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▷ Hairstyles with bangs 2019 ⊛ Photos, Ideas & Styles!

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There is a great variety of hairstyles with bangs, This type of hairstyles enhance and stylize the features or lines of the girls' faces, although it is a hairstyle that has always been in fashion, today we observe that it has become a trend.

Inside the hairstyles with bangs that we will explain you have the following: combed with bangs backwards, combed with side bangs, combed with tupe bangs and combed straight bangs with braids.

hairstyles with bangs

Hairstyles with bangs for round face

It is likely that some girls because they look that they have a very round face, maybe they do not dare to do this type of hairstyles, however, most of them are very well, moreover, they adapt to any type of face.

hairstyles with bangs round face

In addition, you can find different ways to take advantage of it with different hairstyles, in that sense, below we will offer you some hairstyles with bangs, so pay attention, because you will see in detail some relevant information about four beautiful hairstyles of this style, we will also explain step by step one of them ..

Hairstyle with open Bangs

Hairstyle with open bangs is usually very easy to do and fast. You can get us out of trouble if we are in a hurry and we want a nice bangs.

We leave you with some ideas of hairstyles with open bangs:hairstyles open bangs long hair

Half-length hairstyles with bangs

Half-length hairstyles are very common with bangs, it is an alternative to those we propose that enhance the features of our face. Check out some photos of short or medium hair hairstyles with bangs:hairstyles bangs half blond hair

Hairstyle with bangs back

If you want to take your bangs back, you just have to take a fork and then hold your bangs by placing it towards the back, so that it looks better become curlers with the iron, this will be really spectacular and your face will be clear for that special occasion .

hairstyles bangs back

This is a fascinating way to make your hair look with bangs, but in a different way, since it is always good, look for ways to give a new look to the hair and look with a sensual touch, in addition to looking in a natural way.

Hairstyle with side bangs

You can place the hair on its side, wearing it under the long hair and holding it in the same way with hairpins.

For this style of hairstyles for long hair, as shown in the image, you will have to open a line on one side, put the bangs under the long hair, and on the other side, you will have to put a part of the hair behind the ear and hold it with another fork so that it looks, as seen in the image.

redhead side bangs hairstyles

Also this type of hairstyles is excellent no matter if your hair is straight or if it is curly, but also if it is short, you can cast it aside by applying gel,

How you can is a hairstyle with which you will look fresh, jovial and is ideal for young girls. In addition, it is fair for those who like to always vary the way they comb their hair.

Tupé Fringe Hairstyle

If you intend to give your look a different touch, condition your hair and choose the combed with toupee bangs, which is a hairstyle that will make you look elegant, in addition, it is the ideal to attend a celebration, as well as, you can choose to take it from a very tall one that has enough volume to another that is simpler, just pulling it back.

tupe bangs hairstyles

This type of hairstyles has to do with throwing all the hair towards the back, then giving it volume leaving it as if it were a peak or crest, this is one of the styles that became a trend in the fifties.

For this style of hairstyles you should help fix it with gel and spray, as well as with hairpins to hold it well and that it does not come loose.

Hairstyle with straight bangs

With respect to straight bangs hairstyles, this type of hairstyles continues to be within the latest trend, since it is a hairstyle that in addition to being simple you can choose to wear it on any occasion that you think is convenient and you feel comfortable.

The straight bangs will perfect any style of hairstyles that you decide to do, but what you should take into consideration is that if you want to keep it long and with a beauty salon finish, you need to cut the bangs frequently, and always try to Dry it with an iron, so you can give it that great finish.

Now after giving you the explanation of the particularities of each of the hairstyles with bangs, we will offer you the step by step of this last hairstyle, called: straight bangs.

How to make a hairstyle with straight bangs with braids step by step

As we have already mentioned, this type of hairstyle is ideal for those chic girls who are always looking to innovate and look more and more elegant.

  1. The first thing you have to do is apply a hair serum on your hair and apply it from medium to ends, to add shine and texture to prepare it for styling.
  2. Once we have applied it, we will divide the hair into two parts, and then, we take one of the parts and divide it into three, so we will make a basic braid.
  3. Then we repeat the same operation on the other side, when we have the braid ready we hold it with a league.
  4. Having both sides with the braids finished, what continues is to pass each of the braids.
  5. You must place each braid on top of each other and fasten them with hairpins, we do it so that they do not look so much in the hair.
  6. To give braids that uncomplicated or casual touch, what we are going to do is that we open it, so it will look more messy.
  7. If you are bothered by some short hairs that come out of the hairstyle, what we are going to do is to put lacquer to fix them, this is the ideal way to fix them and put them in place.

And this would be the final result of a hairstyle with straight bangs, which is also perfect with the dress and with the eyes outlined, as seen in the image.

how to make braids bangs hairstyle

This is a kind of fringe hairstyles that will make you look and feel sensational, if you want to look for different styles of combing your bangs, choose any of the options that we have left you in this post, in addition, it will make you look very youthful with a chic style.

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Hairstyles with bangs

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