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▷ Hairstyles with braids 2019 ⊛ Photos, Ideas & Styles!

peinados con trenzas trenza diadema pelo suelto rizado

There are Hairstyles with braids for all tastes, ages and hair types. Some are complex and require a skilled person to achieve them. Others are surprisingly simple and quick to do for anyone without experience. The versatility of these hairstyles allows us to take them to events of all kinds, from an elegant wedding, to parties and birthdays, to sports activities.

With hairstyles with braids You can look sophisticated and regal, romantic and fresh, or chic and youthful. The goodness of those being so many Hairstyles with braids We have prepared this entry for you to find that hairstyle that suits you and the occasion when you require it.

Hairstyles with braids

Here is a complete guide on Hairstyles with braids where we will cover hairstyles for men and women. We will show you what braids to wear if you have short or long hair, if you wear it loose or if you want it picked up. We will teach you hairstyles with braids step by step and we will tell you what are the hairstyles with easier braids. Stay with us and become an expert in braiding hair.

Hairstyles with braids men

exist Hairstyles with braids for both women and men. What is true is that they are only men with more outgoing personality and are not afraid to try new and different things to wear a bold look. We will leave you some images that show that they also wear braids.

hairstyles with braids for men top braid and tupe

No doubt this is the image of a man who radiates style and security. With a thin braid accompanying a careful crest that does not detract from masculinity at all.

hairstyles with braids man

Brown-skinned men have shown us how to wear these braids stuck together in one and a thousand different ways. The result is an urban and sporty style that men from all over the world have copied. Artists and celebrities have not resisted these braids.

hairstyle with braids up man

How risky and original are you? You show that your limits are very high, if you have them, with this braid. The combination of shaving, coloring, crest, braid, beard and tattoos is lethal.

No doubt the braids for men are a trend that every day is more on the rise, and a clear example are root braids, since they can be applied in different ways. If you want to use them without being too risky, you can opt for one of the most classic ways. The result is great and you won't look bad at all. You must have long hair to be able to do it, and if you have shaved the sides much better.


The braids for men they don't necessarily have to represent an informal option, in the image that we will show you below you can see how to use clinejas as hairstyles for men in situations where formality is what predominates. So you should not worry, because there are many ways to combine your braids with the outfits and situations or events that you are going to attend.

hairstyles with braids for men

Hairstyles with braids woman

The hairstyles for women with braids They are present since their very childhood. Our mothers or someone close to us managed to keep our hair at bay by weaving our hair in tight braids. Sometimes the hair lasted braided until the next day or more. With the passage of time our hairstyles were evolving in the hands of our growth. And while we no longer use the same girl's braids, we still braid our hair in designs that adapt to our age and the occasion. Braids accompany us throughout life and never go out of style.

If you want to see some hairstyles with braids for women, Keep going down and see the different looks you get braiding your hair.

delevingne hairstyles with braids

There is no doubt that Cara Delevingne knows how to convey with her look all the feminine strength. East womens hairstyle with braids attached to the scalp attached to a high ponytail is a powerful combination. You can use it in your day to day or some day event. It is a hairstyle that adapts to the occasion and is also very comfortable to wear.

hairstyle with long hair fantasy braids

Now in these photos we see how braids can make us look like a true goddess of the seas. With a hairstyle with braids for women so and a make-up to tone we will steal the breath of those around us. This type of Hairstyles with braids They are perfect for special events, such as weddings, where we want to see each other romantic and with a magical aura.

hairstyles with braids for long hair

East picked up with braids Surprising because being quite simple brings such grace and elegance difficult to ignore. A look suitable for a night event, a special date or any time you need to show that women dominate any situation without losing style.

Surely on more than one occasion you have found wonderful braids on the internet. For example, this simulates really spectacular knots. You can do it if you have half hair or long hair, since you need to roll your hair a few times to get the final result. What fascinates us most about this hairstyle is that it is special for any outfit. Dare to wear it!

hairstyles with braids for women

Finally we show you a slightly more fun and daring option, as a purpose of decorating any of the braids you decide to make yourself, and it is about use a ribbon of the color you prefer and knit it as part of it. So you can combine your outfit with your hairstyle much better. If you do not know or have doubts about the final result, we will leave you an image that shows how a braid would look like this.

hairstyle with braids for amujer

Hairstyles with braids step by step

If you are a fan of braids and are skilled at making them, you will most likely design them according to your imagination and creativity. Or maybe it's enough to see the image of a braid hairstyle To do it in a step. The thing changes when you are not very shower with your hands making braided. That's why we leave you step by step three Simple hairstyles with braids.

