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peinados modernos

Currently both women and men want to look spectacular at all times, but do not want to invest too much time in their personal arrangement; Well, life goes to the race and we all always have a thousand things to do. That's why fashion has evolved and every day everything becomes easier. Among the things that have been simplified are the modern hairstyles, which are increasingly committed to the natural and the simple. However, this simplicity does not mean sacrificing elegance or style. We invite you to see the proposals of hair cuts and arrangements that we bring you.

modern hairstyles modern hairstyles for women modern hairstyles woman

Modern hairstyles for women

Girls every day have a busier life full of activities; However, they will always look beautiful and have an impeccable style. For this reason today we bring you some modern hairstyles for women that you can do quickly and that will always make you look spectacular. Remember that the goal should be to see you naturally beautiful.

modern hairstyles for women

Two braids full of color

If you are one of the daring girls who are not afraid of color, we recommend choosing one that makes you stand out from the crowd. To complement it we bring you this beautiful modern braids hairstyle which in addition to beautiful, is super easy to do. You only have to make two braids that start at the front of your head, you can weave all the hair until the end or leave them at the height of the neck to have some hair loose behind.

modern braids hairstyles modern hairstyles braids women

Semi-picked with double twist

This is another modern hairstyle for women which follows the theme of beautiful but simple. It consists of passing a line through the center of the head and making a twist on one of the sides taking it back, then repeat the procedure on the other side and hold both twist in the center of the head with a tail or a hook. It is extremely beautiful and it won't take you more than 10 minutes to do it.

Modern hairstyles for men

Like women, men also always look for a careful and very attractive style. For those guys who are always aware of the latest trends, we bring you some modern hairstyles for men that will make them look very handsome and sexy. With these looks They will leave more than one letting out sighs of love and charm.

modern hairstyles for menfashion hairstyles for men modern hairstyles men

With bangs

For the guys who don't mind a bit of hair on their faces, we bring them this modern hairstyle which does not consist of anything other than making a cut with a kind of bangs, the length of the bangs depends on each one; however, the most common is that it reaches eyebrows.

modern hairstyles bangs man modern bangs hairstyles men

The crest

For those who prefer their short hair, we bring you this modern hairstyle very fashion. It is a simple crest that is made at the top of the head; If you have very straight hair, we recommend using a product such as wax to last longer. In addition, you can try a variant with stripes, which are made with razor.

modern crest hairstyles modern hairstyles crest man modern crest hairstyle man

Modern hairstyles for short hair

There are also very interesting proposals for short hair. If your taste is inclined to a more practical and manageable cut, we recommend these Modern hairstyles for short hair. We hope you love it and dare to try one the next time you change your style.

modern hairstyles for short hair modern short hairstyles

Modern short hairstyles for women

Between shaved and long

For girls who are super bold and confident, we bring you this proposal of modern hairstyle that will make them look very rough but with incredible fashion hairstyles. It is a style that not everyone can wear, but those who dare look amazing. Even when it has a masculine touch, it does not cause women to lose their femininity at all. It is the perfect expression of the strong side of the females.

modern shaved hairstyles women modern shaved hairstyles for women

Modern short hairstyles for men


The guys who are very radical can opt for this modern hairstyle That is increasingly fashionable. It is nothing other than wearing totally shaved hair, even the razor is used to achieve a very smooth effect. Maybe the popularity of this cut is due to the actor of the famous saga of Fast and Furious, Vin Diesel.

short modern hairstyles for men modern short hairstyles for men

Modern hairstyles for long hair

As always, long hair offers a wide variety of arrangements. That's why we bring you these options of modern hairstyles for long hair, dedicated to those girls who are proud of their long hair. We also advise you to keep your hair hydrated and careful so you can wear it whenever you want.

modern hairstyles long hair modern hairstyles for long hair modern hairstyles long hair

Side braid with ponytail

So that you look the length of your hair as it should, we recommend this modern hairstyle which is beautiful and also very easy to do. You just have to make a braid on one side of your head and then collect all your hair in a ponytail. It is a very original way to give this traditional hairstyle a twist; It is also a very practical and beautiful way to control your hair.

modern braids hairstyles modern hairstyles women braids

Semi-picked with fish braid

If what you want is to wear part of your hair down, here we bring you this modern hairstyle. It consists of a semi-pick that is made with a braid of herringbone or fish. There is a look Very natural and fresh, it is ideal for long-haired girls since this type of braid makes the hair look shorter than it really is.

collected modern hairstyles modern hairstyles with braid

Modern hairstyle step by step

Finally we bring you a Modern hairstyle step by step. You will not believe how simple it is to do this hairstyle and that, however, it looks so beautiful. It is an extremely versatile collection, because changing the accessory you can use it for any occasion. Follow these simple steps and in a short time you will look beautiful.

  1. Start by placing an elastic headband over your head.
  2. Leave two wide strands on each side at the front and tie the rest with a tail.
  3. Pass the part that you tied by the elastic headband and form a wide balloon with the hair.
  4. Secure the balloon with hooks on each side.
  5. Twist one of the strands from the front and pass it back.
  6. Secure it from the opposite side than it was originally.
  7. Repeat the previous two steps with the other tuft.
  8. Before securing each strand you can open it a little to make it looser.
  9. Ready! A beautiful collected with a very romantic appearance.

modern hairstyles step by step

modern hairstyles step by step modern hairstyles step by step

We hope you like these modern hairstyles, although if you like to change your style, you might also want to see these ideas about hairstyles of the 20s. They are beautiful and may make you change your air. Enjoy them!

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