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▷ Hairstyles for men 2019 ⊛ Photos, Ideas & Styles!

peinado falso mohawk degradado hombre

If you think there is little variety when it comes to hairstyles for men, You have become outdated. Today there are many ideas to wear a current man's hairstyle!

While it is true that some time ago each area had a typical cut for the male sex, with the passage of time and the evolution of fashion there are more and more variety of options for them to look the hairstyle that conveys their personality, tastes and style.

Man hairstyles

In recent years we have seen how short hair is not the only option for male hairstyles. It became a trend to wear longer hair than usual, with bangs, with crests or toupee style, these fashions encompassed men of all ages. In addition, the cuts and hairstyles for men With short hair they have diversified, giving the opportunity for each man to choose the cut and hairstyle that allows him to experiment with his hair and his look.

In this post we will give you ideas so that in this season the mens hairstyle that you wear is fashionable. We will follow closely the last steps of the urban and casual trend, and we will show you the best modern hairstyles for men. With the images that we have brought you will have the ideas and the necessary impulse to finally make the change of look you were looking for. We will see how short hair and its many facets arrive strongly in this new season. We will also witness how the bangs, after becoming present last summer 2016, decided to stay.

Stay with us so you can choose the men's hairstyle This season that suits your hair type and the style you want to wear.

Best hairstyles for men

Are you looking for the Best modern hairstyle for men? See below all the options of hairstyles for men that you can opt for, we have compiled most styles for you to choose one that suits you.

Hairstyles for short hair men

Short hair for men in the past was common. But in recent years it has given way to styles with longer hair. In this season we will see how hairstyles for men short hair They are imposed again. Best of all, they come back trendy and renewed. You will love these new options and styles, in which the shaved ones predominate.

short haircuts gradient man

This short gradient haircut for men is very manly and fashionable. Apply some fixing or shaping product that helps lift and shape the hair and fix the hairstyle throughout the day. As you can see in the image, this hairstyle acquires strength when it joins with a well-groomed beard of the shadowed type (also known as a two-day beard), or full stocking.

Tupé hairstyle for men

Modern toupee

It consists of wearing quite short hair on the sides, as seen in the photo below. In addition, the current trend is to wear it a bit disheveled. It is a hairstyle that has been used in recent seasons, but for being so requested it has been imposed again in this year. The modern toupee is a mens hairstyle which brings freshness to the masculine style. With this hairstyle you can play with the hair of the central area. It gives you the possibility of taking it to the side, back, wherever you want.

modern toupee man

Tupé for curly hair

The advantage of the toupee is that it is suitable for straight or curly hair. For those who have hair with curls or waves they can comb it as shown in the image below. Simply mold it with some cream to comb and fix the hair. So quickly and easily you have an impeccable hairstyle to wear.

tupe man curly hair

Classic toupee

The modern toupee is a bit more casual and relaxed. But if you are looking for something more retro, classic and even formal you can bet on the classic version of the toupee.

classic tupe man hairstyles

Hairstyles with bangs for men

Among the men's hairstyles that have become fashionable again this season is wearing bangs. You can get the same in different styles and forms, see some:


The classic bangs have been imposed again, have invaded catwalks and fashion shows. It is a hairstyle that gives you a younger and less serious appearance.

short hair man hairstyles with bangs


The asymmetric bangs have returned, although not so just Justin Bieber at the beginning. It is currently a best hairstyle for men if it is worn more modern, with disheveled effect, the cut is well defined on the sides and the bangs have asymmetric tips.

After you get this cut at a hairdresser, you can keep it yourself. Dry the hair forward, then sideways and finally apply gel to the bangs to mold and fix it.

asymmetrical hairstyle for men


This season gentlemen can bet on a more romantic style by choosing a retro-style populated bangs. This hairstyle has that disheveled effect and with more volume at the top. It is ideal for boys with curly hair. Show off your hair with this hairstyle and make everyone fall in love.

retro bangs man hairstyle


With the César cut you can wear a bangs not as exaggerated or abundant as we have shown before. You can wear it as it is in the photo below or giving the bangs a touch or side movement.

gradient cesar type hairstyle for men

Hipster hairstyle for men

The hairstyles for men Hipster style have truly been imposed. Although there are those who think that this fashion has already passed, the streets think otherwise. Each time we see how that style between modern and vintage has marked the male hairstyles


You can bet on a men's hairstyle Classic hipster style. Without this meaning that the look that is achieved does not look current, because rather it is very trendy.