Fish tail

fishtail braid hairstyle

One of the hairstyles with easy braids It is the fishtail type. To achieve this hairstyle you have to grab a section of hair from the left side of the head. Twist the strand and take it to the back. Do the same on the right side. Having both twisted strands tie them together with a rubber band. Then you must twist the ponytail, you get it by passing the rubber down between the tufts together.

Then take tufts of the sides again, but this time when joining it with the rubber you have to do it on the pigtail before done, repeat the process of twisting the pigtail. Continue joining more strands in this way until you finish all your hair. To finish the hairstyle loosen each area of ​​the braid, do it from top to bottom. The result you will get is a very trendy and relaxed style.

Braided headband

hairstyle with braids long hair woman

Another of the easy hairstyles with braids It's the braided headband. It is a very easy hairstyle, in addition to being a braids classic. You just have to divide the hair into 3 sections and braid the sides leaving the center loose. Then, cross the braids you made on the back of the head and attach them with hairpins.

Mohicana braid

Mohicana Braid Hairstyle Woman

Get this simple hairstyle with braids dividing the hair into 4 sections as seen in the image. Join the hair of the side sections with a garter. This will be on the hair of the lower section, which will be loose. The upper part is the one that will be braided with a Mohican style hairstyle. Before braiding, carda hair to give volume.

Hairstyles with short hair braids

Short hair is in fashion, but not all of you die dare to wear it that way because you don't know how to wear it. Although with short hair there is less hair with which we can work, this does not imply that it is impossible to create hairstyles with them. In the case of braids there are hairstyles for short hair that include them intelligently and creatively. You find them both to leave hair loose and collected, including braids attached to the scalp for those who like that urban and casual look. Keep looking at the images below so you have a notion of hairstyles with braids short hair.

braided hairstyles short hair casual style woman

An image that shows that short hair is no obstacle to wearing braided hairstyles. Both look has a casual and chic air that praises femininity at its best. The first, the one that leaves most of the hair loose is a tang braid. This hairstyle shows that tender and romantic woman. The second, the double braid that short hair simulates a collection, combined with a makeup like that exalts the strength of the beauty of women.

hairstyle tenza side short hair woman

These braids stuck or at the root of the hair, as actress Tina Majorino wore them, offers many possibilities when braiding a short hair. If you decide to braid like this in its entirety you will have a very comfortable look for exercises.

Waterfall or root braids In short hair they look spectacular, so you don't have to worry about having small amounts of hair. With the little there can be done hairstyles with really spectacular braids. So dare to try different styles for which braids will always be a good option that will give an extra touch and chic to all your outfit.

hairstyles with braids for women

This is a fantastic and different way to make a hairstyle with braids quick and easy. Your short hair will be special to be able to braid each other until you get this wonderful result that in addition to being super flirty, it is romantic and adaptable to any situation or look you want to wear. As you can see, the final version is really beautiful, which will surely leave more than one person impressed. We love this hairstyle with braids.

hairstyles with short hair braids

If besides having the short hair you have bangs, this does not have to represent an impediment to make a good hairstyle with braids for you. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to looking for a fresh, youthful and beautiful option so that you can look without shame on your hairstyle with bangs and braids. It will only be enough to pass the plates through your hair or some curling iron, or simply leave it to the natural one. The braid will give an extra touch That will be fascinating.

hairstyle with braids short hair

Hairstyles with long hair braids

Long hair is phenomenal because we have a lot of hair to get creative and get intricate Hairstyles with braids Let everyone be stunned. Surprise yourself with these ideas of hairstyles with long hair braids that we bring for you

hairstyles with long hair braids

You will need a good amount of hair to get braids like these. But if you already have such a mane, what do you expect to braid it? You have no excuses to say that your long hair is boring.

hairstyle braid long hair woman

After seeing this image it is obvious that a long mane is to be displayed. The braids in these long hairs come to life when we add to the equation a coloring of the fantasy type. Dare to show the magic of living with braided hairstyles like these.

