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▷ Medium hairstyles 2019 ⊛ Photos, Ideas & Styles!

peinado a media melena

Midi hair or midi hair has become a very strong trend this year 2017; If you are looking for something new in your hair, we invite you to see our hairstyles for medium hair 2017 and discover with us all the potential that your hair has. We know that you will love each hairstyle, since we have compiled them thinking about all tastes. You will create with our instructions beautiful and wonderful hairstyles regardless of the type of hair you have, either wavy, curly or straight.

You will find more than 15 medium hairstyles, where everyone has their step by step to make it very easy for you to do them. You'll learn easy medium hairstyles, medium hairstyles braids and much more.

Medium Hairstyles

Semi-picked with small bow

The medium hair is an attention this year 2017 and we will help you get the most out of this fast and easy to do hairstyle.

  1. Take the bangs, the crown section, the sides and bring them back, to form a half ponytail.
  2. Then fasten it with an elastic band.
  3. Place another elastic band, but this time you will not pass all the hair
  4. Create a small bun.
  5. Ready, you already have a easy medium hair styling.

Half-length hairstyles step by step

Soft waves

Try this look on your medium hair, you can bet on this medium hair styling inspired by the 50s.

  1. Divide your hair into small equal strands.
  2. Then place a pincer or a fork on each curl you made.
  3. Leave it like this for a couple of hours.
  4. Remove the tweezers or the forks you placed.
  5. Apply some fixative to give more durability to the Medium hair hairstyle.

medium hair hairstyles


Look at these sensational hairstyles that we bring for you, learn to perform them in a few steps.

  1. You can start on the side you want.
  2. Take a strand of bangs and divide it into two.
  3. Take it back and hold it with an elastic band.
  4. Take another section of the top of your hair and take it back and insert it through the strands of the bangs, see image number three and four.
  5. Roll the strand three times, do the same with another strand on the other side.
  6. Repeat steps four and five again with another strand.
  7. Pull the sides look at the image number five, this is to give more volume to the Medium hair hairstyle.
  8. Make yourself some soft waves in the rest of the hair, with this you will achieve a casual look.

Now we will do the second Hairstyle for half-hair collected.

  1. The first step is to divide the hair into three sections: the two sides and the back.
  2. Make a low ponytail at the back at the neck and fasten it with an elastic band.
  3. Open the ponytail in half and insert the hair, it should look like image number two.
  4. Reinsert the hair through the middle and pull down a little.
  5. The remaining hair will be rolled up and fastened with several hairpins.
  6. The lateral ones are going to introduce them by the collected under that you created.
  7. Take some tufts from the sides very carefully, you can curl it or leave it like that.

You learned two hairstyles in one, practice them as many times as necessary.

medium hairstyles 2017

Simple collected

East medium hair hairstyle simple It is ideal to take daily and is perfect for those days when we do not have enough time. In a few minutes you will be ready to leave.

  1. To start the hairstyle you must take the tufts of the crown and roll them up.
  2. Hold them on the back of the head with several hairpins.
  3. Comb your bangs and go.

Half-length hairstyles step by step

Fine braids

Show your friends that you can wear spectacular hairstyles in your medium hair and that it is not necessary to have such long hair to create them. Such a hairstyle is ideal to wear it in any party or meeting you have.

  1. Curl the ends of your hair with the medium curling iron.
  2. On each side you will make a fine braid; Place an elastic band at the end.
  3. Card the crown section with the help of a comb.
  4. Comb back very carefully, just above.
  5. Hold the hair you carded with several hairpins.
  6. Take the braids you made on the sides to the back.
  7. Fasten with an elastic band and add some accessory so that the elastic band is not visible, in order to have a more professional result.
  8. Apply fixative throughout your hairstyle.

medium hair styling

Rolled up

The curls are in fashion, since with them you can achieve very interesting and easy hairstyles to do. Next you will learn a hairstyle for easy half mane.

  1. Ripple all your hair with the help of a curling iron.
  2. Apply fixative on all hair.
  3. Then you proceed to make rolled with the hair of the crown.
  4. Make small circles and fasten them with forks.
  5. Then you make more coils with the strands of the sides and the ones attached at the back with forks.
  6. In the same way you will do with the hair of the neck; you roll and create circles holding them with forks.
  7. Remove some strands from the sides.
  8. If you wish you can apply more fixative.

half-combed hairstyle

Bangs collected

If you have tired of always bringing your collected hair to your parties or meetings, we suggest you try this Hairstyle for half-hair collected.

  1. The first step is to curl the ends of your hair with the help of a medium temperature curling iron.
  2. Then you take the bangs section and you will card it with the help of a comb.
  3. Comb back very delicately so as not to damage the hair you carded.
  4. Apply fixative while combing, hold the hair on one side and place an accessory of your choice.

medium hair hairstyles

Headband with collected

Wear a medium length with style and you will achieve this by following the steps below that we will take. You will only need an elastic headband, hairpins and fixer. ! Easier impossible!