The idea of ​​this hairstyle is that the central part is populated and with a pompadour effect. That is, the hair will rise without being too marked in the central area. That is why it can be confused with a toupee even without it. The sides can be shaved or low. And to complete the look the beard is indispensable. Below we show you an image so you can see what we mean.

haircut hipster classic man


The hairstyles for men Modern hipster style requires a more marked cut than the previous one. Where the central part is loose and the difference with the shaved sides is greater. Similarly, the beard is necessary to highlight this style. Something like this:

modern hipster man hairstyle

Short hairstyle for men

Very short or shaved hair is one of the easiest cuts for men to wear. Best of all, they never go out of style, but especially this season they have become a trend. Apart from going to the barbershop regularly to maintain it, the rest requires almost no time or dedication to comb it.

shaved short man hairstyles

As you must have noticed when viewing this article, beards are fashionable. So for those who want to wear this type of hairstyle with the maximum style, they can combine very short or shaved hair with a beard.

Celebrities have opted for this trend by making cuts called buzz. As was the case with Justin Bieber who taught us a while ago that a cut that does not have much science can be the change of look you need to impress.

Male Crested Hairstyle

The crest can be the male hairstyle You are looking for this season. These have been around for a while now. hairstyles for men, and from time to time they set the tone again. Now they are taking these ways that we will show you below.

Currently the ridges are relaxed, not so defined or radical. This style has taken him famous as David Beckham, and in the streets it has been imposed in all its colors and shapes. Hairstyles for inspired men In crests in the best Zac Efron style (as in the image below) they are very popular this season.

hairstyle with crest man zac efron

The faux hawk or fake mohawk may be another option of men's hairstyle What to wear in this era. Crest more defined and marked than the previous one.

fake mohawk gradient hairstyle man

You can also wear the crest with a side stripe, resulting in a semi-faux haux.

crest man hairstyles

To show off your crest without having a stiff appearance, use wax. You can also use a fixative, but remember to use it in a small amount if you want more moldable and not so stiff hair. If you decide to wear more shaved or short sides, the result is more shocking and neat. It is precisely those things that characterize today's ridges, casual hair in the central part and shaved or low on the sides.

Pinado for curly hair for men

We already saw how the Tupé can be worn if you have curly hair. Now we will see other ways to look curly hair with a Modern hairstyle for men.

short curly hair fall winter

Disheveled curly

If you want a casual look, the type that is used for a day at the beach is enough that you apply a little wax or other suitable product on your curls. Lift them a little to get that up and disheveled effect, which gives you a fresh and youthful appearance. As shown in the previous image, in the photos of the ends.

Natural curls

There are many men with natural curls They don't know how to properly wear their hair for day to day. In the previous image you can opt for the middle hairstyle, where you can see how naturally you can take advantage of your curls to look like a gentleman, all your outfits and that you are 20 points. So don't stop taking this example and apply it to your hair from natural curls like hairstyle for men.

Disheveled effect hairstyle in man

Just as with curls we can achieve a disheveled effect, there are also others hairstyles for men They give the same effect. Look at some

With shaved

This male hairstyle is achieved by shaving or cutting under the sides and leaving enough hair in the center to play with its texture and shape. Simply dry the hair and apply a little gel to result in an attractive disheveled.

hairstyle man disheveled effect

As the previous image shows, the hairstyle is completely unstructured.


A hairstyle with disheveled effect can be similar to the previous one and only vary the direction of the hair, structuring the hairstyle more, as in the following image.hairstyle disheveled effect uploaded man

This type of hairstyle has been the evolution of rocker style and toupee hairstyles. Now we have this one that is more natural and modern.

Long hair hairstyle for men

The trend in hairstyles for men for this season point to cut hair in its many facets. But this does not mean that the man who wears long hair is no longer fashionable. In the following images we show you long hair hairstyles man with which you can look modern.

hairstyles man long hair hipster pigtail

The long hair of a man is collected in the upper part of the head and a beard is added to the look like the one shown in the previous photo, the result is a heart attack. A strong, manly and stylish appearance that will not leave any woman indifferent.