We cannot deny that when it comes to braids, long hair is perfect for them, since it has much more to grasp to make different models and versions that are special for this type of hair. It does not matter if you have it curly, wavy or smooth, in any case you can play with it and have beautiful results, such as this clineja that we will show you in the image below.


But we are clear that we all have days when we want to have hair collected, even some situations are what merit it. That is why also thinking about you, we have another semi-pick option with braids for long hair. This is a really wonderful hairstyle for situations where you have to look a little more groomed. We do not doubt that you will love it and also all your friends or acquaintances. Is beautiful!

long hair braid hairstyles

Previously in another section of this article, we have shown you a way to braid super different and magnificent, which is nothing more and nothing less than the fishtail braid. We must say that it is special to make it in long hairs, since you will have to take many strands to be able to do it this way. We love the final result and we believe it is perfect to wear it on different occasions. Don't you dare to wear it.

hairstyle with long hair braids

Hairstyles collected with braids

The hairstyles collected with braids They are ideal for a romantic style and to sweeten the face. With these collected we go back to the Middle Ages, time where the ladies collected their long hair in elaborate braided hairstyles They were authentic works of art. Since then these hairstyles are here to stay, since they never go out of style. Celebrities and fashionistas have at some time worn a braided collection that exposes their face and enhances their features.

If you are a lover of hairstyles collected with braids, you will love to see these three that we will show you.

collected with loose braids

When we say that hairstyles collected with braids They are a true work of art, we refer to hairstyles like the one in the image above. This blonde mane unites two beautiful braids in a lovely bun.

hairstyles collected wide braid crown

East hairstyle collected with braid It is undoubtedly worthy of a princess.

picked up with disheveled braids

Hairstyle with braids collected short hair

Although it is generally considered that those collected can only make long hairs, it turns out that there are certain models that are special for use in short hairs and best of all, they are also braided. You just have to take advantage of all the amount of hair you have to make it a beautiful special collection for those occasions where you have to get ready a little more. You will surely be beautiful.


As you see, there are many ways to do hairstyles with braids for short hair, and the best part is that they are not difficult at all. Such is the case of the following image that we will show you, which is based on a step by step hairstyle or collected For short hair with special braids for situations such as weddings, graduations or events that you need to go very pretty. In addition to easy and fast it is really beautiful and we love how the final result looks. Do not miss more time and start practicing it!

hairstyle with braids short hair

Emma Watson teaches us once again how to carry a elegant, sober and at the same time cool style. We take her as the best example to make collected in short hair, because it has given us a chair in this aspect. In the case of the image that we will show you below, we can see how it uses a picked up with braids in short hair. It seems perfect for any situation, it is super sweet and elegant. Try it and tell us what you think about the result.

hairstyles with short hair braids

Hairstyles with braid collected long hair

As we have previously said, Long hair is perfect for all types of hair that you can imagine, especially those that have to do with braids. Especially this model that we will show you, requires a good amount of mane to be able to carry that braid up. We cannot deny that the final version is spectacular, and you can use it to go to class or work. This hairstyle with braid is beautiful!

hairstyle with long hair braid

Now if you are looking for a choice of Hairstyles with braids for long hair a little more elegant, like to wear it at a wedding or graduation. Sometimes we do not know how to comb our hair properly for this type of event, and in the case of this hairstyle it is best that it will go well with any type of outfit you decide to wear. That is why we will not hesitate to show it to you as an inspiration. With this sure hairstyle you will look spectacular in your engagement.

hairstyles with long hair braids

This inverse root braid is a spectacular hairstyle for both formal and informal occasions. We love how original and beautiful the final result looks. We commonly see this type of braid being used differently, and with this hairstyle it will be a completely different bet so you will stand out among all the people. For the bun you can use a Mrs of these that are very much in trend lately. What do you think about this wonderful hairstyle? It is certainly one of our favorites for long hair.

hairstyles with long hair braids

Hairstyles with braids loose hair

The braids look especially lovely when you let your hair down and they are just an ornament of the hairstyle. This type of hairstyles with braids loose hair They are very popular at outdoor events, during the day, or at weddings that take place on the beach. They also adapt perfectly to the day to day, allowing you to look lovely while doing routine activities. Steal sighs from anyone who looks at you wearing one of these hairstyles that we show you below.

