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▷ Hairstyles for short hair 2019 ⊛ Photos, Ideas & Styles!

peinado corto ondulado para mujer

Wearing short hair has become a trend, and one that does not go out of style. Is there so many short hair hairstyles that can be used, that every season we see as different short hairstyles impose the pattern in the changes of look. All of them are usually glamorous, elegant and chic.

Those who dare to wear these hairstyles end up hooked with them to realize that they do not require too much to get them. With only basic hair care and a little time to fix it, they look like a celebrity. Follow us and fall in love with all short hair hairstyles that we bring for you

short hair woman hairstyle

Short hair hairstyles in men and women

The issue of haircutting lifts passions among women. Some feel that cutting their hair detracts some of their femininity, others think it is impossible to perform hairstyles with short hair, especially those with curly hair, others do not dare to cut it, although he would like it, because they do not know how to comb it … Anyway, there are many opinions of this type that lose weight when we see bold and brave women who know how to show off their short hair . These women show us why the short hair hairstyle It's super trendy.

hairstyle short hair brunette woman

In the case of men, short hair is common. But some seem to stagnate in the same haircut for years. They seem to ignore that there are so many hairstyles for men with short hair that they can use and look attractive and manly.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find in this post the hairstyle for short hair What will make you fall in love with this look. Next we will show you many short hairstyles that if you were a detractor of them, they will rethink your position, and if what you were looking for was inspiration for a change of look, here you will find it.

Short hair hairstyles man

Here you have a photo with a compilation of 6 short hairstyles for men that are easy to make and that they usually like. And you?

short hair hairstyles man

Analyzing the image above it is impossible to think that short hair man hairstyles They have to be boring or the same as always. For more classic men, some of these hairstyles could be very extravagant. But you can look for short hairstyles like the one on the upper right of the image or the one in the lower middle. The idea is that the hair has movement and smoothness, and always taking care to be clean.

If you are a man and still resist a change of hairstyle, turn to female opinion as the impulse you need. Is that you dedicate a little energy to improve your appearance, especially your hair, will certainly make you earn points between them.

Always remember that to look good it is not necessary to have a head covered with a lot of hair, some look very shaved completely or with short and modern hairstyles. These can be of the disheveled effect type, or very short on the sides and a little longer in the central area.

Basic care for short hair hairstyles man

What a man should take into account to wear his short hair with the best style, is to perform basic hair care. Like these hairstyles for short hairs They use many fixative products such as hairspray, jelly or jelly, and sometimes a hair dryer, hair is often mistreated. So, even if the hair is short, you have to pay attention to it, something that men tend to overlook. The good thing is that they are not too difficult care or take too much time. Short hairstyles are easy to maintain and still look sophisticated.

Hairstyles short hair woman

woman hair shaved down

There are countless short hair hairstyles woman, for all ages, hair types, face shapes, difficulty level and tastes. Some of these short hair hairstyles They are basically based on the cut you have, others require the imagination of the person to create them. The celebrities have given us a lot of material to inspire us, both in haircuts and in different short hairstyles. These hairstyles include those that wear braids, give that touch of freshness and youth that is very chic.

platinum blonde short hair braids hairstyles for women

Next we will show you through images of short hairstyles that the short hair hairstyles woman They can be used by girls and adults whether they have curly or straight hair. In the end you will see a series of easy short hair hairstyles that will convince you that short hair is easy to comb and keep neat. Best of all, it will give you that magazine cover model look you want to have.

Short hair girl hairstyles

In short hair girl hairstyles There are many options we have to choose from. Surely you will agree with us that a girl with short hair and well combed is a tenderness. Here are a couple of these hairstyles.

Short hairstyle girl

This simple but beautiful hairstyle for girl with short hair It consists of making a few pigtails sideways with strands of hair. Then each pigtail is turned on itself, putting its hair in the middle of it.

hairstyle for girl with braids

The short hair hairstyles with braids They are an excellent option for the smallest of the house. You will keep your girl combed without much effort. For example, the hairstyle we show you up here are French braids, only on the top and center of the head, simulating a headband.

