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▷ Hairstyles with loose hair 2019 ⊛ Photos, Ideas & Styles!

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Wearing loose hair is a very beautiful way to show off its length and shine, however it is usually a very impractical way to control it. If you want to try this style, we suggest you take a look at the hairstyles with loose hair that we have brought for you

We assure you that they are the perfect combination between freedom, your hair and tranquility, that you can have control over it.

Hairstyles with loose hair for curly hair

Curly hair is one of the most difficult to master, for this reason, girls who have this type of hair always look for options that allow them to wear it loose but with some control. For all of them, we have decided to bring you these options Hairstyles with loose hair for curly hair we hope you like it. Our greatest wish is that they like them and that they can serve as inspiration for their next outing or special occasion.

hairstyles loose hair curly hair

Semi-picked with twist

This hairstyle will allow you to show off your beautiful curls in a fairly controlled way, and the best thing is that you will not mistreat them in the least. To achieve this style first comb your curls as usual; then, grab two small strands of each side of your head and join them in the back doing with a small twist or ‘twist’ with them. To attach the strands to your head use hooks or hairpins.

semi-picked with twist

Semi-picked with high bun

This hairstyle will make your curls stand out a lot. As in the previous hairstyle, start combing as usual; then, grab a piece of hair, from the top of your head, and make yourself a very high bun. To tie the bun use a tail that is capable of mastering all the hair you want to tie. You can vary the hairstyle by opening the bun and holding the sides with some hairpins.

semi-picked high bun semi-picked high bun hairstyle

Hairstyles with loose hair for straight hair

Straight hair is much easier to wear loose. However, sometimes we can get bored of wearing the same style and look for something that helps us renew our look. For this reason, today we bring you some options Hairstyles with loose hair for straight hair that we are sure will make them look beautiful. Remember that the most important thing is that they feel comfortable with what they use and how they look. The idea is to enhance your natural beauty, so dare to try new things and renew your image.

hairstyles loose hair straight hair

Semi-picked 1960s

This is a hairstyle that is characterized by being a little tall and bulging, and is inspired by a time when women expressed a lot through their outfit. There are different ways to do it, here we explain a very simple one; Start by grabbing a large portion of your hair, specifically from the top of your head.

Then, comb it from the tips to the root, so you will give more volume to the hair and create that bulging effect that is sought.

To fix the hairstyle it is best to use hooks or hairpins, you can also apply a little fixative if you want the hairstyle to last a long time.

semi-chosen 60s semi-picked long 60s hair

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This is a hairstyle that looks very elegant and is, quite honestly, very simple to do. The first thing that is done is to comb the hair that is on the sides of the head very well, then you should take them towards the back of it. The trick is to fix these lateral strands under the hair that is left loose, so the hooks or hairpins used to fix are hidden by the hair. You can make the hairstyle as high or low as you want, and use some type of gel or fixative to give it an extra shine.

side hairstyles back side back

Hairstyles with loose hair and braids

Braids are an excellent option when you want to wear loose hair and still have it controlled. Here are two options of hairstyles with loose hair and braids That we are sure will make you look beautiful. Remember that to achieve a perfect finish you must have a lot of practice in the hair tissue; If this is not your forte, we recommend practicing a couple of times before showing off your hairstyle.

hairstyles loose hair braids

Waterfall braid

This hairstyle is a bit complicated to do, because you have to pay close attention to the moment of weaving. Start by making a three-strand braid that comes out of the side of the front of your head. When you have made the first round, you must release one of the ends and grab a new lock as you go. The strand you loose creates an effect similar to water that falls on the hair, for this reason this braid is known as ‘waterfall braid’. Continue weaving the hair until it completely surrounds the head. In order not to disassemble, you must secure the last lap with a hairpin or a hook, make sure they are hidden.

waterfall braid hairstyle waterfall braid

Lateral braid

This is an extremely versatile hairstyle, because it allows you to make as many variants as you can think of. The basic principle is the same, make a braid on the side of your head. You can do it until the end of the hair or until the middle, you can even do more than one if you wish. The important thing is that you test your creativity and achieve a hairstyle that makes you feel very beautiful. Remember that you can also try the braiding style you like best, or the one that works best for you.

side braid hairstyle side braid

Hairstyle with loose hair step by step

Finally we bring you a Hairstyle with loose hair step by step which is extremely simple to do and that, in addition, is very beautiful. The best thing is that it makes use of the beautiful braids, which are very fashionable right now, so it provides a look Very modern and youthful. We recommend this style for a casual outing with your partner, or for a relaxed plan with friends. To do this you just have to follow the steps we present:

  1. Start by making a braid of three ends on one side of your head, try to make something loose.
  2. Repeat the previous step on the other side of your hair.
  3. Open the twists of the braids a little so that they are more loose and bulky.
  4. Hold both braids together, at the back of your head, right in the middle. To do this you can use a thin garter or hairpins that resemble the color of your hair.

hairstyles loose hair step by step

loose hair step by step

Hairstyle with loose hair step by step

We hope you loved these hairstyles with loose hair for curly hair. You have a lot of styling options that you can try if you have this type of hair. Do not be afraid to try a new look with these hairstyles that will undoubtedly be beautiful for you. We invite you to also see our other articles. Do not forget to like and share with your friends on social networks.

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Hairstyles with loose hair

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