hairstyle with braid loose hair

Long straight hair can come alive and fun if we make a thin braid like the one seen in the image. What we need is a detail so that something goes from simply beautiful to amazing. With a little imagination and self-interest we can improve our appearance significantly.

hairstyles with braids braid headband curly loose hair

If you add a braid to some heart attack waves, as the model in the photo did, the result is of another level. Wavy hair conveys a unique sensuality, by braiding it enhances more that woman's essence we all have. It is a hairstyle that looks great with a dress to the body and high shoes if you want a result that steals your breath and turns you into a sexy bomb. If instead you want a more tender and angelic appearance you can wear it next to a wide dress of bohemian style and low sandals.

hairstyles with braids curly wavy hair

Short hair and medium hair have a lot of presence, and if you leave it loose and add a Hairstyles with braids You end up looking great.

The waterfall braids We love them, and they are special to wear when you want to leave your hair loose but adding a detail that makes your hairstyle special as are the braids. You can do it on one side of the hair or both as you can see in the image that we will leave below. The best of all is that eIt's perfect for both long and short hairsThe important thing is to learn the technique of this type of braid that is not difficult at all (continue reading so you can see videos of how to make these braids).

hairstyles with braid loose hair

Hairstyles with braids for girl

Girls are one of the best examples to observe Hairstyles with braids, since they unleash much more creativity and beauty of your hair makes all hairstyles of this type look beautiful. Regardless of whether they have short or long hair, in this article we will show you several examples for all of them, that will leave more than one delighted and will want to wear them every day. So get ready to start practicing them all.

Hairstyle with braids for girls

Without a doubt, being girls, we can choose much more tender and romantic options, with some elements or techniques that make these hairstyles with braids much more beautiful and original. Such is the example of this that we will show you below, that when we saw it, it became one of the favorites and most recommended. It is spectacular and all girls will love to wear it. For a birthday party or going to school, all occasions are suitable to make this beautiful hairstyle.

hairstyles with braids for girls

As always the root braids They tend to be protagonists of most hairstyles that involve them, and of course girls' girls could not be the exception. That is why we will show you this beautiful hairstyle for the smallest of the house, which will not matter if they have short or long hair, you can also do it and it will be beautiful. This crusader will give it a special and unique touch, so don't stop practicing it with your girl.

hairstyles for girls with braid

If you are looking for a hairstyle with braids for girl Special for an occasion where you need elegance to predominate, this collected with braid is perfect for it. At first sight it seems to have a lot of work, but the truth is that it will only be necessary to master the braiding technique root and additionally help you with a fixing wax or lacquer, to achieve that neat and spectacular finish.

hairstyles with braids for girl

The hearts They are the favorites of many women, and more especially girls, who constantly prefer them in their drawings or in the elements they choose to decorate their spaces. That's why we couldn't stop looking for a braid hairstyle for girls inspired by this figure that they love so much. They can use it for any occasion, since It is very fun and versatile. So do not stop practicing it, surely more than one will fascinate you and they will always want to use it. We don't blame them! It is divine.


A little more option relaxed and practical To do is the hairstyle that we will show you in the image below. It is especially thought of those girls who do not like to wear too much adornment in their hair, since despite being small, they also have their well-marked personality. You only need to make two high tails and braid the hair and then make a kind of bun and fasten it with some forks. Doesn't it look beautiful to you? Use it for school or a day to day in general.

braid hairstyles for girl

Hairstyles with braids for weddings

Weddings are a super special occasion in the lives of many people, and more specifically when you are the bride or a guest. When you know about the invitation, the first thing you think about is how you will look on this very important occasion, that is why we have dedicated ourselves to look for the best options of hairstyles with braids for weddings. You will not have an excuse to look spectacular and be the center of attention of the event. So read on to find out the best hairstyles models. Let's see them!