Combing girl with curly hair

Although the girl in the photo has straight hair, if the little girl has short curly hair you can do these same hairstyles. Maybe with straight hair it is easier to comb girls, but the curl or soft waves do not prevent you from doing it at all short hairstyles Follow the following tips to comb a girl with curly hair, if you are an adult you can also apply it:

  • Detangle curly hair when it is wet.
  • When untangling start at the tips and go up slowly until untangled from the root. Do not start from the root once because the knots will slow the advance and hurt the little one.
  • Preferably use a separate and crossed tooth comb to untangle.
  • Apply a styling cream specializing in curly hair.
  • Make the hairstyle with wet hair.
  • After doing the hairstyle, define one by one the curls of the hair that is loose or the one that is left of each ponytail.
  • When defining each curl, it respects the thickness that the girl's hair naturally forms. If they are very tight curls, then make as many curls as necessary without seeking to join in a curl too much hair. If the hair has more open curls, it does not require so many small curls. It could be a bit tedious job but it is worth the result.
  • Depending on the type of hair curl, it will be enough for you to apply the cream, help the hair take the right direction and by itself when drying beautiful curls are created. Another instead, demand more dedication and care.

Hairstyles short hair according to hair type

easy hairstyles for curly hair woman

Short hair does not have to be exclusive to one type of hair. Any woman who wants to wear this look can do it. What you should do is notice that short hair hairstyles would be better depending on your frizzy, slightly wavy or super straight hair. This way I will make sure to look fashionable and will not end up looking like a bad trip to the hairdresser. They can also use some hair products, such as creams, gels, waxes and lacquers, to help mold and fix the hair as expected.

In the following images we leave you several ideas of the short hair hairstyles Depending on the type of hair you have. You will find that there are hairstyles that fit your hair and style.

Short curly hairstyles

very short hair afro woman

The short curly hair hairstyles they are perfectly possible, even having it with well-defined and closed curls. For example, the image above shows an afro with very short hair. The recommendations to follow for this type of hairstyles are: taking care of the health of the hair keeping the curls hydrated, getting a good haircut and above all a lot of attitude. Also something to keep in mind is that the cuts with curly hair is that although it is not so short, when curling it will rise enough. So unlike straight hair, curly hair must be cut shorter than the length expected.

short hair woman hairstyle with accessories

A short hair hairstyle Very easy to wear is to put on a belt, tape or bandana. The variety that exists of this accessory is infinite, and only what we have to do is wear it and now, without any effort. This idea is wonderful especially those days that we wake up with a little disheveled hair and we don't know how to shape it. We put on a belt of these and the ruffled curls will create a great effect.

Other curly short hair hairstyles

One of the ways that are in trend for curly hairs are the root braids If we know how to combine and apply them to our hair, it is a wonderful option to be able to wear your curly hair with style. One of the best ways to use them is aside, leaving the rest of your curly hair free and beautiful. Here we will leave you an example of how to wear this wonderful hairstyle for curly hairs.

curly short hair hairstyle

Another way to combine some other braids of root in curly hair is with a hairstyle that the truth is quite fashionable, and are the high bun on top of the hair We could not leave behind as they look in curly hairs, because the final version is super chic and fashion. So don't stop trying on your hair, you will surely love this hairstyle as much as we do.

curly short hair hairstyle

Wavy short hair hairstyle

If there is a type of hair that suits short hair, it is wavy hair, which has waves, whether they are marked or soft. The versatility you have to wear the different types of cut for short hair is amazing. It is a hair with a lot of movement ideal for a casual and cheerful style. If you are not one of those who likes very complex hairstyles, just give them life with a good dye, give it volume and put it aside, as seen in the following image.

short wavy hairstyle for women

And if you want to spend a little more time to show off your hair, you can opt for the option below. A braid that fixes the rest of the hair at the back.

woman braid hairstyle

Not only from the back you can do a hairstyle with braid in your short hair, but it is also very fashionable to see side braids They are a very spectacular detail in any type of hair. You can do from fish braids, to waterfall or root. You have many options available and it is best that having short hair will not be an impediment to try them all. So start practicing and comb your wavy hair spectacularly.

wavy short hair hairstyle

The semi collected They are also a magnificent hairstyle that looks pretty on short hair. If yours is wavy or at least you love getting this type of hair with curling irons, you can not stop considering this beautiful collection. It can come as a ring to your finger for many occasions like going to work, university or school, even for an outing with your friends. We love this type of hairstyle for wavy hair!

