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▷ Wedding hairstyles 2019 ⊛ Photos, Ideas & Styles!

peinado trenza lateral para bodas mujer

Are you about to get married and don't know what hairstyle you will wear at the wedding? Do wedding preparations have you a little neurotic? There are so many things to consider and organize so that this special day is a dream. The date, the place, the photographer, the guests are some of the first aspects that are being planned because they are very large.

But they are not the only ones, there are other important aspects that must be included from the beginning in the wedding preparations. One of these is the look that will look on that wonderful occasion. For example, brides make sure they have the best wedding dress in advance.

But how about the wedding hairstyle? Whether your wedding is very close and you still do not know what hairstyle to wear or if you want to take your time to see the best wedding hairstyles, stay with us.

wedding hairstyles

We know the importance of finding the wedding hairstyle Make it the perfect complement to your bridal look. That is why we have brought this special and complete entry on Wedding hairstyles. Here you will find many ideas whether you are the bride – obviously the protagonist of the night -, the groom – who sometimes forgot to plan his hairstyle – if you are a guest or the godmother. Follow us and let us help you choose the hairstyle you will wear on the wedding day.

Wedding Hairstyle Man

Let's start by helping you choose a mens hairstyle that you can wear at a wedding, especially if you are the groom, obviously.

We know that in recent years the hairstyles for men They have evolved. More and more there are new models to look like in other times we would not have imagined that a man could wear something like that. At present they have shown that there can be versatility and good taste in male hairstyles. However, at a wedding it is not always advisable to get a hairstyle just because it is fashionable.

On these occasions, men can bet on hairstyles that are not exaggerated, a good haircut that gives them presence and elegance. Being so important this event is best to go to a stylist to guide in the choice of the best cut according to the shape of the face and it is he who performs it.

Classic style

hairstyle wedding man classic style

This classic cut is ideal as a male wedding hairstyle. If you bet on him, elegance and style will accompany you all night.

Too short or shaved

shaved wedding man

This very low cut attached to a beard has a manly appearance and transmits strength, ideal for taking it to a wedding. If you combine it with a beard as seen in the photo the result is impressive.


hipster hipster hairstyle for weddings

If you are what you bet on fashion, then the hipster style suits this occasion. Although it is a hairstyle that stands out, it does not take away dignity from the event, on the contrary you will stand out in the best way.


One of the latest trends in terms of wedding hairstyles in men are the toupees. They not only serve for this type of elegant occasion, but for many others since its versatility allows you to combine it with all kinds of attire. Especially, for weddings it represents a super nice option. You can help yourself with a serum and thus control all those hairs that sometimes fuss and make your hair look a little disheveled. Try this style and tell us how are you



This is a hairstyle that in recent times has revolutionized men, and of course it could not be included in this list of wedding hairstyles. All experts love this type of hairstyle because, like the previous one we show you, it is super versatile and adaptable to any situation. For weddings it is very elegant and you just need to know how to do it correctly to look spectacular. Go to a stylist to make the line and the rest will only be creativity and dedication.

wedding hairstyles men

Hairstyle for wedding woman

Having already shown hairstyles for men, in today's post we will be especially dedicated to show and talk about Wedding hairstyles for women. It is that without a doubt, whether we are the bride, the godmother of the wedding or just invited, women enjoy wearing our hair on an occasion like this.

There are so many wedding hairstyles We may not know where to start. That is why if you continue reading you will find suggestions to make it easier for you to decide what hairstyle to wear on that day. We will tell you how to choose the wedding hairstyle, which hairstyles are best at a day wedding and which are the easiest. You will also find wedding hairstyles What can you do with short hair or half hair. And if you are the godmother or a guest you can see what options are there for you.

How to choose the wedding hairstyle

To choose the wedding hairstyle, First we must think about the accessories and the style we will wear. We will comb the hair in different ways depending on whether we will wear a veil, a crown, or a bridal headdress. In addition, the hairstyle should be a perfect complement to the wedding dress you will wear.