The collected They are great for weddings, as they bring elegance and sobriety while you look spectacularly beautiful. That is why we couldn't stop including them here in this article where we show you the best hairstyles with braids, specifically for weddings. You only need to have medium to long hair to be able to braid it up and surround your head with it. We love the final result and sure to you too.

hairstyles with braids for weddings

The image that we will show you below is recommended for those occasions in which weddings are daytime or a little more informal since the braided hairstyle is a semi-collected that leaves the hair loose. But you don't have to worry if you have short hair, since you can also use it for yourself. You can also opt for decorate it with some flowers or ribbons, surely it will be spectacular. If you are a guest or you are the bride, this hairstyle with braids will come as a ring to your finger.

hairstyles with braids for weddings

Now, we can say that collected high They are preferred for weddings and this is a very valid reason to show you one of them that have braids and so you can look completely beautiful. If you have long hair you can do it without problems, and in case you have it short, you can take advantage of using some extensions so that you get the final result. With or without a veil, it will look perfect. So do not hesitate for a second to try this hair style on you.

hairstyles with braids for weddings

If you are a lover of collected for weddings with braids and that these are a little more elaborated or worked, The hairstyle that we will show you below is perfect for you. We must say that this option is essential for those women who have long hair, and it is more advisable to use it in case you are the bride, since it is somewhat ornate for the guests. So dare to wear it, we believe it is a magnificent example that you can look wonderful on a day as special as weddings are.

hairstyles with braids for weddings

Flowers are a magnificent example of how you can decorate your hairstyles with braids for weddings, as well as going perfectly with the theme of weddings, you can also combine them with the colors you have chosen for your celebration. There are very easy ways to do them with your own hands and without much difficulty. You can use them in any hairstyle with braids the way you like best. Here we will leave you An example of how to incorporate them into your hair.

hairstyles with braids for weddings

A simple pickup can make a difference As for your African braids. These will always be hairstyles that, despite being simple, you can use them for any occasion and give a special touch to your braids. A good example is the image that we will show you below, where you will only have to have your braided hair semi-picked and let loose all the rest of the hair. With a good outfit you will be spectacular and it will become one of your favorite hairstyles.

Hairstyles with African braids

African braids have always been used, but much more now that they have become a trend. That is why there are hundreds of women looking to turn their African braids around, looking for hairstyle options that make them look different and unique. We have dedicated ourselves to look for the best hairstyles with African braids so you can see yourself beautiful, so read on and don't miss the opportunity to see you gorgeous in any situation.


Believe it or not, there are different ways to comb African braids, and one of them are the bows. We cannot deny that they look spectacular for slightly more informal situations such as going to classes or work, or also going out with friends. We think it's a good, fresh and youthful way to show off your African braids. You will be the center of attention and everyone will be fascinated by your look. Combine it with outfits that are in tune and you will surely look radiant.

African braids hairstyles

How about braiding your African braids? It may sound a bit crazy, but believe it or not, the result can be simply spectacular. You can do it in different ways and the truth is that it will be super easy, since there will not be many steps to get a really beautiful African braids hairstyle. In the image below we will leave you an example of how they look in a final version These braids, we think they look special and you will be the center of attention wherever you go.

African braids hairstyles

Bows are always good options For those days when you are a little more relaxed and you are going to attend events or informal commitments that do not require too much production in terms of attire or look in general. But if you have African braids already you will have a wonderful hairstyle, you just have to add a few touches. We are fascinated by the option that we will show you below. Do not forget to try it and tell us how you like it.

African braids hairstyles

A simple pickup can make a difference As for your African braids. These will always be hairstyles that, despite being simple, you can use them for any occasion and give a special touch to your braids. A good example is the image that we will show you below, where you will only have to have your braided hair semi-picked and let loose all the rest of the hair. With a good outfit you will be spectacular and it will become one of your favorite hairstyles.

African braids hairstyles

Hairstyles with braids on the sides

We have seen many ways to make hairstyles with braids, from collected to African braids. But now it's time to show you those hairstyles with braids on the sides which are the favorites of most women today, and that you will surely love too. We have options for short and long hair, in both ways you will be able to look perfect for any occasion with a hairstyle that stands out and combines with all types of outfit.

side braided hairstyles

In this case, it is necessary to use as an example some famous person who has delighted us at some time with her braided hairstyle, such is the case of Shakira, who in the image below teaches us to use some tiny root braids but that give a lot of style and personality to your whole look. The best thing is that you can choose how you want to wear the rest of your hair, whether curly or straight. This is a little more rebellious touch and if you are one of the daring girls, we will know that you will have no problem trying it. Tell us what you think about this hairstyle with braids.

hairstyles with braids on the sides

Boxer Root Braids They are also an excellent hairstyle with braids on the sides for any occasion, especially for those where you can be a little more relaxed or where there is a lot of heat, since it maintains freshness at the same time as you look spectacular. That is why we leave you this example image so you can guide yourself and make this hairstyle, which can also be used for large or long hair, as well as for short hair. We loved this option and we want to put it into practice.