short wavy hairstyles

Hairstyle for short straight hair

Short hair is very easy to comb when we have straight hair. It is very comfortable and practical to wear it like this, without the care of a long mane. However, we may sometimes feel that short and straight hair lacks some fun so that it does not look a bit bland. A solution for this is to make a hairstyle like the one seen in the following image.

hairstyle short straight hair woman

The hairstyle consists of dividing the hair from the top of the head into three parts. The two parts of the ends are fixed on the back with forks. The hair of the central part will be given volume by lifting and repeatedly passing a comb from the tips to the root. Then it takes and accommodates back. Use a hair fixative product to ensure the duration of the hairstyle. With such a hairstyle nobody will dare to call your hair dull or boring.

We have already talked about Braids are applicable for all hair types and that can save us on more than one occasion to have a fast, easy and beautiful hairstyle at the same time. In the case of short and straight hairs, it will only be enough to make two braids of the three ends (the best known) and take them to the back to hold them with a hook. The result It's a super chic and fashion hairstyle. Do not stop trying.

short straight hair hairstyles

Finally Kim Kardashian shows us a way to wear our short straight hair without much adornment or detail, but also with a super striking and interesting result. The key to this hairstyle is that you have an ironing of 20 points and add a bit of hairspray on the top of the hair with a toothbrush (this is a trick of the Kardashian sisters). It will be spectacular and you will attract attention wherever you go.

straight short hair hairstyle

The moñitos represent a super easy and fast option of combing our short straight hair. Especially this type of hairstyle is recommended for occasions that are more informal, such as going to college or a simple meeting with your friends. In less than 5 minutes you will have your hair fixed And you'll be ready to go out. With a relaxed or urban outfit it will be a great option.

short straight hair hairstyles

Easy hairstyles short hair

Previously we mentioned that short hair is one of the easier to comb So the options you have available are endless. It may be the case that you are one of those women who do not like to spend or spend a lot of time on their hairstyles, so if you want to make yourself easy hairstyles short hair, look at the simple ideas that we leave you.

short hairstyles with plain side braid for women

This hairstyle similar to the previous one varies by having a braid on each side. Very simple to make and beautiful to see.

wet braided root braid for women

Another simple hairstyle is to make root braids, an excellent idea for those who have a very short hair. It also comes in handy if the hair is very thin.

semi-collected hairstyle for short wavy hair for women

As we said before, the short hair It is easy to carry, it only requires a little imagination to make a variety of hairstyles with such a short mane. But if you lack creativity, don't worry. On the internet you will get many ideas and inspiration. Just like this pair of hairstyles in the image above. They are simple, but very trendy.

Hairstyle picked up woman tutorial

Hairstyles for short hair step by step

Thanks to the internet we can see numerous tutorials and images They teach us how to make easy hairstyles for short hair step by step. So it will no longer be an excuse not to know how or not to have time to do your hairstyles in short hair and look super chic or fantastic. So at this point we will show you the best short hair hairstyles that you can do from the comfort of your home. In 5 minutes you will be ready and radiant!

This is a great option for short hair, whether thin or thick. It will only be enough for you to do one Low braid and start rolling it up until you get a super beautiful and elegant collection that you can adapt to different occasions or outfits, from elegant to informal. Only the final result will depend on you, but we are sure that it will be completely beautiful. Here we will leave you the image so you can do it yourself.

short hair easy hairstyle

This is one of the easiest and fastest hairstyling tutorials for short hair. In a few steps you can have a beautiful and spectacular result. If you want to add an extra touch super fashion and chic, you can choose to place a hook or bow like the one seen in the image. The truth is that short hair are special to make this type of semi-collected that come as a ring to the finger for more than one situation. Share with us what is your opinion about this hairstyle!

short hair step by step hairstyle

If you are a lover of it picked up this hairstyle for short hair it is perfect for you. In a few steps you can have a super beautiful and elegant collection especially for situations that are a bit more formal. You can do it yourself or ask for the help of a friend. We especially recommend this hairstyle for a wedding or dinner with friends. You will not stop being the center of attention and you can combine it perfectly with your outfit for the occasion.

short hair hairstyles step by step

Finally we will leave you another option of collected smart hairstyle for short hair that you can do step by step easily and quickly. This is also one of those types of hairstyle that are special to be used on slightly more elegant occasions, but are so versatile that you can also know how to combine it with a more relaxed and informal outfit. So do not miss the opportunity to make this wonderful hairstyle. You will surely love it as much as we do.

short hair hairstyle step by step

Short hair hairstyles for weddings

One of the occasions in which we are most concerned about our appearance, specifically hairstyles, are the weddings. Whether you are a guest or if you are the protagonist of the event, it is important to look white with the best hairstyles or options for our outfit. That's why we are going to show you lThe best hairstyles for short hair Special to be used at weddings.