For example if you opt for a braided wedding hairstyleIt is an excellent idea. Because, on the one hand, combing your hair will be much more comfortable, since this type of hairstyle does not merit so many hairpins. On the other hand, the wedding hairstyles With braids they are increasingly fashionable and make you look elegant.

wedding hairstyle woman with braids

Now if your style on your wedding day is more romantic, the dress you are wearing is a princess cut, then the ideal hairstyle will be a bun or a tie that will leave your neck free and give you that air of glamor you want.

An interesting idea is to comb your hair in a way that is perhaps more elegant for the wedding day itself and comb your hair in another way, perhaps with loose hair and a more casual style, for the post-wedding session.

Hairstyles for wedding day

When choosing a hairstyle for wedding day you must take into account the weather of the season and the place of the event, especially if it is done in an open space. Cold, breezy or even rainy days merit well-set hairstyles of the collected or semi-collected type. Because if you wear your hair loose your look can be damaged if your hair is spongy or frizzy. Make sure you are just as beautiful at the beginning of the ceremony as in the rest of it to show off in all the photos.

The type of outdoor or beach weddings allow you to go with a more casual and less sophisticated style, getting a youthful, fresh and romantic look. Hairstyles with braids are really flattering for these events. Something like this.

side braid hairstyle for wedding woman

If you are looking for something more elegant but according to a hairstyle for wedding day you can opt for a bath bun, adding braids and accessories that stand out in the hair. Look at the image below to get an idea.

hairstyle collected with flower for wedding woman

The disheveled semi-picks are an excellent choice of hairstyles for day weddings. We love this way of wearing hair since it can be done in a very short time, it doesn't have much work and best of all, the results are spectacular. If you have long or medium hair, take advantage of this detail and learn how to make this wonderful semi-picked for wedding. You can customize it your way by adding a headdress like the one shown in the image. Beautiful!

hairstyles for wedding day

A picked up with braids It is a perfect wedding hairstyle, that's why we will give you an example of how to make a hairstyle of this special type for day weddings. We love it for both short hair and long hair. It will only be enough for you to mess it up a bit and thus achieve a more relaxed result, a special feature for those day events that do not need too much elegance or sobriety on our part. Check the image below to take it as inspiration for your wedding hairstyle.

hairstyles for day weddings

If you have the very short hair We also have options for you, such as the image that we will show you below where you can see that it is not necessary to have large amounts of hair to be able to look beautiful, but with few details you will get a magnificent wedding hairstyle that will leave you delighted more than one. A small detail or accessory It will be enough to decorate your hair, and thus achieve an ideal 20-point look for this occasion.


Easy wedding hairstyles

It is true that a wedding is a unique occasion where we want to show off the best hairstyle. But looking for ideas to comb our hair we find such complex hairstyles that are almost impossible to do, that we do not have the time to do them, or that are very charged for the style of the event. It would be that what we would take to a day wedding on the beach would not be the same as what we would wear at a night wedding in an elegant meeting room. Sometimes, simply, less is more and what we really need are Simple wedding hairstyles.

Look how these photos show us that with simple hairstyles you can look the best style of a celebrity.

Easy hairstyles for celebrity weddings

As you see, the braids are an inevitable in easy hairstyles for weddings. You do not need to be an expert stylist in the matter, you just have to master the basic braiding technique known since childhood. From there, you can learn very easily to do all these hairstyles for weddings with braids, especially the one that we will show you below, where you will only need to make one from the beginning of your root until you achieve a collected totally spectacular and easy. Dare to do it and tell us how you did with the process.

easy wedding hairstyles

Look at this kind of collected that is a wedding hairstyle Super easy to do, it's like a lattice of hair that ends up liking all women. We love this option, since you can use it both day and night, and best of all, it doesn't need too many steps to get it. You can do it if you have short or long hair. Surely you will delight all guests with your 20-point look!

easy wedding hairstyles

Believe it or not, a ponytail may be enough to show off a beautiful super easy wedding hairstyle and simple to do. First you have to straighten your hair or curl it, and then make a ponytail at the height of your preference. If you wish you can add a small toupee in the back to give your wedding hairstyle a little more personality. To hide it a little, choose to cover the ponytail with a small part of your hair. It looks beautiful and the best thing is that it is super simple! Surely everyone will love it, starting with you.