If you want to make a variant of this hairstyle you can leave the sides short and keep the length of the central area of ​​the head, which is the hair that will be attached with the tail. As shown in the following photos.

long man with shaved hairstyle

hairstyle man with pigtail

Hairstyle for men wavy hair

Wavy hair is very common both in women and in men, and on many occasions it can be a bit difficult to find the necessary inspiration to be able to comb and look properly. But the truth is that you don't have to worry, since here we tell you that it is possible. Further, there are many options that you will have available, so do not forget to see the examples that we will give you below to look perfectly in your different activities.


This hair texture It is very common in men, so you don't have to despair because sometimes you can't find a way to accommodate your hair and it looks great for different day-to-day commitments. But even if you don't believe it, it is not so difficult. You just have to find the right technique along with that hairstyle that best suits you according to the outfit you are going to wear that day. Here we leave you this hairstyle that is very fashionable in long wavy hair. It is spectacular!

hairstyle for men wavy hair

If your haircut is the one that has shaved to the sides And the rest of your hair is wavy, this is a perfect hairstyle for you. The "disheveled" style is trending in men because different artists and male personalities have decided to adopt this style as a hairstyle. So do not hesitate to wear it, since it will look excellent when the occasion is informal and put on an urban outfit. Fantastic!

hairstyle for men wavy hair

If you are a little more daring and you prefer to wear somewhat risky hairstyles, the image that we will show you below is perfect for you. To make this hairstyle you will have to have as a base the cut of shaving to the sides, and leave the rest of your hair to the side, especially if it is wavy. You will not need many tricks to look spectacular, the best thing is that if you know how to adapt it, you can use it for different occasions or events that range from formal to informal.

hairstyle for men wavy hair

Nick Jonas, American singer who belonged to the band Jonas Brothers is currently a fashion icon for men, especially when it comes to his hair. In the case of the image that we will show you below, it is a hairstyle for men basic style, but it can give you a very trendy touch to wear on a special occasion where elegance predominates. Leaving your free waves is a good option if you know how to wear them, so don't forget to take Nick as a motivation to fix your hair.

hairstyle for men wavy hair

Hairstyles for men long hair

Long hair in men It is a trend that is more fashionable than ever. Lately we can see that there are more and more male personalities who dare to wear this slightly neglected look, which gives a rebellious and sexy touch to all their appearance. The way of combing long hair in men It is not very difficult, everything will depend on the situation or event you are going to attend.

Remember that it is important to agree with what it deserves and that all your outfit be pointed to the nines. Do not miss these hairstyles for men long hair that we will show you below.


Believe it or not, Bows are not just hairstyles for women. In view of the extension of the trend of long hair to male sex, this type of hairstyle has become a fashion for men. You can use it on slightly more informal occasions, such as a casual outing with friends, going to classes or simply when it is summer and the temperatures are a bit higher. Everything is a matter of taste, so we await your comments on this hairstyle for long-haired men.

hairstyle for long hair man

Much harder to think about is to imagine a semi-chosen with braids in men, but the truth is that it is also a trend that is taking quite a lot among the male sex. We cannot say that braids are gender specific, because that is totally false. So you have in your hands the freedom to choose how you want to wear your hair, and if you are a man here we leave you this fantastic option that results in a fabulous hairstyle for more than one occasion. Would you dare to wear it?

hairstyle for men long hair

We continue with the wave of braids as hairstyles for men. In this specific case we will show you how to use a few root braids completely in your favor for any situation. If you have long hair this is a special hairstyle for you, because you will need a little more hair to do it. The technique it's not very hard and it will not take you long, so it will come as a ring to your finger for any situation where you have to look a little more arranged. We love this hairstyle option for long hair man, It is innovative and modern.

hairstyle for men long hair

Mens hairstyle with tail

The tail is one of the hairstyles that is taking more among men. Previously in this article we have shown some options that you can use if you have this hair style, but here we will expand the information a bit more so that you have a little more variety when it comes to wearing hairstyles for men with tails that are different and with which you can stand out wherever you go. We hope you can find your favorite.


