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▷ Hairstyles with waves 2019 ⊛ Photos, Ideas & Styles!

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The waves have become increasingly popular among the styles of the moment. Its strong presence, both on the catwalks and on the streets, is due to how versatile they are to adapt to different hairstyles and hair lengths.

For this reason, we have decided to bring you some options of wave hairstyles That can serve as inspiration. We also tell you that this is a look quite chameleonic, which you can always use, no matter how elegant or informal the occasion or event you are going to attend.

wave hairstyles

Hairstyles with waves for long hair

Long hair is one of the most benefited with this style, because the waves look wonderful and the loss of long hair is not noticeable. If you are proud of your beautiful hair and want to give it a very special touch, we suggest you take a look at the wave hairstyles for long hair that we bring for you

Remember that you have many ways to make the waves in your hair, if this is naturally straight, just choose a way that you like and practice until you master the technique. You can also see the hairstyles for girls and make a hairstyle that is very similar to yours, you will practice to comb her and you!

wave hairstyles for long hair


This hairstyle looks very beautiful and is perfect for a casual outing. The best thing is that it gives a more elaborate and impressive touch to a hairstyle that is actually very easy to do. First mark the waves in your hair with the help of a curling iron, or any other technique that you like; Then collect the amount of hair you want with the help of a tail or a more striking accessory. Remember that you can always control the amount of hair you want to wear and the one you want to let loose.

semi-picked semi-picked waves

Horse tail

This hairstyle is another classic that will help you out of trouble at any time. Remember that you can queue at the height and in the position you prefer, this is a way to express your personality and originality. After having brown hair, you can boost the waves with the help of some device; if you want a look more natural we suggest you not to mark the waves so much, for this you can choose to disheve them a little by passing your fingers between them. If your event is going to last a long time, the best option is to use hairspray, or another hair fixative, to keep your hairstyle intact.

hairstyles ponytail waves ponytail waves

Hairstyles with waves for short hair

Short hair may lose a few centimeters when used with waves, but this does not mean you cannot use this style. To prove it to you, we have chosen these two short hairstyles for short hair That we are sure will make you look beautiful. Dare to try something new and renew yourself every so often.

Carefree waves

This hairstyle will give you a look Very natural for its messy style. To start you just have to make curls as big or small as you want in all your hair; Then, with the help of your hands, go disarming the curls you made to create very natural waves. To make the curls you can use a heat appliance, but if you have time, and you do not want to mistreat your hair, we suggest you try several braids on your head and leave them for several hours, then release them and ruffle the waves a bit. It is a less aggressive option for your hair, it works best if you leave the braids overnight.

carefree waves hairstyles carefree waves

Collected sideways

This is a much more elegant hairstyle, which you can wear at an event or formal party. As always, the first step is to make the waves in your hair, in this case you can leave them as marked as you want. Then, you should pick up your hair to the side of your head with the help of hooks or hairpins. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it allows you to wear different accessories in your hair that will help you complement your outfit, or you can leave it natural if you prefer.

hairstyles with waves collected from the side collected sideways

Hairstyles with big waves

The hairstyles with big waves They have been taking relevance in the world of fashion and style. The main reason for this event is that these hairstyles give a very timeless image and vintage to all those who use it. The only disadvantage is that it is a hairstyle that you may not be able to use on a daily basis, because it actually looks very elegant, but it is the perfect option for a label event or for an occasion in which you want to stand out.

hairstyles with big waves

20s inspiration

This is a hairstyle that is very fashionable today among Hollywood celebrities; mainly for the red carpet, because it adds character and elegance to the style of any woman. Achieving this style is a bit more complicated than the previous ones, so we suggest you ask for help when trying. Start by making very sharp waves with the help of a heat appliance; then, you must comb them in the same direction to achieve a ‘waves’ effect on your hair. To make sure the ‘waves’ are marked, you can use large, flat hair hooks at different stages of the hairstyle. Finally, we recommend that you use hairspray or other hair fixative, as this is a very delicate hairstyle and easily undone. This style can be worn in both long and short hair. We recommend you see more hairstyles of the 20s in this article.

20s wave hairstyles 20s waves

Hairstyle with waves step by step

Finally we want to show you a Hairstyle with waves step by step. On this occasion we have chosen a style that combines two hairstyles that are very much in trend: waves and braids. This is a combination that will allow you to achieve a very natural and beautiful style. To get it just follow these steps:

  1. Before starting curl your hair if it is very straight, then run your fingers through the curls to get less marked waves.
  2. Make a thin braid, with three ends, on one side of your head and tie it at the end with a thin garter.
  3. Repeat the previous step on the other side of your hair.
  4. Grab one of the braids and pass it to the opposite side of your head.
  5. Fix it with a fork or a small hook.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with the other braid.
  7. Be sure to hide the ends of the braids very well so that the effect of the hairstyle is not lost, and so that the little bands you used to tie up are not visible.
  8. If you wish, you can put some extra hairpins in the center of the braids, so they won't get off.

hairstyle waves step by step

hairstyles with waves step by step

The hairstyles with waves are very versatile and you can use them both in elegant events and also in the day to day with a more casual look. It doesn't matter if you have long or short hair. You have a wide variety of hairstyles to try on a new look and look beautiful as always. Don't forget to like and share this article with your friends on social networks.

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Hairstyles with waves

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