As we love trying new hairstyling options, we took on the task of looking for this one with a side braid that is perfect for those occasions where you need to be more arranged, formal but without losing the elegance and beauty. We would use it for work or an important meeting. Tanto con pelo corto como con pelo largo te la podrás hacer, lo importante es conservar la trenza a los lados y poder lucir con mucho estilo tu peinado con trenzas. ¡Cuéntanos que tal te parece!

peinado con trenzas a los lados

Si tienes una melena larga y frondosa, este peinado con trenzas es perfecto para ti. La clave está en llevarlo todo hacia un lado y trenzarlo. Cuando termines trata de sacar un poco de cabello con delicadeza y así le darás la forma que podrás apreciar en la imagen que te dejaremos como ejemplo más abajo. Lo mejor de este peinado con trenza es que es super versátil y lo puedes usar para diferentes situaciones. Así que no dejes de intentarlo y lucirlo como toda una modelo. Será espectacular.

peinados con trenzas a los lados

Peinados con trenzas pelo afro

En muchos casos, las mujeres con pelo de estilo afro suelen sufrir por no saber que tipo de peinado pueden hacerse en sus cabellos, ya que todos sabemos que no es tan manejable como se quisiera. Sin embargo y aunque no lo creas, existen varias opciones de peinados con trenzas hechos especialmente para pelo afro, así que las preocupaciones se acabaron para ti con este artículo, en donde te mostraremos varios ejemplos para poder usarlos en diferentes ocasiones. ¡Vamos a verlas!


En otro apartado de este artículo hemos mostrado como las trenzas de raíz se ajustan perfectamente al tipo de cabello de afro, y es que no se puede negar que además le dan mucha forma y estilo. Existen diferentes maneras de hacerlas y al mismo tiempo hacerte peinados con ellas. Es por eso que aquí te dejamos un ejemplo más general de como las puedes llevar y utilizar tu cabello afro a tu favor para verte hermosa y única. Sin duda nos fascina este estilo.

peinados con trenzas pelo afro

Ahora bien, es necesario explicar que las trenzas de raíz en pelo afro largo son espectaculares. Seguro que en más de una oportunidad has visto como las lucen diferentes artistas o modelo de gran trayectoria, y tu no tienes porque ser la excepción en llevarlas. Este peinado te vendrá como anillo al dedo si tienes el pelo afro. Entonces no dudes en ponerlo de moda y hacer que seas el centro de atención con este peinado con trenzas afro. No te quedarán más dudas sobre este estilo luego de ver la imagen que te mostraremos más abajo.

peinados con trenzas afro

Ahora sabes que las trencitas de raíz son la mejor opción para tu pelo afro, y si lo tienes más corto no importará, pues todos estilos te quedarán fascinantes. Así que ya no tienes excusa para hacerte diferentes peinados con trenzas en tu pelo afro, todos los puedes adaptar a tu estilo personal y darle esos detalles que solo tu sabes. Que estos peinados que te hemos mostrado sirvan como inspiración para hacerte los propios tuyos y destacar entre la multitud. Usa tu cabello como un punto a tu favor.

peinados con trenza pelo afro

Peinados con trenzas para adolescentes

En la etapa de la adolescencia es donde más se está pendiente de lucir arregladas a impecables, es allí donde los peinados juegan un papel fundamental. Pero no tienes mucho de que preocuparte, ya que en este artículo te mostraremos los mejores peinados con trenzas para lucir en esa hermosa etapa de la adolescencia en donde verte bien es una de las mayores prioridades. Así que prepárate para escoger tu favorito. Desde pelos cortos hasta pelos largos, todos serán perfectos para ti y te dejarán encantada.