Zayn Malik He is an American singer who has worn his long hair on more than one occasion, which is why he can serve as an inspiration to take part in his style and incorporate it into different ways of using your long tail hair. This one that we will show you next, is a very simple hairstyle. To do this you will only need a headband or headband that does not have to be manly, the important thing is that it is the same color as your hair to make it a little more discreet. Do you like this style?

hairstyle for men with tail

If you have only one high tail, you can choose to combine your hairstyle for men with braids that decorate and give a special detail to all your outfit. This hairstyle that we will show you in the image below, is special to use on a slightly more special occasion, where elegance is what prevails, such as a wedding or graduation. There are many men who dare to wear this style, we really love it. Is unique and original.

hairstyle for men with tail

Previously we showed you a hairstyle option for a man with a tail that has to do with a bun, but we cannot help admitting that these are perfect for when you have this type of cut. The bun or pigtail can save you on more than one occasion, since it is super easy to do and you will not look bad. You just have to know how to combine it with your outfit and also know for which situation it is correct to wear it. But it is certainly a perfect hairstyle for men with long hair. We love!

hairstyles for men long hair

The hairstyle option for long hair that we will show you below is for boys a little more than bold and risky. These are two tails with braid that we really like to take on occasions where it deserves to be a little more arranged than usual. It is a hairstyle for long hair more laborious and with a medium degree of difficulty, but if you already master the technique of root braids Then it won't be any problem for you. Leave us your comment about what you thought about this hairstyle.

hairstyle for men long hair

Side Mens Hairstyle

In a very urban and risky style we move on to one of the more classics throughout the history of hairstyles for men, it is nothing more and nothing less than hairstyles to the side. These are the most recommended for occasions where elegance and sobriety merit, for example a meeting or job interview, some formal event or another occasion. The truth is that this It is one of our favorites. Here we will leave you several ways to wear this hairstyle for men with a lot of style.

side mens hairstyle

The hair split It can be a very significant point that makes a difference in your hairstyle for men. It is recommended that you choose to use a serum to help you control the hairs that stand out and thus give a much more elegant touch to your overall look. We are sure that with this hairstyle you will leave more than one enchanted, and that you will be completely in tune with the event you are going to attend. Elegance does not wait in this example, dare to wear it.

side mens hairstyle

Side hairstyle is an option for men that we love. For example, if you want to look a little more daring and rebellious but keeping the division of your hair, the best thing you can do is choose to apply some fixing gel and make yourself a kind of skewers. Bringing your hair up will end in a completely different and bold style. So do not stop trying to make this wonderful hairstyle that is perfect for use on different occasions because it is super versatile. Surely you like it as much as we do.

hairstyle for men on the side

Not necessarily in all cases the toupee Hairstyles for men have to be too tall or exaggerated. Leave a I toured the natural sometimes it's a super fun option that will give you a lot more personality to all your look or outfit. The image that we will show you below is a very good example of what we are saying, since it is a slightly more natural style of making a toupee in your hair. We love this hairstyle for men and we are sure that it will be a magnificent result for you. Dare to wear it.


There are other ways to comb your hair no need to divide it or leave some very obvious stripes as it is also a trend today. Next we will show you a side hairstyle for men that is perfect for use on occasion a little more formal, such as a wedding or graduation. Despite being a bit more risky style we love it. Be sure to try it and tell us what you think about this hairstyle for men with a lot of character and sobriety.


Hairstyle for men round face

First we must begin by explaining that to distinguish the shape of your face, it is necessary that you orient yourself according to the name of it. It has to be round, and very especially that none of your other features stand out such as the chin or cheekbones. From there you can distinguish certain types of hairstyle that you can use to favor you a lot more depending on your type of face.


Even if you don't believe it, this It is one of the most recurring searches or doubts within the male audience, since not only the chubby or with a few extra kilos have this type of face, but there are also many thin men who have a rounded face and do not know what hairstyle to do to put these features in their favor. Next we will show you several styles of round face mens hairstyles that will come as a ring to your finger.

