 2020

Party hairstyles for long hair

The long hair party hairstyles they cover a wide range of possibilities, collected, semi collected, loose hair, and a long etcetera.

  1. For a more romantic and natural image we have chosen a hairstyle consisting of a straight bangs with high ponytail and a little disheveled. It is a very romantic and youthful look that will also bring naturalness to your face.
  2. The braids They are an ally that they always have to be when we don't know what to get right for our party hairstyle. The best option for long hair is the "fishtail" braid. Collect all your hair in a high ponytail, and from there braid all the hair, in the beginning leave the hair more loose and undone, and as you reach the tip go tightening and fixing the strands.
  3. Continuing with the braids, another romantic party look is what we will get with the "waterfall" braids. With which you will wear an innocent touch. Ideal also for our daughters.

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Party hairstyles for short hair

We have already talked about some hairstyles for long and medium lengths, but we do not forget the ones that you choose to wear short hair, that is why if we have to talk about Party hairstyles for short hair.

long and short hair party hairstyles

  1. Let's start with the hairstyle for a cut pixie cut With Dutch braids. It is a very sexy and rocky hairstyle, it consists of two braids of root at the top of the head that go from the forehead to the neck. A hairstyle for the most warriors.
  2. Another hairstyle for a pixie cut would be to make a thin braid on the bangs from the division of the line. Divide your hair with the stripe to the side and braid only a few thin strands of root towards the tip, you can also braid other strands from the stripe to the ear. It is a simple and fun penalty.
  3. Many times we think that a short or medium-length haircut hardens and gives a more aggressive or empowered look and moves away from a more romantic hairstyle like the one we could choose for a wedding. Well, to get you out of this mistake, let's simulate a crown of braids. As the length does not give us to make it with braids, instead we will be curling the hair to simulate a crown.

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Celebrity-based party hairstyles

  1. Another hairstyle that never goes out of style and that is obsessive Ariana Grande It is the high ponytail. It is the great reference of this artist and is a hairstyle that you can appropriate for how simple and comfortable it is. It is also versatile since you can wear it in your day to day or on special occasions.
  2. Continuing with the styles of celebrities, Kim Kardashian It is the clear example of high collected. With all the hair well attached to a high tail, and from there pick it up in a bun. It is ideal for dresses that look a neckline on the back, as it will look much sexier.Celebrity party hairstyles

Collected, Pin Up and other types of party hairstyles

  1. Continuing with pick-up options, another of the party hairstyles for 2020 are the disheveled bun. It consists of a classic bun with a disheveled touch, with which we get an irresistible touch and that you can wear in any event.
  2. For the volume and retro loversThe carding Frame your face and defy gravity. Do not panic, the 80's does not return and luckily the way of carding has evolved, it is not carding. It is to shape so that we look an elegant and spectacular volume like this:
  3. If we continue with sexy hairstyles, let's talk about a semi-picked with waves aside. A hairstyle of the most sensual with which we exploit femininity to the fullest. Make waves throughout the hair and with the help of a hairpins and lacquer collect one of the sides of your hair. Another option is to make a braid of root to take the hair of the temple to the nape of a side. Super Sexy!
  4. A hairstyle of the sexiest and most rocky for those women who opt for a half mane is to mark the middle part and make a light wave. Ideal for a jacket suit look.
  5. And finally we have left the hairstyle for the most daring girls. And we don't all dare with him Pin up. But it is true that if you know how to defend it, it is a very fun and sexy style with which just creating very sharp waves and loops at the top to be able to lift the hair, we will get a simple and clean pin up look, at the same time sexy .

So far our selection of party hairstyles for 2020, we hope you liked it and helped you for your next events. Learn more about our hairstyle services. We help you choose the best for you!

In The MadRoom Madrid We are here to listen to you, tell us which is your favorite and our whole team will be happy to help you and create the look you want for all your events.

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