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▷ Semi-picked hairstyles 2019 ⊛ Photos, Ideas & Styles!

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The semirecogid hairstylesyou they are the perfect option to wear a look which is both arranged and natural. Depending on the way you do them, the semi-picked They can look very elegant, so they are ideal for any occasion.

In addition, it gives you the opportunity to play with the style and you can give it your personal touch the way you want it. We invite you to see the options we bring for you, we hope you like them and dare to use more than one.

semi-picked hairstyles

Simple semi-picked hairstyles

The great thing about this style is that it is extremely versatile and can go from the simplest to the most elaborate. To encourage you, we bring you these options of simple semi-picked hairstyles that you can use on different occasions, for example, you can use them for day events or casual outings, and best of all, it won't take you more than five minutes to get ready. In these days that haste prevails, it is best to be practical and save a few minutes.

These simple semi-picks are perfect for making hairstyles for girls since they are not too difficult, although we recommend you read the full article of hairstyles for the little ones.

simple semi-picked hairstyles

Simple twists

He semi-picked hairstyle The simplest thing you can do is this which consists of simple twists in the hair. You just have to take a piece of hair from each side of the head and turn them to make a kind of loop; then you simply adjust them on the back of the head with small hooks or with forks. You can give it your personal touch with a simple bow or accessory.

semi-picked simple turns simple twists hairstyles

Half-wrapped wrapped

This is another version of semi-picked What can you do in less than five minutes? All you need is a few hooks or hairpins to hold the hair. Start by separating a small tuft from one side of the head and cross it to the opposite side, then secure it to the head; Repeat the procedure as many times as you wish, try to be the same number of times on each side of the head.

half-wrapped wrapped semi-picked hairstyle wrapped

Semi-picked hairstyles with braids

The braids complement the semi-picked because they give them a more natural and casual touch. However, you can play with this style and raise the level of your look; so you can use them in more elegant events. We invite you to see the options of semi-picked hairstyles with braids We bring you, and we hope they will inspire you for your next meeting. Remember that, if your event is going to last a long time, it is recommended that you use some type of fixative so that you do not lose the charm so soon.

semi-picked hairstyle with braid

Twisted side

The braids that are made to the side of the head can look very elegant, so they are highly recommended for weddings or formal parties, although that does not prevent you from using them in a day event. East semi-picked It is very versatile, because it allows you to play with the position of the braid and also with the shape of the braid. Here are two examples that can serve as a reference.

side braids hairstyles semi-picked sideways

Back braid

Another very elegant way to fix your hair is with this semi-picked with braids. In this case, you may need some help if you do not have much ability to braid your hair, because the braid position complicates its performance a bit. However, its versatility is undeniable, since you can control, in any way you want, the amount of hair you let loose. Here we leave you two very beautiful versions.

back braid semi-picked back braid

Decorated semi-picked hairstyles

The use of accessories is the most effective way to show a hair arrangement. Here we bring you two options of decorated semi-picked hairstyles They look extremely beautiful. We recommend using them in an event where you want to stand out above all, for example, at your wedding, graduation or fifteen years. Remember that the choice of accessory is as important as that of the dress, since the first must complement the second, and not chantically disentangle.

decorated semi-picked hairstyles


The half-sideways They are excellent to show the maximum length and volume of your hair. If you want to stand out in your next event, we suggest you consider this semi-picked with accessory that we assure you will make you look beautiful. All the magic of the hairstyle lies in the accessory, so it is best that you take your time and choose this element very well, so that it combines completely with your outfit of the day. In addition, if your hair is very straight, we recommend curling to give it greater volume and attractiveness.

half-sideways semi-picked side hairstyles


If you are looking for a more controlled hairstyle that is more practical to wear, we recommend you decorated semi-picks that are going toward the part of behind of the head. As in the previous case, it is important that you take the greatest care in choosing the accessory you are going to use; The advantage of this style is that you can opt for a larger or more colorful element, as it will not compete with your makeup or with the front of your dress.

semi-picked hairstyles back combed back semi-picked

Semi-picked hairstyle step by step

Finally we bring you a semi-picked hairstyle step by step We are sure you will love it. First, it has a very romantic and feminine air that will make you look like a princess and, in addition, it is extremely easy to do, even if it does not seem so. We hope from the heart that you love it, and that you dare to use it on your next date or outing with friends. Here we leave you the steps to follow, you will see how easy they are:

  1. Start by dividing three small sections of hair at the back of your head, and make a thin braid with each.
  2. Then you must release one of the sides of the braid, in each of the sections; Ideally, they are so loose that large curves are made in each of the braid turns, but only on the side you released.
  3. Go winding each of the braids on themselves, make sure that the loose side is towards the outside.
  4. Be sure to fix the curves that formed so that they look like flower petals.
  5. Finish by holding the braids, already rolled, with small hooks or hairpins. Ideally, wear bras that resemble the color of your hair, so they will be less noticeable.
  6. If you wish, you can curl the hair that is loose, to give the hair more eye-catching, and we recommend that you use a fixative if you want your look Last a long time.

semi-picked hairstyle step by step

semi-picked step by step

semi-picked step-by-step hairstyles

There you have them, easy to make semi-short hairstyles that you can use for a casual look or something more elegant. Always maintaining your style and beauty. Tell us which of these semi-chosen hairstyles you like best and which one you will try first. Do not forget to share this article with your friends on social networks.

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Semi-picked hairstyles

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