It is proven by specialists in the field that one of the hairstyles that most favor this type of rounded face are those they have stripes or toupees up, because in this way you can make a kind of counterweight with your other round factions to give a balance and that everything together looks much more harmonious. Here we will leave you an inspirational image for make a special hairstyle for your face and thus be able to do much better than usual.

round face mens hairstyles

The long hair hairstyles They are perfect for men with rounded faces or faces, since they help to turn the entire face evenly and thus look much more balanced throughout your look. You do not have to worry, because the results are really magnificent and you will surely love how you will look with this type of hairstyle. We love the final version, and that is why we will leave you an example of the correct way to carry a half mane for round faces.

round face mens hairstyle

It will always be true that in celebrities we find the necessary inspiration to wear any type of hairstyle and see how we could look if we do it to ourselves. Well, this is also the case with stars with round faces, who have shown and taught us how to take advantage of these features in our favor. A clear example of this is Zac efron, which in more than one occasion has taken different hairstyles with which the roundness of his face stands out. your carefree and even a little disheveled hair It is an excellent option to balance your features, we are fascinated. If you combine it with a beard, it won't look bad at all.

round face mens hairstyle

Hairstyle for older men

Not only do young men care about their appearance and the way they look, the elders have also shown that they care wear hairstyles or styles that are in trend and thus be able to take advantage of all the attributes of age to look much more impressive and elegant. If you are one of them, in this article we will show you a few hairstyles that will be perfect for you; with them you can combine your outfits and always be 20 points.


If you are one of those businessmen, or your work deserves that you always look blank, this hairstyle option for older men is perfect for you. When using a kind of tupe a little more elegant and combed, will be perfect to combine with suits and shirts. We love this hairstyle, since it is also very versatile and does not take much time to do so. You will only need to have a little long hair to carry it back easily and with the help of a fixing gel.


Now if you have long hair and want to wear a a little more casual outfit, as for an outing with a girl or friends, this hairstyle is ideal for older men that can be used on a daily basis. It is perfect for gentlemen and will make them look really spectacular. Below we will leave you a demonstrative image so you can use it as an inspiration in your hairstyle. You can split your hair and it will look much cooler. Do you dare to show off this more relaxed hairstyle?

hairstyle for older men

Previously, in another section of this article we have shown how to incorporate skewers in your hairstyle and that this one looks special. We have discovered that this style is in trend and that you only need a bit of fixing gel to apply it. In the case of older men, the most advisable is use it on more relaxed occasions, as for the activities you have to do on a daily basis. In this way you will be able to see yourself super well without needing so much work on your hair. Do not stop trying and tell us how you thought about this hairstyle.

hairstyle for older men

But if you are one of those men who prefers classic styles, without so many eccentricities that are seen today, you don't have to worry, since there is also a range of options for you, that not being simple will make you look bad. So you can stay in your comfort zone as far as the hair is concerned. The best or most advantageous of this hairstyle is that it is the most versatile of all; You can use it on both informal and formal occasions. That makes it one of our favorites and the best option for older men who they don't like to spend a lot of time in their hair, but it looks good.

hairstyle for older men

Hairstyle for men with stripe

The stripes have become in recent times in the most sought after trend in hairstyles for men. After having become fashionable by various male personalities of football, its use has become popular and viralized in men of all ages. Following that, they have been created many hairstyles for men with stripes, so to choose your favorite you will have to draw between the one that best suits you and makes you look fantastic.


It is also very important to mention that the stripes they can range from the most basic to the most elaborate that can even become very eccentric, which is why this trend fits whatever your tastes are. Here in this article we will show you different options and examples so that you can select the one that goes according to what you like the most or how you think you will look better. Let's see them!

We start by showing you what it is the most classic and normal way to wear stripes In hairstyles for men. The best thing about this type of hairstyle is that it leaves the hair completely available to adapt it to different situations, whether formal or informal. A fixative gel or serum It can make a difference, but the line will always know how to stand out and give it the prominence that your hairstyle needs. Any stylist can do it to you, the important thing is to preserve its symmetry.