easy wedding hairstyles

Look how spectacular a braid can be as an example of a wedding hairstyle easy and simple. The truth is that it is not at all difficult to do it, with knowing how to make a braid of root you will already have enough to finish your hairstyle in which you can leave the rest of the straight or curly hair, according to your tastes or preferences. The best advantage of this wedding hairstyle is that it is perfect for both long and short hair, so do not hesitate to take advantage of the following image as an inspiration for your hairstyle. Let's do it!

easy wedding hairstyles

Short hair wedding hairstyles

It seems that long hair has a monopoly on Wedding hairstyles. But this does not have to be like this. Women with short hair who plan to marry do not have to let their hair grow if they do not want to, and that is why they are not distressed by the hairstyle. Next we will leave you images that will show you how to look spectacular on your wedding day by having short hair.

hairstyle for wedding woman short hair

Do you realize that although the hair is very short, we can get a beautiful look on the wedding day?

By wearing very short hair we will give prominence to accessories, hair color and makeup. Therefore, you can make a change in hair color or add light by making some wicks. In the case of accessories that are not so small, you can rather look for some of good taste and large. Your makeup can be like the one shown in the photo below.

hairstyle for women with short hair with jewelry for weddings

Of course it is possible to look beautiful with Short hair hairstyles for wedding. The face of the bride will be even more the center of attention.

Having short hair is not an obstacle to make yourself a wedding hairstyle spectacular that leaves more than one speechless. That is why we have shown you all these different options so that you look beautiful on a day as special as your wedding. So do not forget to take this photo as an inspiration to make a beautiful hairstyle in short hair for your wedding day. Tell us what you think about this style of wearing your hair!

short hair wedding hairstyles

You don't necessarily have to wear your hair for wedding, even if you don't believe it, with the free hair you can make an excellent wedding hairstyle in short hair As we have seen in the different examples of this article, natural style waves are a trend when we refer to these types of events, so try to play with them or take advantage of them in order to wear a beautiful wedding hairstyle super easy do. Try adding a detail that will make it much more special like a hook or headdress. You like?

short hair wedding hairstyles

Look how headbands with waves They are a perfect combination for weddings. This hairstyle is so versatile that you will not need to have short or long hair, any type of hair is suitable for this way of wearing hair. One of the best advantages of this hair style is that you will not have to spend too much time doing it, a few curls, you put the headband and go. You will have a wedding hairstyle in short hair in less than 20 minutes! That will also make you look beautiful and radiant on such a special day.

short hair wedding hairstyles

Half-length hairstyles for wedding

If you have a medium hair you can look different wedding hairstyles . This length of hair allows to make collected that with short hair are impossible. You can also curl it a lot and look short, which also would not be achieved with short hair. Because although short hair can be curled, it could rise more than we would like.

Look below some Medium hair hairstyles for wedding.Hairstyles for half-length weddingsmedium-length curly bride hairstyle

Hairstyles for bridesmaids

If you have the honor of being a wedding godmother make sure you look like one. Although the godmothers do not steal the prominence from the bride, they do have to look like worthy princesses. Make sure you get a dress that takes your breath away and beautiful shoes, get an idea of ​​the makeup you'll wear and then it's time to choose the right hairstyle. See the following images of hairstyles for bridesmaids and find the one that best suits your style and your hair.

hairstyles for bridesmaids wedding

Remember that as a wedding godmother you are the right hand of the bride. That means that probably that day you have to give careers so that everything is in place and goes well. So try to wear a hairstyle that resists the comings and goings of your work as a godmother.

But not for being the godmother of the wedding you have to neglect your hairstyle, on the contrary, what you have to do is look for those options that best suit the needs and that they allow you to be circling without being ruined in a short time. A clear example can be the wedding hairstyle that we will show you below, braids are always our best allies in these cases, since with very little they can make any hairstyle look like a whole work of art.