Si eres adolescente y tienes el pelo corto no busques mucho más, aquí te mostraremos el mejor peinado para ti, que resaltará en grandes medidas tus facciones y también toda tu esencia y dulzura. Se trata de un pequeño semirecogido sencillo pero muy expresivo. Lo mejor de todo es que es muy fácil de hacer, solo necesitarás dominar la técnica del trenzado que a decir verdad es muy fácil. Así que comienza a practicarlo desde ya, los resultados son fantásticos y te permitirán lucir hermosa para cualquier ocasión en que decidas llevarlo.

peinados con trenzas adolescentes

Si por el contrario tienes el cabello largo, también tenemos opciones de peinados con trenzas para ti. El estilo que te mostraremos a continuación es perfecto para adolescentes, ya que le dará un toque especial y divertido a todo tu look, sin importar el outfit que luzcas en ese momento. Solo necesitarás hacerte dos trenzas de raíz hasta llegar a la mitad de tu cabello, el resto lo dejarás suelto y de verdad se verá completamente hermoso. Nos ha dejado fascinados este peinado que sin lugar a dudas, es perfecto para que las más jovencitas lo lleven.

peinados con trenzas para adolescentes

Las trenzas de cascada no solo son una de las favoritas de las adultas, sino también de las más jovencitas de la casa, puesto que son muy fáciles de hacer y los resultados en cuanto a peinados se refiere, son más que espectaculares. Si tienes algún evento o salida con amiguitos importante, este look es perfecto para ti. La verdad es que a nosotros nos encanta la combinación de ondas con trenzas, se ve hermoso sin necesidad de ser demasiado recargado o muy difícil de hacer. Así que aprovecha la oportunidad y toma el ejemplo como inspiración, de seguro te queda igual o mejor.

Peinados con trenzas y flequillo

Muchas mujeres con flequillo se hayan en la incómoda situación de creer que no tienen muchas opciones de peinados con trenzas por llevar ese tipo de corte de cabello, pero la realidad es que es todo lo contrario. Si existen varios peinados que puedes hacerte en tu cabello aprovechando o utilizando el flequillo a tu favor para verte más sexy y atractiva. Es por eso que aquí te dejaremos unos cuantas imágenes de ejemplo para que puedas comenzar a probarlos todos desde ya. ¡Cuéntanos cual ha sido tu favorito!


Bella Thorne es una reconocida modelo a nivel mundial, y en más de una oportunidad nos ha enseñado a rockear y lucir espectacular con el flequillo. En este caso en particular podemos aprovechar su peinado como inspiración para el propio nuestro, ya que incorpora también las trenzas en modo de recogido que la verdad se ve super bien para diferentes situaciones o eventos. Si ella lo usó tu también puedes, y seguro que terminarás asombrada de lo fabuloso que puede verse este look en ti.

peinados con trenzas flequillo

Si tu flequillo está un poco más largo, no dudes en utilizarlo de la siguiente manera. Hacerte una trenza común de lado y dejar por fuera colgando tu flequillo es una excelente opción para esos días que son un poco más relajados y que requieren de más actividad de tu parte, ya que con este peinado con trenzas estarás todo el día tranquila o segura de que lucirás hermosa a cada momento. Puedes combinarlo con cualquier atuendo y quedará perfecto. Así que comienza a practicarlo en tu cabello y nos cuentas como te va con este peinado.

peinados con trenzas flequillos

Now ya sabes como utilizar el flequillo a tu favor y verlo más como un accesorio que sirve para complementar todos tus tipos de peinado, especialmente aquellos que incluyen trenzas. Se ven super bien y le dan un toque fresco o juvenil a todo tu atuendo. No dejes de contarnos cual es tu preferido y si te atreverías a usar algunos de los ejemplos que te hemos mostrado anteriormente.

Videos de peinados con trenzas

Para conseguir hacer estos peinados, debes comenzar por dominar las diferentes técnicas del trenzado, que van desde el más sencillo de tres cabos, hasta los más elaborados. No tienes mucho de que preocuparte, puesto a que gracias a los avances tecnológicos, hoy en día tienes herramientas a tu mano tales como los tutoriales, que te enseñarán a hacer fácilmente cualquier tipo de trenza. Aquí te dejaremos algunos para que puedas aprender desde la comodidad de tu casa y hacerte todos estos maravillosos looks. Cuéntanos que tal te va.