Now is the time to go up the eccentricity thermometer with the stripes. We must say that this It is one of the most used hairstyles by men young people around the world, as it looks fantastic and especially when combined with a beard. When making a right stripe, you can also opt for a high tupe that will give more style and personality to your hairstyle in general. We love this example and we believe that your best face is that it can be used for any situation. Fascinating!

mens hairstyle with stripe

If what you prefer are more risky or daring trends, this hairstyle is made thinking of you. You only need to have long hair on the top of your head and shaved the sides, so you will have the space available to make a hairstyle with a stripe that goes out of the normal but at the same time giving the necessary touches to make you look modern and spectacular. The important thing about this type of style is keep it retouched, so it will not lose its essence and you will always look 20 points.

hairstyle for men with stripe

Incorporate others geometric figures or borders It is quite characteristic of this type of hairstyles, which obviously needs to be performed by professionals in the area, so you can avoid any accident or unwanted result. The symmetry of these figures will be essential so that your hairstyle with stripe looks spectacular and is more a success than a fail. Like the previous one, this one is for riskier men who have an urban style. Do you dare to do it?

hairstyle for men with stripe

Not all the time the stripes on the hairstyles have to be on the sides or long. The image that we will show you below is a way of do something different in your hair which can be like a kind of quite nice and daring detail, which in particular fascinates us. Este peinado con raya para hombres es esencial para darle más carácter o personalidad a todo tu look, sin duda una apuesta para los rebeldes y atrevidos.

peinado para hombres con raya

Peinados para hombre con raya pelo rizado

En este artículo pensamos en todos los estilos de cabello y en como ofrecerles diferentes opciones para lucir espectacular y a la moda en cuanto a peinados se refiere. En esta oportunidad en específico mostraremos algunos ejemplos de como llevar correctamente un peinado con raya en pelo rizado. También se ven super fashion y la verdad no es mucha la diferencia con respecto a los pelos lisos o de otra índole. Veamoslas.


The dreadlocks son un excelente peinados para hombres con pelo rizado, que además está super en tendencia hoy en día y desde hace muchos años. Pero si lo combinamos con rayas, hacemos que el peinado sea mucho más explosivo, auténtico y único. A nosotros nos encanta esta opción de peinado para hombre con raya y pelo rizado, le dará mucha personalidad a cualquiera de tus atuendos. Si tienes el cabello rizado es perfecto para ti, hacerlo no llevará mucho tiempo y te encantará el resultado final.

peinado para hombres pelo rizado

Ahora bien, las rayas no necesariamente tienen que ir en el medio del cabello. Por ejemplo en la imagen que te mostraremos a continuación, podemos observar como un peinado para hombres con raya y pelo rizado solo las aplica en los bordes del mismo, haciéndolo mucho más simétrico y con bordes muy perfectamente delineados. La idea es mantener esta característica para que tu peinado luzca de 20 puntos en todas las ocasiones. Sin duda es un buen ejemplo para estar siempre con un atuendo y peinado que destaque entre los demás.

peinado para hombres pelo rizado

Peinado para hombres con poco cabello

La preocupación de los hombres con poco cabello cada vez es más creciente, ya que hay que admitir que el abanico de opciones para peinados no es muy grande para ellos. Pero si tu eres uno de esos no tienes de que preocuparte, ya que existen varias maneras de aprovechar tu pelo al máximo sin dejar de lucir bien. Para ejemplo de ello tenemos a muchos artistas que nos sirven como inspiración y nos dejan ver que en ocasiones, menos es más. ¡Adelante!

Si tienes poco pelo y además es texturizado, este tipo de peinado te vendrá como anillo al dedo. Especialmente porque saca a relucir todas tus facciones y porque lo puedes combinar con cualquier tipo de atuendo. Será perfecto para todos los tipos de eventos a los que quieras asistir y no necesitará de mucho mantenimiento. A nosotros nos encanta esta opción que le hemos visto a los artistas en más de una oportunidad. En caso de tener poco cabello, úsalo a tu favor y hazte este peinado.

peinado para hombre pelo corto

David Beckham es uno de esos hombres que se encuentra en el medio que nos ha enseñado como llevar correctamente diferentes estilos de cabello. Pero tras investigar un poco sobre su estética, nos hemos dado cuenta que no tiene mucha cantidad de él, así que sufre por lo mismo que tú y sin embargo sabe como lucirlo correctamente. Un buen ejemplo es el peinado que te dejaremos en la imagen más abajo, a nosotros nos fascina este estilo clásico y lo mejor es que no necesitarás mucho pelo para hacértelo.