  1. Comb all your hair and place the headband by the crown so that the hair is held.
  2. Place several hairpins around the headband.
  3. Now you take the tuft of the neck and roll it up, also place several forks.
  4. Cover the headband with your hair, like image number four.
  5. Leave a loose strand on each side.

hairstyles half headband

Another way to wear the headband is as follows:

  1. The beginning is the same as the previous one.
  2. What varies is that after holding the headband with the hairpins you will wind the hair from the sides.
  3. Starting from the right side to the left side, leave the bangs loose in the front.
  4. Apply some fixative on the entire hairstyle.

Medium Hairstyles Wedding Guest

Front winding

It is an ideal hairstyle for those days that we do not want to wear the fringe loose.

  1. Comb your hair as always.
  2. Take the bangs and combs section forward; Then you proceed to roll the bangs inwards.
  3. Fastens with several forks.
  4. Hold it between the hair so that the tip of the curl is not visible.
  5. If you wish you can apply fixative or gel.

medium hairstyles daily

Easy medium hairstyles

Look at the great variety of hairstyles that you can do with your medium hair. The first medium hair hairstyle It is very worn by celebrities on the red carpets.

  1. The first step to achieve this is to card your bangs with the help of a comb.
  2. Comb back carefully, and apply fixative immediately.
  3. Apply enough fixative gel on the sides and take them back by holding it with a fork.
  4. Cover the fork with the hair you carded.
  5. Apply fixative

More and more women are joining to wear short and half-length hair wearing the wet effect and you can not be the exception, so try doing this look. Now let's see the second one medium hair styling!

  1. Place a good amount of fixing gel on the palms of your hands and pass them all over your hair.
  2. Now you will comb your hair back, in a few minutes you will get the wet effect finish.

Let's move on to the third hairstyle for easy half mane. See how spectacular the wavy half-hair looks in the third image. If you have an invitation for a party or marriage we assure you that with this hairstyle you will take all eyes.

  1. Divide your hair into equal strands and proceed to curl it with the help of your curling iron.
  2. Finally apply fixative.
  3. Accompany this hairstyle with a dress that has a neckline.

Will you dare to wear all three hairstyles on different occasions?

medium hair hairstyles

Semi-picked with ribbon

If you are looking for any half-length romantic hairstyle, we invite you to try this option.

  1. The first step is to comb all your hair well.
  2. Then you take the bangs section along with the crown section and carry it backwards, secured with hairpins.
  3. Then you take a lock of each side and roll it inwards and join them in the back, holding them with several forks or if you wish you can place an elastic band for greater fixation.
  4. Place a ribbon or hook on the back to decorate your Medium hair hairstyle.

Bangs with volume

There is no doubt that the bangs are the best frame for your face, many women bet on wearing the bangs, since it makes them look spectacular.

  1. Card bangs, it is a very easy technique to do and is the solution to give body and texture to your hair.
  2. Take the strand of the bangs and brush it in the opposite direction, very close to the root with the help of a long-handled comb.
  3. It doesn't matter if you have it curly or wavy, since any type of hair can be carded.
  4. After carding the bangs you will comb over it very carefully.
  5. Comb back to make the carding invisible and apply enough fixative.
  6. On the sides apply fixing gel and comb it back and secured with a fork on each side.

Ready, you already have your bangs with volume!

medium hairstyles

Picked up with carded bangs

This is another option for you, it is a collected with volume in the bangs.

  1. To start this hairstyle for medium hair you will have to card the bangs area with the technique that we taught you in the previous hairstyle.
  2. This has the entire area of ​​the carded front and combed back in a more casual way, that is, you should not comb so much to make it perfect. You can also do the effect with your hands by pulling the strands a little after combing.
  3. Unlike the other, in this hairstyle you must collect all the hair from the back, it can be a bun or a French twist.
  4. Apply fixative throughout the hairstyle.

half-length wedding hairstyles

Pin up hairstyle

If you have been invited to a pin up party and you want to wear a hairstyle according to the occasion we suggest this very original idea. You will only need a fixative and some forks. Let us begin!

  1. Comb your hair and don't leave any tangles.
  2. Curl at the ends of your hair as the model looks; If you are straight hair, we recommend that you hold the curls with a clip or with forks for a couple of hours. However, if your hair is curly it will be easier to achieve the desired effect.
  3. Take the bangs and apply some fixative.
  4. Comb it by creating an inward wave, it should look like the model; If your bangs are too long, don't cut it, just roll it up and secure it with forks.
  5. Add a small accessory that matches the dress you will wear that day.
  6. Complement your pin up hairstyle for half hair with the classic makeup of that era, the eyeliner and the red lips.

You can now go to your pin up party and we assure you that you will not go unnoticed!

medium hair pin up

The medium hairstyles that we present to you are the best ideas and trends for this present year, you can choose the one that best suits you. It's all a matter of practice, if the first time you don't get it, it doesn't matter, try again as many times as necessary. Remember that we want to help you save money and time at hairdressers. Don't wait any longer and share our articles with your friends!

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Medium Hairstyles

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