As we said before, the braids They can become the best allies for those moments where you need to make a beautiful hairstyle without much effort. At weddings they are often used quite frequently, and if you are the godmother then much more, since With little you can make a spectacular wedding hairstyle that endures all the turns that you will have to take that day, at the same time that will make you look beautiful and radiant. That's why we love them! so do not hesitate to try this hairstyle and tell us how you think about this example to use it on an occasion as relevant as that.

godmother wedding hairstyles

Now you know, as a godmother you have to choose a hairstyle that suits all activities typical of those that have to be commissioned, we are sure that the task will not be very difficult with all these examples of wedding hairstyles according to the different types of hair that we have left in this segment of the article. We hope you have found one that suits your tastes and preferences. Short, long, straight or curly hairs all fall into these wonderful examples of hairstyles for easy weddings and beautiful specials for godmothers.

hairstyles for bridesmaids weddings

Hairstyles for wedding guests

Going to a wedding fills us with emotion. It is an occasion of joy that gives us the opportunity to show off our best look. If you are looking for ideas of hairstyles for wedding guests, You arrived at the right place.

When choosing hairstyles for a wedding you must pay attention to the style of the event and the time it will take place. This way you will choose wedding hairstyles that are appropriate for the occasion and that allow you to enjoy it to the fullest. Especially if you are one of those who like to dance. Here are some.


If your hair is long bet on long braids, starting from above with a disheveled effect. Leave them loose or pick them up, which will be a safe bet anyway, getting a spectacular and trendy look. Herringbone braids are especially used on occasions like these.

braided wedding hairstyles

Low ponytail

The low ponytail is an excellent hairstyle to go to a wedding if we are left with little time to get ready. Another advantage of this hairstyle is that you can wear it whether you have straight or wavy hair, whether or not you have bangs, or wear it simply or with braids or volume up. With some modifications this low ponytail becomes an elegant hairstyle worthy of a wedding.

low ponytail wedding hairstyles

Wavy mane

If when going to a wedding your goal is to look sexy and raze, then choose to wear the wavy hair. Best of all, it does not require much time or effort to undulate the tips and the result is a stunning and daring look. No doubt this mole of wedding hairstyles They never go out of style.

wavy hairstyles for women weddings

Flowers as accessories

Flowers always go well at weddings. That's why you can do yourself wedding hairstyles Wear floral accessories and look great. You can wear the hair collected simply with a bra and decorate it with flowers, which will be the center point of the hairstyle. You can also make a wreath that gives you a romantic look according to the atmosphere of a wedding.

wedding hairstyles with flowers

No doubt this kind of wedding hairstyles Show how angelic and tender you are.semi-picked wedding hairstyles with flowers

Wedding hairstyles step by step

If you are one of the women who prefers to do the hairstyles for herself before going to a stylist or a hairdresser, this segment of our article is made especially for you. Here we will show you the step by step of different wedding hairstyles They are super easy to do from the comfort of your home with some basic techniques to leave your hair spectacular in these events where you deserve to have a look of 20 points. So let's see all these options so that you stay radiant with your own effort. Let's do it!

wedding hairstyles step by step

We start with some options for short hair. Believe it or not, this type of hair is easy to handle and from home you can do different types of super easy wedding hairstyles in a very short time. That is why they have to be ugly, on the contrary, you will look beautiful without spending hours at a hairdresser spending large amounts of money. Try doing it yourself following the steps that are in the image, we do not doubt that you will stay the same or better. It's so simple that in less than you think you'll be ready for your event.


Now if on the contrary you have a long or medium hair, this wedding hairstyle that we will show you next will come as a finger ring. Like the previous one, you will only need to start with two braids on each side of your head. As you can see, the procedure to achieve it is not difficult at all, you can do it yourself or ask for the help of a friend, since for both it will be super simple to have the final result.

Specifically if you like the collected ones, this hairstyle is perfect. So do not hesitate for a second to start putting this style into practice, it will fascinate you as it is at the end.

wedding hairstyles step by step

Previously in another section of this article we have said that pigtails They are a fantastic option for weddings, especially if you are a guest or godmother. This type of wedding hairstyle is super resistant so it will withstand all the activities you have to do with it, and of course the best thing is that you can do it from home in a very short time and without spending money on stylists who will leave it same.

So do not waste any more time and implement this step by step that we will leave in the image below.