peinado para hombres poco pelo

Según algunos especialistas que se han dedicado a estudiar la estética del cabello, explican que los hombres con poco cabello transmiten una sensación de éxito, conocimiento y experiencia. Así que no todo es tan malo con respecto a tener poquitas cantidades de pelo. Aquí dejaremos un buen ejemplo de un miembro de la realeza británica, el príncipe William. Solo bastará con darle un buen corte y luego un peinado adecuado a tu cabello y listo. Lucirás radiante y transmitirás buenas energías y valores. ¡Excelente!

peinado para hombres pelo corto

Peinados para hombres adolescentes

Está demostrado científicamente que una de las etapas de la vida en donde los hombres se preocupan más por su apariencia es la adolescencia. Es por eso que una de las búsquedas más recurrentes de internet es cuales peinados se pueden lucir para verse espectaculares en los diferentes compromisos que se tienen a esta edad. Sin duda son varias o muchas las opciones, y aquí nos encargamos de recopilar las mejores para ti. ¡No dejes de verlas!


Lo bueno de esta etapa es que los adolescentes pueden optar por opciones mucho más frescas que le favorezcan y estén acorde a su edad, lo que abre muchísimo más el abanico de posibilidades que éstos tienen para poder lucir diferentes y auténticos. Un buen peinado para adolescentes pueden ser los tupés, especialmente si tienes el cabello largo y liso. Este es uno de los que está más de moda y les encanta a la mayoría de los jóvenes.


The peinados largos y de lado están en tendencia para hombres de todas las edades, y debemos decir que especialmente en adolescentes se ve espectacular y a la onda. Específicamente en el ejemplo que te mostraremos se combina el estilo que previamente hemos mencionado con una raya, y el resultado es completamente magnífico. Es uno de los peinados preferidos de los adolescentes así que no dejes de intentarlo en tu cabello y contarnos los resultados.

peinado para hombres adolescentes

Los pinchos también son perfectos para lucir un buen peinado en adolescentes hombres, es por eso que no podíamos dejar de incluirlos en este recorrido por los mejores peinados para lucir durante esta etapa de la vida. En específico este es un estilo de pinchos más relajado, para el que necesitarás solo un poco de gel fijador con la finalidad de que te dure todo el día. Esta opción nos encanta y sabemos que a muchos adolescentes también, no dudes en probártelo si tienes el cabello de medio a largo. Great!

peinado para hombre adolescente

Peinado para hombre con afro

Este es un tipo de cabello que no podíamos dejar de incluir en este artículo, ya que son muchísimos los hombres con este pelo que no saben como acomodarlo en más de una ocasión. Pero aunque no lo creas, son varios los peinados por los que puedes optar en caso de tener el cabello así, la creatividad y saber manejarlo bien son las claves para lucir de 20 puntos con tu cabello natural. He aquí algunos ejemplos que puedes aplicar.

peinado para hombres con afro

El degradado es un peinado fantástico para este tipo de cabello, ya que le dará mucha más forma y estilo a todo el conjunto en general. Lo hemos visto tanto en cabellos lisos, como en cabellos rizados, y el afro por supuesto que no podía ser la excepción. Si no estás seguro de como luciría en ti, aquí te dejaremos una imagen de ejemplo para que termines de convencerte de hacer este cambio de look.

peinado para hombre pelo afro

Las trenzas son perfectas para hacerlos en pelos afros, y en hombres es una moda que en los últimos tiempos se ha viralizado mucho. Ya sabemos que este peinado no es exclusivo para mujeres, así que no debes preocuparte en lo más mínimo de las burlas, puesto que en realidad es perfecto para hombres con pelo afro. Nos fascinan los resultados finales, aunque siempre dependerán de tus gustos. En la imagen de más abajo puedes ver uno de los muchos estilos que puedes emplear en tu cabello con trenzas. Este peinado para hombres es maravilloso.

peinado para hombres on afro

The dreadlocks son un estilo de peinado que tiene una onda muy caribeña y está asociado al reggae, pero actualmente puedes llevarlo en tu cabello afro como una de las mejores tendencias en peinados para hombres. No podemos negar que nos encanta este tipo de peinado en pelos afros. No dejes pasar la oportunidad para lucirlo y destacar entre la gente, te hará auténtico y especial. Pueden ser pequeños o grandes, todo dependerá de tu gustos y lo largo de tu cabello.