From collected to semi-picked, here are several hairstyles for short hair that will make you feel amazing in a marriage or wedding in different hair types. So it's time to see this tour of the best for you to look a 20 point look.

If you are one of those who prefer to go to stylists to have a much more perfect result, this is a collected for weddings in short hair perfect for you. Best of all, it is not that difficult to do, but you will need to be in the hands of professionals to make the final version impeccable. You can help yourself and give it an extra touch much more chic, with a few flower hooks. It will look beautiful and elegant.


Now, it may be the case that you have the very short hair, and the best news is that we also have options for you. This hairstyle using a beautiful headband in the form of leaves, is especially spectacular to wear at a wedding. In addition, you can curl it in the fringe part and the final result will be truly amazing. Surely you will love it and all the attendees will also like it. Tell us how you like this hairstyle for short hair!

short hair hairstyle for wedding

Now if you like the styles of hairstyle for short hair at weddings A little more classic, you can't stop trying this option. Its biggest advantage is that you can do it yourself from the comfort of your home without much work or time, and despite this the end result is shocking. Who wouldn't like to wear a hairstyle for short hair like that? We loved it. A few braids and a few curls will be perfect To stand out on the occasion.

hairstyles for short hair wedding

Wedding hairstyle short hair girl

Previously in this article we show you some options of hairstyles for short hair in girls, but this time we will give you some wonderful examples to wear on a special occasion such as a marriage. You do not need to master many techniques to do them, just a little patience and creativity to have the best results and that your girl looks completely beautiful. Let's do it!


Combing girls can be the favorite task of a few, so this activity it will not be very difficult. Girls are characterized by having fine and manageable hair, so doing hairstyles for them will not represent anything very complicated. Here we will give you an example of a hairstyle for short wedding hair for girls, with a few details there will be a super beautiful result that you will not regret. Romantic and sweet, as you expect in such a situation.

hairstyle for short hair wedding

As you can see, braids are an excellent option for any situation, and especially in girls for weddings. No matter if they have short hair, there will always be ways to make different hairstyles for short hair that make her look beautiful and perfect on this special occasion. Here we show you an example of semi collected with braids for girls, we love that it looks super romantic. If you want to customize it, you can add some touches like crochet hooks or flowers. It will be beautiful!

hairstyle short hair wedding

Headbands They are trending not only for adult women, but also for girls. Especially a wedding becomes an occasion to wear the best headbands. In the example that we will show you below, you will be able to observe one of flowers, which you can customize with the colors that you have chosen for your wedding celebration. Now you see that they look very beautiful, so don't stop doing this hairstyle for short hair in girls.

hairstyle for short hair girl

Curly short hair hairstyle for weddings

One of the most recurring doubts of women with curly hairs It's like getting hairstyles that are flattering and can be used in situations such as weddings. But you don't have to worry, since we will give you a few options so that you can show off in the marriage, and so that you realize that curly hair is not an impediment to wear a 20 point short hair hairstyle.

curly short hair hairstyle

The secret of being able to make you a hairstyle for short curly hair, is to keep your curls well hydrated in order to be manageable and thus be able to make any type of collection or semi-pick that comes perfect for the occasion you will attend. In this case we will show you how to use an accessory to decorate your curly hair, you will see that the final result will be beautiful.

hairstyle for short hair wedding

Hairstyle very short hair

Through social networks and web pages, we have realized that very short hair is a trend that is increasingly rising. But not for that you will not have different options to comb it and look truly radiant. That is why we have given ourselves the task of looking for the best hairstyles for very short hair, and so you dare to look different but at the same time beautiful. Do not miss all the images We will show you below.