Gracias a los tutoriales podemos aprender a hacer desde las cosas más fáciles, hasta las más difíciles y por supuesto que las trenzas no podían ser la excepción. A lo largo de este artículo hemos visto que la trenza de raíz es la que más predomina en todos los peinados, de hecho es la base de muchos de ellos. Aquí te dejaremos un vídeo super práctico y fácil que te enseñará a hacer una trenza de raíz. Así que no tienes excusa para aprender y así poder hacerte muchísimos peinados con trenzas. Come on!

Si te encantó la sección de peinados con trenzas de lado, aquí te tenemos un vídeo explicativo que te enseñará a hacerte una trenza holandesa frontal utilizando todo tu cabello. Recomendamos este vídeo especialmente para aquellas mujeres que tienen el pelo largo. Si eres una de esas, no dudes en correr a verlo y hacerte este peinado que nos ha dejado maravillados y queriendo practicarlo desde ya. Así que comienza por darle clic al enlace de más abajo para no perderte ningún detalle sobre él.

¿Existe una manera de hacer una trenza de cascada super fácil? claro que sí, y aquí en este artículo te tenemos la solución y la respuesta para ello. Con este tutorial aprenderás la mejor forma de hacerte una trenza de cascada como la que has visto en varios peinados a lo largo de esta entrada. Este es un tipo de trenzado super romántico y fácil de hacer, esas características son las que lo convierten en uno de los favoritos de las mujeres de todas las edades. Así que no te pierdas este fascinante vídeo con el que te volverás experta en trenzar.

Claudipia es uno de esos canales especiales para mujeres en donde se hablan temas bastante comunes para nosotras. Por supuesto que las trenzas no podían dejar de ser parte de esta agenda, así que en el vídeo que te dejaremos más abajo, Claudipia te enseñará a hacerte unas trenzas africanas como las que hemos visto en varios peinados previamente en este artículo. Además da mucha información de interés al rededor de éstas, como por ejemplo el cuidado y mantenimiento que deben tener. Así que si te encantó este estilo de trenzado, no dejes de ver este espectacular vídeo que te dejaremos más abajito.

Una de las mejores ventajas de ayudarse con tutoriales, es que éstos muestran las formas más fáciles de hacerte infinidades de tipos de peinados, y sobretodo cuando de trenzas hablamos. Los peinados con trenzas en forma de diademas se están llevando muchísimo en la actualidad. Además de ser y verse hermosos, son fáciles de hacer así como también se pueden adaptar a innumerables ocasiones o eventos. Es por ello que no podíamos dejar por fuera de este artículo este vídeo, que te enseñará a hacerte un recogido o trenza en forma de diadema. Coméntanos que tal te parece este estilo y si pudiste lograrlo.

Ahora si que no tienes excusa para aprender a hacerte todos estos tipos de peinados con trenzas que te hemos mostrado a lo largo de este artículos. Estos videos son la herramienta necesaria para poder ponerte en marcha con los diferentes ejemplos que te dejamos para todos los tipos de cabellos, desde el más largo al más corto y excéntrico. ¡Así que manos a la obra!

Mil y un peinados con trenzas

Esperamos que luego de esta entrada tu mente este llena de ideas para crear todo tipo de peinados con trenzas. Es cierto que, luego de ver en la web tantos peinados trenzados, al principio nos sintamos un poco abrumadas y no sepamos ni por cual empezar. Así que después de este artículo ya tendrás más claro cual es el tipo de trenzas que quieres y cual se adapte mejor a ti y a tu cabello. Ahora lo que queda es que pongas manos a la obra.

Practica tantas veces sean necesarias hasta conseguir que tu peinado con trenzas tenga el acabado deseado. Puede que de buenas a primeras no te salga como quieres, pero no te desanimes que el esfuerzo valdrá la pena. Al final de tanto hacerlo lo conseguirás y te volverá una verdadera experta en trenzas.

Una última recomendación para facilitarte la elaboración de los peinados con trenzas es que aprendas primero y practiques los tipos de trenzas básicas. Conociendo cuáles son y cómo hacerlas, cualquier peinado que las lleve te será pan comido y lograrás hacer mil y un peinados con trenzas.

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Peinados con trenzas

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