Videos de peinados para hombres

Si hay algo que caracteriza a nuestra web es que siempre dejamos diferentes opciones en cuanto a peinado se refiere, no solamente en imágenes sino también en videos, de esa manera puedes hacértelos con muchísima más facilidad. Específicamente en el de más abajo, se explican un aproximado de 8 peinados para hombres que van acorde con todas las temporadas del año. No tendrás excusa para lucir bien en todas ellas. ¡Nos encantan todos!

Seguramente en más de una oportunidad has visto esos tutoriales de youtube o instagram en los que en muy poco tiempo se enseña a hacer peinados increíbles. Por lo general son vistos para mujeres, pero hemos investigado hasta conseguir una recopilación de los mejores peinados para hombres en videos cortos compactados en un solo vídeo general. Para estos necesitarás la ayuda de algunos implementos como ceras moldeadoras o secadores, y los resultados son increíbles. Hay de toda variedad y para todos los estilos. ¡Cuéntanos cual es tu preferido!

Si te has preocupado por leer que para algunos peinados es necesario utilizar el secador, pues aquí te traemos un vídeo explicativo de como saber usarla si eres hombre y que no tengas ningún problema en el intento. Específicamente el vídeo se centra en enseñarte a usar el secador correctamente, pero además tiene un plus que seguramente te encantará, y es que muestra los diferentes peinados que puedes hacerte con el secador. Así que es perfecto ya que tiene toda la información necesaria. ¡Corre a verlo!

Por otra parte, de seguro te habrás dado cuenta que en la mayoría de los peinados es necesario hacer un tupé para tener el resultado final, pero son muchos los hombres que no saben hacerse un tupé, ya que tiene ciertos truquitos importantes y esenciales para lograrlo. Es por eso que nos dimos la tare de buscar un vídeo que te enseñe a hacer un tupé de forma fácil y rápida. Seguramente te encantará tanto como a nosotros y terminarás con un fascinante peinado que te hemos mostrado a lo largo de este artículo.

Si estás muy apurado pero necesitas lucir bien para el compromiso al que vas a asistir, este vídeo es perfecto para ti. Ya que muestra como hacer un peinado para hombre fácil y rápido, en tan solo 5 minutos podrás lucir de 20 puntos para tu salida, y no necesitarás muchísimos pasos difíciles para conseguirlo. A nosotros nos encantó el resultado final así que seguramente a ti también. Específicamente será válido si tienes el cabello largo y rapado a los lados, corte que es muy común encontrar hoy en día en hombres.

Esperamos que hayas encontrado el peinado adecuado para ti dentro de toda esta gama de peinados para hombres pensando en los diferentes tipos de cabello así como también hasta de rostros que existen, es por eso que no tendrás excusa para lucir espectacular en cualquiera de tus compromisos.

Finalmente, podemos decir que en lo que respecta a peinados para hombres son muchas las opciones que existen. Esta gran variedad permite conseguir el peinado exacto que esté a la moda, pero que también sea cómodo y fácil de llevar, expresando el estilo y personalidad propia.  Anímate a elegir uno de los peinados masculinos que te hemos presentado en esta entrada y haz un cambio de look que renueva tu vida.

Recuerda que un hombre que cuida de su apariencia resulta muy atractivo. Esa es una razón más para que mantengas tu cabello cuidado y bien peinado. Y si lo que te impide cambiar de peinado a uno más moderno y actual es pensar que te llevará mucho tiempo mantenerlo, vuelve a ver este artículo. La mayoría de los peinados para hombres que te mostramos aquí son muy prácticos. Incluso más ahora que la tendencia es llevar el pelo corto o rapado. Es decir que estar a la moda nunca fue tan fácil. ¿Qué dices de raparte y dejarte barba?

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Peinados para hombres

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