Do you like this wedding hairstyle option? In our opinion it is perfect for these occasions.

wedding hairstyles step by step

Can you imagine a flower-shaped hairstyle to wear at a wedding? It seems to us the perfect occasion to wear this wonderful hairstyle, since usually the decoration of this type of event is with flowers, so it will come as a ring to the finger to be in tune and at the same time look spectacular with this style of wedding hairstyle. You only need to have medium to long hair, so you can roll it enough to get the flower effect that has the final result as you can see in the image below. Even if you can't imagine it, it's super easy to do, and in a few minutes it will be ready.

wedding hairstyles step by step

And to end this tour by the best step by step wedding hairstyles, we will leave this one that is especially recommended for women who are invited or godmothers, since it is a slightly simpler option but just as beautiful. As you can see, the steps are few, but the final result can be combined with any dress or outfit you want to wear.

It seems perfect for day weddings, where formality is not so necessary. You don't have to worry if you have short hair, because you can easily do it without any problem.

Try it and tell us below how it went with the step by step of this wonderful wedding hairstyle.


Wedding hairstyles with braids

We have previously said that Hairstyles with braids They are undoubtedly those that take out any hurry and make spectacular even the simplest hairstyle model. That is why we could not stop including in this article a section dedicated especially to show the best hairstyles for weddings with braids, from guests, godmothers, even for the brides, they will all have a place in this segment and we are sure that you will find the one you like best and that suits your type of celebration. Continue reading not to miss all these examples.


If you have the short hair you shouldn't worry, since we also have many options for you to wedding hairstyles with braids. Such as this braid root that crosses all the hair and looks spectacular for this type of occasion. We especially recommend this hairstyle if you go to a wedding as a guest or godmother, as it is a bit more casual and will remain intact regardless of all the activities you have to do that day. Put it into practice and tell us about the final result of this hairstyle.

wedding hairstyles with braids

Now if you are the bride and you want to have a little more prominence with a wedding hairstyle With braids that are more worked and special for what the situation warrants, we also have an image of motivation or example for you, as is the next hairstyle. With a fishtail braid and waves your hair will be perfect for an occasion as special as your wedding. It is important to mention that you should have long hair, or use extensions to achieve the final result. Do you like this example?


Now, if you are a guest but you still want to look beautiful at your friend's wedding, or here we have a braided wedding hairstyle Simply spectacular, especially if you have long hair, because in this way you will be able to make this braided side root that looks super beautiful for this type of event. As a recommendation we tell you that you can curl the rest of your hair, giving it a little volume. With this detail you will be more than perfect for the whole event. Do not hesitate to try!

braided wedding hairstyles

Did you like all these wedding hairstyles options with braids? Well, if you want to start doing them immediately, thinking about you, we have looked for a video where it shows how to make a precious collected braided for weddings. This hairstyle is simply spectacular and surely leaves you as in love as we are. In a few minutes, the step-by-step steps to achieve this bridal look are taught in detail. Don't miss it and click on the link below!

Wedding hairstyles girls

In most weddings the girls say present, and that is where moms begin the despair of finding how to dress them or arrange them correctly for a day as important as this. But with this article your worries are over, since we have given ourselves the task of looking for the best wedding hairstyles for girls that will highlight your tenderness, maintaining the naturalness and simplicity that characterizes the smallest of the house. Let's not waste time and see them.


Flowers! How can we leave out flowers? On wedding occasions it is the best way to make the outfit or hairstyle of the girls combine perfectly with the event and the decoration of the same. With very little work you can make a beautiful hairstyle for weddings for girls, making the flowers stand out as an important detail or accessory.

A good example of how to incorporate them may be the image below. We have loved this way of combing girls for a bridal event. It looks super sweet and cuddly.


On the other hand, the monkeys they are a classic that is part of the wedding hairstyles and of course this also applies to the smallest of the house. There are certain ways to make bows or special pick-ups for them without them being overloaded or having a lot of work. Sometimes it can be as simple as giving a little volume and putting occasional detail like flowers to give the final touch to this hairstyle.

Look at how beautiful the final result can be seen without the need for it to be too laborious, it retains the essence of the girls while they look gorgeous.