A good one fish braid It will always be a fantastic detail to decorate your hair in a tender and simple way. You will not need many tricks, it will only be enough to intertwine a few in your short hair on one of its sides, as well as fasten it with a tail or hook that is in a hidden way to give a better result. It will be spectacular and everyone will be fascinated by your look!

very short hair hairstyle

We continue with the wave of the braids, since these look both in short and long hair. In this case we are shown a spectacular braid, which will give a lot of style to your short hair and that is special to combine it with any type of outfit. Specifically we can observe a four-head clineja, spectacular to give your hair a touch of freshness and rebellion. If you want you can add a kind of tupe at the top, which will give you extra detail.

very short hair hairstyles

Now that we have mentioned the toupee, we must say that it is a fantastic trend to include in short hair hairstyles, so here we will show you a wonderful option for which you will only have to grab the top of your hair and make it a kind of volume with a comb of thin bristles. In less than 5 minutes your hairstyle will be ready and we must say that it looks spectacular. Here we will leave you an example of how it would look beautiful. You can use it specifically for slightly more elegant occasions, such as night events.

very short hair hairstyles

Casual Short Hair Hairstyles

In many opportunities you may want to look beautiful to slightly more informal occasions, such as going to class, work or going out with friends. Not because of the informality of the situation you should look bad; That's why we bring you many amazing options of short hair hairstyles They will be perfect for these types of meetings. They will not require much effort, in a short time and with few materials you will be ready to leave.


Remember that if you have short hair, the most important thing is find hairstyles that favor you and bring out the best in you with few details and effort. Ideally, you should wear a 20-point outfit and that the hairstyle also matches your fabulous look. Here are some examples to make everything easier for you.

While having short hair can be a bit more difficult than having a rapunzel-like hair to make hairstyles, this does not mean that it is impossible to get ready without using the typical bun of the days when you do not want to do anything. If what you are looking for is ease and practicality, we will leave you this beautiful hairstyle for short hair. A few curls will be necessary, will be spectacular.


Now yes definitely you don't really want to do something in your hairThere are also certain ways to make it look magnificent with very few steps. As the occasion is informal, there will be no problems with just making yourself a kind of high tail and dividing it into two sections that you will throw on each side. You might think it doesn't look so good, but remember that everything is in the attitude and in the outfit with which you combine this hairstyle for short hair.

casual short hair hairstyles

The following image is a good example of how braids can completely transform a hairstyle for short hair, either formal or informal as is the case with this section that we are showing you. Here a kind of combination is made between a braid of root with a bun, which is ideal for those occasions when we do not need to fix ourselves too much to make a good impression. Do not doubt that the result will be completely beautiful and impressive.

casual short hair hairstyle

This type of train In the upper part of the hair it has become a trend in recent months, and we cannot deny that it looks spectacular, especially in short hair. If you know how to take them, it will be an excellent way to look perfect for an informal occasion, because it will not cost you much work to do it, and yet the result will be wonderful.

casual short hair hairstyle

Hairstyles videos for casual short hair

Making hairstyles in short hair can be much easier when you help yourself videos and tutorials where the step by step to achieve them is shown. That is why for this article we have given ourselves the task of looking for videos showing hairstyles that you could use on informal occasions. Do not forget to see them and share them with your friends or acquaintances so that these can also be done short hair hairstyles.

Patry Jordan is the owner of one of the most influential and popular YouTube channels in Spain and the world, called Girls Secrets. This channel always addresses issues that call us a lot of attention to women. In this particular case, we will leave you one of his videos where he teaches us 10 different hairstyles for short hair They come as a ring to the finger for those informal occasions like going to classes or a meeting with friends.

Maiah Ocando She is one of the youtubers who knows how to rock her short hair, becoming fabulous hairstyles that give a lot to talk about and that are perfect for many occasions in your life. In this specific case we leave this video with 6 easy hairstyles for short hair You will surely love it. They are very easy and do not need much time or much work to see the final results. Be sure to see it and share it with your friends.

For variety you can not be left behind, since all these videos are proof that you have many options available to leave your short hair spectacular with very easy hairstyles for which you will not need large amounts of time or master many techniques. From the Loong Life channel we will leave you all these 10 wonderful ways to comb your short hair Without so much science. Now you have no excuse to see yourself spectacular in your day to day.

