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▷ Hairstyles with headband 2019 ⊛ Photos, Ideas & Styles!

diadema con tu propio cabello

Hairstyles with headband have been gaining relevance in today's trends. There are more and more catwalks in which models are seen parading with this type of hair arrangement, and in the streets many girls choose to use them in their day to day.

The interesting thing is the versatility that this type of hairstyles offers. Here we show you some very beautiful examples and proposals.

headband hairstyles hairstyles with headband hairstyles headband women

Hairstyles with headband for women

The practicality of this style is what attracts women the most when using it, since they can wear their hair in the air minimizing the effects of the wind on the arrangement of their hair. Here we bring you some hairstyles with headband for women that you can use on your next outing, we hope you like them and get inspired by them.


He headband hairstyle It has a strong relationship with those years we remember for hippies, because at that time it was very common to accommodate the hair with the help of an accessory, which today we know as a headband.

To take this type of hairstyle to another level we recommend you give it volume so that part of your hair looks out from behind the accessory, and to modernize it use a very colorful headband.

hairstyles for women with headband hairstyles headband 60

If you like these, we recommend 60s hairstyles with many more ideas specifically for the hairstyles of this era, they are amazing!

Headband with your own hair

If you do not have the accessory indicated for the occasion do not worry, because here you have a headband hairstyle What can you do only using your hair. Just make a small wound on one of the sides of your head and pass it to the opposite side, adjusting it on the back with a hook, so you will get a natural headband.

headband with hair headband with trnza

headband with your own hair

Hairstyles with headband for girls

The smallest of the house are not far behind when they are fashionable and they also like to look fabulous. Here we bring you two hairstyles with headband for girls that will make them look beautiful, because they will look like little angels. We recommend them because they are very practical and easy to carry for the princesses.


If you have a special event with your little one and you want her to look more beautiful than normal, we recommend this headband hairstyle which combines two types of braiding. It may take a little time to achieve, but we assure you it will be spectacular.

braid headband braid headband

With accessories

If your baby has a headband that she loves and doesn't want to take it off, we suggest you give it a spin with this headband hairstyle. You just have to make a semi-pick with a twist in the back and put on your headband as usual. You will look beautiful, different and be happy because you are using your favorite accessory.

accessory headband

Hairstyles with headband for short hair

Having short hair prevents you from doing some hairstyles, but that's not why you have to deprive yourself of trying new things. That's why we bring you some today hairstyles with headband for short hair That will make you look spectacular. Although the length of your hair may not allow you to make your own headband, you can always look for an accessory that helps you enhance your look. Dare to try them and wear a different style, we know that they will accentuate your beauty and give you a distinctive touch.

Posterior headband

Right now, some headbands are very fashionable and instead of going to the top of the head they go to the back. Actually they are very beautiful accessories that if you know how to use them are excellent. We recommend you get a striking one that you love and to complement it leave your hair loose and with very romantic waves, it is a headband hairstyle Very simple to do.

rear headband hairstyles headband

women headbands

Collected smart

Other headband hairstyle What you can do, with the traditional accessory, is an elegant collection. Clearly the protagonist of the arrangement is going to be the accessory, so we recommend you find one that you love and attract attention. To make the collection you have several options, you can do it very neat and careful, or you can give it a messy and carefree touch; It all depends on the occasion and your personality.

elegant headband elegant headband hairstyle

Hairstyles with headband for long hair

The length of your hair gives you almost infinite possibilities to fix it. Today we bring you two hairstyles with headband for long hair We hope you like them and dare to try it. Perhaps the most complicated when doing them is to control your hair, but surely with a little patience and perseverance you achieve spectacular results.

Headband with herringbone braid

Taking advantage of the length of your hair you can make a headband hairstyle quite elaborate. You should only make a braid of herringbone that comes out of one side of the head and concludes on the other, secure the braid with small hooks on the back of the head. We recommend you make waves or curls in the rest of the hair, which was loose, to achieve a more romantic finish.

braid headband braid headband

braids headband

Cloth headband

If you want to use an accessory that gives your hair some color we recommend this headband hairstyle made of fabric, it is easy to make and will look great on your long hair. You just have to place the accessory above your hair, and, from the back of your head, go taking small strands of hair and pass them through the headband, continue this procedure until you have covered the entire back of the accessory. Leave the front part visible to get the touch of color you are looking for.

cloth headband fabric headband hairstyles

hairstyles women headband fabric

Hairstyle with headband step by step

Finally we bring you a hairstyle with headband step by step, so you can use it on your next outing with friends or on a date. It is a very practical style that girls with straight and curly hair can use interchangeably, just follow these steps:

  1. Start by taking a small strand of one of the sides and divide it into three.
  2. Make a small braid with the tuft you split, this will be your guide to go putting together the headband.
  3. He sees the braid going to the opposite side, with small strands he sees the headband weaving over him.
  4. Keep knitting until you reach the opposite side of where you started.
  5. Finish with a full braid.
  6. Fix the braid with hooks on the back of the head, under the hair that was loose.
  7. If you wish, you can curl your hair to give it more volume and a romantic touch.
  8. It is done! Ready to go out and look like a princess.

hairband headband step by step

Isn't hairstyles with headbands pretty? Learn to do them with your own hair step by step and you will get incredible results, although those that have accessories that are also perfect are not negligible. Share with your friends these hairstyles with headbands, they are more fun if they all wear them the same!

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Hairstyles with headband

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