If you want a little more worked option for your girl, here we leave you this wedding hairstyle super beautiful, cuddly and spectacular for an occasion as special as a marriage is. Combining a donut-shaped bun with a kind of braiding and ending with a bow is something that will surely be wonderful. No doubt this is our favorite hairstyle for girls to look on a day like that, so don't hesitate to try it and tell your favorite stylist to try applying this style. It will be beautiful and will fascinate everyone!

wedding hairstyles for girls

Now to finish this segment of this article, we will leave you an option a little simpler but that is why it is still beautiful and tender for the smallest of the house. In both short and long hair you can use it. You will only need a few roses, flowers or any other detail you prefer to give an extra touch to this wedding hairstyle for girls and make it beautiful. We especially recommend this model for weddings a little more informal or during the day, so you will be able to maintain your girl's comfort while looking beautiful. What you think about this?

wedding hairstyles for girls

Evening Wedding Hairstyles

Previously in this article we show the best options or examples of hairstyles for day weddings, that is why we will now leave you the most beautiful hairstyles to wear at night weddings where elegance is the most important thing to keep and give prominence in all our attire, especially in the hairstyle.

You must take into account that for the wedding at night it is necessary to strive a little more in the hairstyle, in this way you will be able to look spectacular and lift the looks of more than one. That is why we recommend that you attend the hairdresser or where the stylist of your choice to do any of the models that we will show you below and that you will surely be spectacular. Let's see them!

The brightness or details are very important when making a evening wedding hairstyle That stands out and makes it clear that you are the protagonist of the event and that is why you look this radiant. Here we show you this perfect example to show off if you are the bride. With a few waves and a headdress with brilliants the final result will be magnificent. Pearls are a good option to combine with the motif of your wedding, but you choose which ornament you want to put on your hairstyle. A little volume, accessory and ready!

evening wedding hairstyle

Bright headbands They are spectacular and perfect to combine with bows. Specifically, the latter are part of the most used wedding hairstyles, because we cannot deny that they are precious for this type of occasion. Si tu boda es de noche, los detalles son esenciales para darle más personalidad a tu look nupcial. Es por eso que, pensando en ti, te dejaremos este ejemplo que nos ha encantado para esas bodas nocturnas. No dudes en intentar con este look y darnos tu opinión sobre que te ha parecido este peinado para bodas.

peinados para bodas de noche

Aunque no lo creas, los semirecogidos también los podemos llevar muy bien para ocasiones donde la elegancia sea lo primordial. Si tienes melena larga este es un buen ejemplo para poder lucir hermosa en el día de tu boda dejando tu melena al aire. Si lo deseas puedes optar por rizar tu cabello o dejarlo liso, de ambas maneras se verá espectacular.

Prueba con añadir unas cuantas trenzas y una diadema. Incluso puedes incorporar el velo si ya has tomado la decisión de llevarlo. Es un peinado super versátil y especial para bodas nocturnas. ¡Está hermoso!


Pero si no eres muy fanática de los accesorios, también tenemos un buen ejemplo de peinados para bodas que puedes usar en tu caso. Necesariamente no tienes que usar diademas o tocados para que tu cabello se vea espectacular en un día tan especial como tu boda, solo necesitarás tener actitud y orgullo en lucir un peinado para bodas como el que te dejaremos en la imagen de abajo.

Así que no dudes en probarlo si tienes una melena larga, es muy fácil y los resultados serán envidiables. ¿A caso no te parece que está precioso? A nosotros nos ha fascinado esta opción y por eso la recomendamos para bodas de noche.

peinados para bodas de noche

Ahora ya lo sabes, las bodas nocturnas son la ocasión perfecta para mostrar tu lado más sobrio y elegante. Lo más ideal es que consigas peinados que no solo se adapten a tu gustos o necesidades, sino también que sean lo suficientemente cómodos para que puedas aguantar toda la noche y el ajetreo típico que implica llevar a cabo un matrimonio. Lucir hermosa siempre será la prioridad, pero manteniendo ciertos aspectos para estar impecable toda la noche en tu boda. ¡No lo olvides!