Formal short hair hairstyles

We have already talked about those occasions where you do not need to get ready to go out, but there are also those in which the first thing you have to do is make sure you look blank, such as some events that merit elegance: baptisms, weddings, graduations, among others. Thinking about those moments, we will show you some special short hair hairstyles for more formal occasions. Be sure to see them and practice them in your hair. You will look fantastic!

When we think of formality, it is inevitable to remember those collected. This type of hairstyle is perfect to give a lot of elegance and sobriety to a look in general. There are many pick options for short hair, so it is not a matter of worry that you do not have much hair. A clear example can be the braids, in a few steps you can have the dreamed collected and look radiant for what the situation warrants.


In some cases less is more, and the image that we will show you next proves it in its entirety. You don't need to do too much work on your hair to end up with a fascinating and elegant result, sometimes with little it is enough to look 20 points. With little hair you can make this beautiful collection that is perfect for an occasion or event that deserves to be more arranged than normal. You will surely love it as much as we do!

formal short hair hairstyles

In no type of hairstyle can the classic ones be missing, as they are the braids. Those that save us from many situations and that convert a hairstyle little by little. For example in this case we show you a hairstyle for formal short hair with a root braid Si dominas esta técnica, podrás hacerlo con bastante facilidad. Y lo mejor de todo es que puedes usarlo para ocasiones donde se amerite elegancia. No dejes de practicarlo y probarlo.

peinado pelo corto formal

Finalmente te dejamos una opción muy clásica e infalible pero que nunca pasa de moda. Este tipo de peinado es un definitivo sí para esas ocasiones en donde tienes que lucir más elegante de lo habitual, especialmente aquellos que son en ocasiones nocturnas. Como ves, no requiere de mucho trabajo de tu parte, y está muy en tendencia pues hasta las Kardashian lo han sabido lucir más de una vez en sus apariciones por las alfombras rojas. ¿Te atreves a lucir este look?

peinado para pelo corto formal

Peinados pelo corto con trenzas

Cuando en la web hacemos un repaso por los mejores peinados para pelo corto, no podemos dejar de encontrarnos con las trenzas. Sin duda le dan un toque muy especial a cada cosa que nos hagamos en nuestras melenas, y es por eso que no podíamos dejar de dedicar una sección de este artículo para mostrar los mejores peinados de pelo corto con trenzas. Seguramente te enamorarás de más de uno, a nosotros también nos han encantado.


De tres cabos, raíz, pescado, cuatro cabos, de cascada…indudablemente son demasiadas las opciones en cuanto a trenzas se refiere. No tienes que preocuparte por tener el pelo corto, ya que no importa si es fino o grueso, igualmente podrás hacerte estas maravillosas opciones de peinado para pelo corto con trenzas que te encantarán y te harán lucir como toda una estrella. Aquí está un ejemplo espectacular de una trenza de pescado para lucir en pelo corto.

peinado pelo corto trenzas

Para complementar esta información te dejaremos un vídeo explicativo de como hacer una trenza de cola de pescado en tu pelo. No es muy difícil, la práctica hace al maestro y seguramente en menos tiempo del que imaginas estarás dominando la técnica y te harás la trenza super fácil.

Ahora te mostraremos una trenza de cascada. Es hermosa y romántica para hacer un peinado en pelo corto para un día especial. No podemos negar que se ve espectacular. Lo mejor de todo es que no requiere de mucho trabajo, así que en cualquier momento podrás hacértela tu misma desde la comodidad de tu casa, sin necesidad de requerir los servicios de un estilista. ¿Qué te parece este look?

peinado pelo corto con trenzas

Si también quieres ver el paso a paso en vídeo sobre como hacer una trenza de cascada en pelo corto, aquí más abajo te dejaremos uno en donde nos muestran con bastante exactitud y entereza como hacerla en pocos minutos y de forma muy muy fácil. No importará si tienes el cabello fino o grueso, el resultado será el mismo y se verá impactante.

Finalmente no podíamos dejar atrás a la trenza más clásica de todas, pero también una de las más hermosas, tal como lo es la trenza de raíz. Si aprendes a dominar la técnica de esta, podrás hacer todas las demás y aplicarla de diferentes maneras en tu cabello. Aquí te dejaremos un ejemplo espectacular de como lucir trenzas de raíz en tu pelo corto. ¡Totalmente hermoso este peinado!

peinado para pelo corto trenza

Si quieres aprender como hacer una trenza de raíz, este vídeo está hecho especialmente para ti. Aunque la modelo sea de cabello largo, no importará, ya que puedes hacerlas sin importar la longitud de tu pelo. Así que aquí abajo te dejaremos un ejemplo para que comiences a aprender a dominar la técnica de esta trenza. Seguramente en menos tiempo del que piensas ya lo habrás aprendido a la perfección.

