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The French manicure is one of the classics that never goes out of style, it is the manicure that never fails and one of the most requested in beauty salons. There are many brides who choose her to wear elegant and natural nails, but what if we tell you that you can also add a touch of color to take seriousness and give a personal touch to your hands ?. Therefore in this article we tell you everything you need to know about the colorful french manicure.

It is true that during the past summer, we saw how Neon Nails and Animal Print Prints like the cow, they positioned themselves as the top manicure of the moment, however much Rihanna bet and insisted that the marble effect nails should become fashionable. Another one of the bets of the clients of manicure salons, was the one of the varieties that there are of the French manicure, and it is going to be in this year when all the types of French manicure will explode. So very attentive because today in The MadRoom Let's talk about what is to come for your hands! colorful french manicure!

colorful french manicure

How do you make the colorful french manicure?

Before seeing the different combinations or types of colored French manicure, we will make a brief summary step by step how it is done said manicure, to later be able to combine other colors.

  1. With a nail polish remover, remove all impurities and enamel debris.
  2. In warm soapy water, soak your hands to soften and clean them well.
  3. Once they are dry, use a stick to push the cuticle back.
  4. With the help of a glass polisher or file, polish and soften the surface of the nails.
  5. Match and shape the nails using a file, always filing from the inside out.
  6. Apply a transparent base that adds shine and removes stretch marks from the nails.
  7. Once this layer is dry, place guide strips about 3 mm away from the tips of the nails.
  8. Now that you have the guide, paint the nail tips with a white enamel. Let it dry and remove the strips.
  9. Now your hands look like a natural French manicure, you just have to apply a layer of enamel in Nude color and let dry.
  10. Protect your nails with a hardener to soften your nails. Moisturize your hands with cream to take care of them after performing any type of

Now that you are clear about how classic French manicure is done, you are ready to explore and combine colors such as pink, green, blue tones. Play with the shape of the strip you use as a guide, give it a curved, diagonal shape, etc. Above all, don't limit your imagination. With the nail art trend, you can be inspired to create a type of colorful French manicure in which you mix all the colors you want.

In addition, you can perform the French manicure of colors and have long nails, XXL, short or with all the variants of cut that exist. This type of manicure adapts to any length and gives you the chance to try all the combinations you can think of.

A combination that in The MadRoom We recommend you to make a curved guide strip shape. Apply a gradient on the tip that goes for example from yellow to green from left to right, remove the strip and apply a nude or transparent gloss enamel to show off an original and multicolored French manicure.

how to make black manicure

Trends in French manicure of colors Black & White

Another of the ways we saw on the last red carpet of the Oscars was the Black & White combination. That is why we are going to see a review of several types of black French manicure that are stomping for this season.

Next we will give you clues to this trend and we will explain several examples of this type of manicure:

  • Black and Nail Art. We will apply a transparent base that protects our nail. After applying a black tone on the tip of the nail, with a diagonal line to avoid the classic French manicure. The Nail Art touch; Make points bordering this black line with another shade of matte black for example, and then apply a top coat to make your manicure look longer.
  • Intense black highlighting the tip. Using a black Licorice tone, an intense black throughout the nail. Now put a strip as a guide to paint the tip of the nail with another layer of this Licorice or by reviewing this area with a layer of glaze, in this way you will highlight the tip more.
  • The Glitter and the Black They are always a safe bet. With an intense black throughout the tip, and applying metal, gold or silver tones on the tip you will get another type of French manicure of more chic and elegant colors.

If you can't wait, make an appointment in our classroom The MadRoom Madrid and wear the most top manicure of this season with our manicure service Dare with the color!

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