Peinados para boda pelo rizado

Todas sabemos que el pelo rizado es un poco más difícil de dominar que otros tipos de cabello, sin embargo, esto no quiere decir que sea imposible hacerte unos hermosos peinados para bodas, tanto si eres invitada como si eres la novia. Pensando en ti, nos hemos dado la tarea de buscar unas maravillosas opciones que te ayuden con la preocupación de como acomodar tu cabello para lucir espectacular en una ocasión especial como lo es un matrimonio, así que vamos a ver que hemos recolectado para dejar hermoso tu pelo afro o rizado.

peinados faciles y sencillos pelo rizado

Si ya de por sí te gusta la textura de tu cabello, entonces no será problema encontrar peinados para bodas que se adapten a tu estilo. Desde recogidos hasta dejar suelta la textura natural de tu pelo, son muchas las opciones por las que puedes optar. Un buen ejemplo es el peinado que te dejaremos más abajo. Con mucha sencillez hará destacar tu pelo natural. Como ves, solo necesitarás un pequeño detalle para darle más cuerpo y protagonismo al look final. A veces menos es más y por eso es que nos ha encantado este peinado para bodas, ¿y a ti?


El secreto de encontrar un peinado para bodas perfecto para tu pelo rizado, es que aprendas a utilizar la textura natural de tu cabello a tu favor. No es tan difícil como piensas, pues son muchos los peinados hechos pensando en rizos. Así es, tal es el caso de la imagen que te dejaremos más abajo. No tenemos duda de que se vería super diferente sin los rizos, así que ya ves que en muchos casos hasta son necesarios para darle un toque perfecto a tu look nupcial.

Dejarlo un poco despeinado le otorgará más personalidad y estilo; mientras que si añades un accesorio como la diadema será el boom. ¿Te has convencido de usar este peinado para bodas en tu día más especial? A nosotros nos ha encantado para pelos rizados. ¡Inténtalo!

peinados para bodas pelo rizado

¿Te convence la idea de hacer un falso flequillo con tu propio pelo rizado? Pues no podíamos creer que lucía tan bien hasta ver la imagen que te dejaremos más abajo. Si eres invitada o madrina y tienes esta textura de cabello, este peinado para bodas te vendrá como anillo al dedo, pues no tendrás que gastar grandes cantidades de dinero en hacértelo, incluso desde casa podrás intentar con tener este resultado final.

La verdad es que el secreto está en la actitud y en como combines en peinado, aunque estamos seguros que irá super bien con cualquier vestido para lucir especialmente hermosa en la boda o matrimonio.

peinados para bodas pelo rizado

Peinados para bodas a un lado

No solamente los recogidos son los mejores protagonistas para las bodas, sino que también los peinados de lado han tomado un buen camino en este tema. Melenas largas o cortas, todas tienen cabida en este maravilloso estilo de llevar tu cabello que nos permite seleccionar los más bellos peinados para bodas a un lado, con la finalidad de mostrártelos y que puedas escoger aquel que más se adapte a tu estilo, preferencias o beneficios.


Aquí te dejaremos un lindo ejemplo de como llevar un peinado para bodas de lado correctamente si tienes el pelo corto. Las flores o las diademas pueden ser vitales para adornar tu cabello y dejarlo completamente hermoso para un día tan especial como este. Como puedes apreciar en la imagen, se trata de un peinado para la novia, pero si eres invitada o madrina también lo puedes adaptar a tu atuendo y lucir igual de perfecta.

A nosotros nos ha encantado esta opción para lucir hermosa y relejada sin demasiado trabajo. Así que aprovecha y comienza a poner en práctica este peinado para bodas de lado en pelo corto y coméntanos que tal te va con este estilo en un día tan especial.

peinados para boda de lado

Si tienes una melena media o larga, también hemos pensado en ti. Un buen trenzado siempre lucirá magnífico para una ocasión en que amerites un buen peinado para bodas en pelo medio o largo. En esta oportunidad se combinan dos tipos de trenzado para hacer mucho más especial tu peinado, tal como lo son el de raíz y el de cola de pez. Como ves en la imagen de más abajo, es un peinado perfecto para bodas de día que son un poco más relajadas e informales.

A nosotros nos encantó este peinado para bodas de lado. ¿Y a ti? Inténtalo en tu cabello y cuéntanos que tal te ha parecido.

peinados para boda de lado

A semi-picked también forma parte de la lista de peinados para bodas de lado, y que mejor para ilustrarlo que Blake Lively. Esta es una popular actriz estadounidense que siempre ha sabido destacar por sus looks completamente acertados en sus diferentes apariciones públicas. En este caso vamos a aprovechar uno de sus peinados para utilizarlos en una boda un poco más informal pero siempre conservando la hermosura y el glamour.