Peinado pelo corto con tocado

Los tocados están asociados con ocasiones de bodas, y por lo general son muy buscadas las formas de peinar los pelos cortos con este tipo de detalle. Si quieres ideas para lograr tus mejores inspiraciones para estos peinados, te vamos a mostrar unos cuantos ejemplos que puedes aplicar en tu cabello, sin importar si es grueso o fino. ¡Vamos a verlas!


Un tocado es una pieza que se usa para cubrir parte parcial o total de la cabeza y que en el caso de los peinados incluye otros elementos que sirven para adornar o dar más detalles al look en general. Actualmente se siguen utilizando muchísimo este tipo de accesorios, es por ello que te seguiremos mostrando como usarlos en peinados para pelo corto, seguramente que te gustará tanto como a nosotros estas maneras de llevarlos.


Unos cuantos rizos pueden ser suficiente para darle vida a tu cabello con tocado, sobretodo cuando ya el accesorio de por sí es muy llamativo, ya que así lograrás equilibrar perfectamente tu peinado sin necesidad de que sea demasiado recargado. Un tocado como el que te mostraremos a continuación, tiene vida propia. Así que no puedes perderte este hermoso tocado que te mostraremos a continuación, nosotros hemos quedado flechados de él y del peinado para pelo corto.


Un recogido de trenza puede ser suficiente para hacer resaltar el tocado en nuestro peinado. Así que como ves no necesitas hacer mucho trabajo para que este accesorio luzca excelente y deje encantado a más de uno. En muy pocos pasos puedes tener listo el cabello, sin importar que sea corto. Verás que esta opción te sentará super bien y cumplirá en lo absoluto con tus expectativas. ¡A nosotros nos ha encantado!

peinado pelo corto con tocado

Este tipo de tocado está super a la moda, y son esos que traen unas formas de hojas o flores pero en versión metálica. Por lo general los vemos en peinados de bodas o graduaciones, y si tu pelo es corto no podía ser la excepción para lucir magnífica y elegante con este peinado. Así que no te pierdas esta manera de lucir un peinado para pelo corto con tocado, nos ha fascinado.

peinado pelo corto con tocado

Peinado pelo corto afro

Muchas mujeres con pelo afro suelen preguntarse constantemente que hacerse en el cabello de peinado, puesto que para nadie es un secreto que este tipo de cabello es un poco difícil de manejar. Pero no tienes de que preocuparte, ya que existen varias opciones para que tu también luzcas de 20 puntos con peinados fáciles de hacer en muy poco tiempo. Así que no dejes pasar más chance y comienza a practicar estos hermosos peinados para pelo corto afro que te mostraremos a continuación.


En ocasiones, un simple recogido puede ser suficiente para adornar tu cabello afro. Solo tienes que dominar la técnica de peinar la raíz hasta llevarla hacia arriba y hacer una cola donde quede en libertad todo el resto de tu cabello. Si quieres añadir un toque extra puedes hacerte una trenza en un mechón y rodear al resto de la cola. Verás que quedará un peinado para pelo corto afro super espectacular, muy versátil para usarlo en diferentes ocasiones.

peinado pelo corto afro

Ahora bien, si eres de las que le gusta más los detalles, esta opción te vendrá como anillo al dedo. Tu cabello afro se verá espectacular. Unas cuantas trenzas con algunos adornitos o detalles será suficiente para hacer un look completamente diferente que te hará destacar en todos los lugares. El moño será otro toque extra que te aportará cualidades más chic y fashion. Lo mejor de todo es que puedes combinarla con diferentes looks o atuendos. ¿Qué esperas para probarlo?

peinados para pelo corto afro

Las trenzas son infaltables, incluso en pelos afro. La imagen que mostraremos a continuación es un claro ejemplo de ello. Como previamente hemos dicho, solamente debes aprender a dominar tu cabello para poder peinarlo lo suficiente hasta poder hacer una hermosa trenza en la parte frontal. Esta técnica también la puedes aplicar en los laterales de tu pelo e igualmente quedará super hermoso.

peinado pelo corto afro

Peinado pelo corto vintage

Se entiende por vintage el término para referirse a todo objeto o accesorio que tenga ya algunos años de antigüedad. Por supuesto que dentro de esta categoría también podemos encontrar peinados para pelo corto, que los pueden utilizar aquellas que prefieren otras épocas, o que son amantes del estilo de vida de años anteriores. No puedes dejar de ver estos maravillosos ejemplos para aplicarlos en tu cabello. ¡Te encantarán!