Con una trencita bastará para darle ese toque o detalle que hará mucho más especial tu peinado para bodas. Así que, como ella, no dudes en aprovechar al máximo tu cabello y dejarlo libre con unos cuantos rizos que adornen tu semirecogido de lado. ¡Nos parece hermoso, tierno y perfecto para una boda!

peinados para bodas de lado

Finalmente, si tienes una melena larga y frondosa no dudes en que rizarla será una elección excelente para un peinado para bodas en pelo largo. Ya hemos visto con todas las imágenes anteriores que los rizos son tendencia para este tipo de eventos, pues le dan un carácter romántico y al mismo tiempo bello a todo tu look. En el caso de los peinados para bodas en pelo largo, te traemos esta opción divina para un día tan especial como tu boda.

Como ves, solo bastará con adornarlo o personalizarlo con unos cuantos ganchitos. Nos parece que le da un toque perfecto a todo este peinado sin ser demasiado exagerado. Así que no dejes de tomar la siguiente imagen como inspiración de tu propio look nupcial. ¡Quedará fantástico!

peinados para bodas de lado

Videos de peinados para bodas

Y ya para casi concluir con este artículo en donde te hemos mostrado los mejores peinados para bodas, te dejaremos unos cuantos videos para que puedas observar el paso a paso de algunos de los peinados que te hemos dejado anteriormente, de esta manera podrás hacerlo tu misma desde la comodidad de tu casa sin gastar grandes cantidades de dinero, no perdamos más el tiempo y vamos a verlas.

¿Quieres que en un video se resuman diferentes peinados para bodas en pelo corto? Pues aquí te lo tenemos. No necesitas sufrir demasiado con tu poca cantidad de cabello para tener un look hermoso como resultado. Con solo ver este video tendrás diferentes opciones en una misma pieza audiovisual para que puedas probar con todos estos estilos que se presentan a continuación. Así que no dudes en verlos y ponerlos en práctica para que te conviertas en toda una experta.

Desde el canal de Youtube Moda Fashionista te dejaremos un fantástico video con múltiples opciones o ejemplos de peinados para bodas con pelo suelto. Son muchas las mujeres que prefieren dejar su melena al aire en un día tan especial, si tu eres una de ellas, este video es especial para ti. No lo pienses más y corre a verlo, de seguro encontrarás el peinado que más te favorezca tanto si eres la novia, como si eres invitada o madrina. Nosotros nos hemos enamorado de más de uno, quien quita que tu también.

¿Se te ocurre un paso a paso de los mejores peinados para bodas que has visto en la web? Nosotros lo hemos hecho posible y traemos para ti un video donde se muestra el paso a paso de diferentes peinados que serán perfectos para un día tan especial como este. Nos ha parecido excelente que en un solo video que tiene muy pocos minutos, se muestren tantas opciones hermosas como las que se dejan allí. Seguramente que en este popurrí conseguirás aquel que más te guste para lucir radiante en este día.

Peinar tu cabello rizado puede ser difícil pero no imposible. Y que mejor que aprender a hacerlo de manos de una chica con este tipo de textura en su cabello, quien en esta oportunidad nos va a mostrar como hacer 3 peinados para fiesta super fáciles en pelo rizado. Así te darás cuenta que no es tan complicado lograr tener un look de 20 puntos en un evento tan especial como tu boda. No dejes pasar la oportunidad de verlo y poner en práctica todos estos ejemplos de peinados para bodas hechos pensando en este tipo de cabello. ¡Manos a la obra!

Esperamos que luego de todas las ideas que te hemos dado en esta entrada sobre peinados para bodas, encuentres el indicado para lucir en ese día tan especial y trascendente en tu vida. Un peinado que haga juego con el vestido, los demás accesorios y se adapte al estilo de la ocasión y a las condiciones climáticas. Consigue el peinado con el que te sientas cómoda y que te aguanta durante todo el evento para que en todas las fotos luzcas igual de arreglada como cuando llegaste. No lo olvides, el peinado para boda debe ser el complemento perfecto de tu look nupcial.

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