Los años 70, 80 y 90 nos dejaron muchas tendencias de moda que hoy en día se están volviendo a retomar. Dentro de todo esto que se está rescatando de años anteriores, podemos encontrar varios estilos de peinados a la antigua que te van a fascinar. No tienen mucho trabajo y puedes hacerlos desde la comodidad de tu casa, especialmente si tienes pelo corto, ya que este es un estilo que se usaba muy comúnmente en esas épocas.


Podemos observar que es muy usual encontrar ondas en estos peinados, ya que era algo que predominaba bastante en esa época. Esto quiere decir que tendrás que ayudarte de algunas rizadoras para tener este look o peinado para cabello corto al mejor estilo vintage. No será muy difícil, con un poco de laca capilar te fijarás el peinado para que te dure todo el día.


Pero no solamente tendrás que hacerte ondas, también puedes utilizar la naturalidad de tu cabello a tu favor. Solo bastará un pañuelo para hacer que tu peinado sea totalmente diferente y tenga un estilo un poco anticuado o vintage. Así que no puedes dejar de intentar probar este peinado para pelo corto. El resto solo dependerá de hacerte un moño alto. Te quedará espectacular.

peinado pelo corto vintage

Otros videos sobre peinados para pelo corto

El enlace que te dejaremos más abajo es totalmente perfecto, ya que muestra diferentes tipos de peinados para pelo corto en escasos nueve minutos. Lo mejor es que cada uno está hecho como una especie de vídeo tutorial tipo los que ves comúnmente en instagram. Rápidamente te mostrará como hacer que tu pelo corto luzca fantástico sin mucho proceso. Nos encantan estas recopilaciones ya que en muy poco tiempo tienen bastante contenido que puede ser de mucha utilidad para nosotros. Así que no dejes de verlo.

Si tienes el cabello mucho más cortito de lo que te hemos mostrado en la mayoría de los ejemplos de este artículo, no tienes motivos para preocuparte, ya que una de las mejores Youtubers a nivel mundial, especialista en temas de estética, nos regala este vídeo a través de la plataforma Youtube, en donde nos muestra una buena variedad de peinados para pelos cortitos. Trenzas o moñitos, todo será perfecto para hacer unos cuantos estilos para que puedas lucir espectacularmente bien.

¿Tienes el corte de pelo estilo bob? muchas mujeres que tienen este tipo de corte constantemente se están preguntando que peinados se pueden hacer para lucir muy hermosas. Aquí en el vídeo que te dejaremos más abajo te mostraremos como hacer un peinado con ondas fáciles para este estilo de pelo. Lo mejor es que en pocos minutos tendrás un peinado para pelo corto super hermoso. No dejes de dar clic en el enlace y ver este vídeo.

Si eres fanática de las trenzas no te puedes perder este vídeo con un popurrí de los mejores videos de peinados para pelo corto que puedes haber encontrado en alguna oportunidad en otras redes sociales. Lo más ventajoso de este tipo de contenido es que muestra como puedes hacerlos tu misma desde casa para obtener resultados especialmente hermosos que te harán lucir de 20 puntos. ¡Coméntanos que tal te han parecido!

Ahora si que te hemos mostrado todas las opciones de peinados para pelo corto que hemos conseguido en la web. Esperamos que todos ellos te hayan servido para lograr escoger aquel que más te favorezca, dependiendo de tu tipo de pelo o del evento al que vayas a asistir.

No olvides que no todo el tiempo necesitarás de un estilista, con práctica y constancia desde la comodidad de tu casa puedes convertirte en una experta de peinados para pelo corto y hacerte desde el más sencillo hasta el más complicado.

¡Recuerda comentarnos cual fue tu peinado para pelo corto favorito!

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