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▷ Hairstyles for Girls: Easy, Fast and Beautiful 2019

▷ Hairstyles for Girls: Easy, Fast and Beautiful 2019

Do you have a daughter and you want her hair to always be pretty? Do you have little time to do the hairstyle you want to take to school?

Do not worry anymore because in this article you will find the best photos of hairstyles for girl They are so simple and easy that even your baby's Dad will be able to do it.

I'm not exaggerating! It is time that men also learn to make the impeller or princess hairstyle that our girl likes so much and for that I was reading a lot to learn what is the latest trend of fashion hairstyles that is being used.

Of course, some designs and models can be a bit more complicated to do than others, I am realistic, I am not a hairdresser or coiffeur but the intention is to put a lot of desire to make it as beautiful as possible and define your hairstyle.

Remember that the first steps in your look and fashion are given by us as mothers but then they will have greater decision and choice to have hair as you like.

Sometimes following a fashion and sometimes choosing what best suits you depending on the type of hair you have.

You should keep in mind that each hairstyle is adapted depending on the type of length and thickness of the girl's hair.

Hair Length: Short Hair – Medium Hair

I tell you an experience I had with one of my daughters who is already 3 years old and her impossible bangs.

She has straight and fine hair, so straight her hair looks like it is really enviable for any woman who has wavy hair but has some details that I will surely make when I get older.

On the one hand, tying your hair or making immersions is very difficult on the one hand because it is not always left although with your preschool teacher you can let yourself have any type of hairstyle I always ask you how you do those braids that fit so well.

On the other hand I have the issue with his bangs that every three months I have to cut it with the scissors as even as I can since it reaches his eyes and covers them at times.

I am lucky that I have an aunt who is a hairdresser and works in a hairdresser doing the favor when she can cut her hair and she recommended me as a beauty tip for the hair that should always have the bangs 1 finger away for you to calculate above the eyebrows.

When I learned that, I understood the mistake I made of leaving the length of his straight bangs at eye level.

Another problem we can have with the girls hairstyle is that when they are 2 years old, there may be a tendency to eat their hair if it is very long, this has an explanation that can be due to anxiety when leaving the pacifier or by different factors that each girl has.

The same thing happened to me and I asked my Pediatrician Doctor answering that it is completely normal it can happen and I almost made the mistake of cutting his hairstyle so that it does not reach the mouth, but thanks to the professional recommendation the short hair It was not the solution but waiting to pass that stage that my daughter was going through.

But let's go to what really interests you, don't you think?

Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair

Never get confused thinking that a girl has short hair so it is a limitation when doing a hairstyle, quite the opposite when having short hair you must be very precise when you want to make a hairstyle for your daughter, goddaughter , granddaughter or sister.

The important thing is to experiment with the hair and try what best suits the girl according to the shape of the face and the type of hair she has, getting after several tests an original, fun hairstyle that everyone will want to have at a party that you concur with your little one.

Of course you have fewer options than with a long hair but that does not mean that you can not make braids, collected or any other type of hairstyle you want, only that you will have to take a different care and learn to handle your hands when combing with that available length

I assure you that with these ideas you can comb the princess of the home in the best possible way and explore your creativity to the fullest.

The naive look can be achieved by making a braid that passes behind the head and holding with a hair hook a quick and simple way that will look elegant as if it were a children's story book.

The haircut for girls must accompany the hairstyle so it is important that fathers and mothers know clearly what kind of look they want their daughter to wear at a stage of her childhood since it will mark her personality a lot in the future.

The great advantage that small girls have to wear short hair is that they emphasize the facial features much more and highlight the face looking finer, elegant and neat.

Do not forget that the suspenders and brooches with a great ally of hairstyles in short hairs since they allow you to give it the shape you need by clearing the face and wearing as you want the modern and childish look.

Also using waves in the hair is very nice if you have short hair and a classic children's hairstyle for little ones who always want to look good.

Hairstyles for Girls with Medium Hair

Girls have to use medium hair since it is the ideal length that any coiffeur would recommend as well as any mother since the ease of combing is much more practical for both her and the girl.

Think that at this age approximately between 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 years begin to play, play sports and hundreds of activities that are discovering but in turn can tangle the hair between so many issues they do daily.

That is why the average hair size is ideal since there are an unimaginable amount of hairstyles as you can also quickly create from different braids, curl it if necessary or straighten it among the many options you have to choose from.

Making always look in a beautiful, youthful way but at the same time simple so that she herself can have a clear face that is what matters until she begins to know her hair and how to adapt it according to each situation.

Whether it bothers you to play or to practice a sporting activity.

If your girl has waves in her hair you can choose to wear the hair tied I assure you that you will take away a worry of being fixing every time the hair that comes out of the ear or goes to the forehead.

The hairstyles collected are highly recommended for medium hair since it can be picked up simply but in turn the leftover hairs are not released as can happen if you take it too long or too short.

Another advantage of wearing collected hair is that you can add appliques such as bun that girls like it a lot and prevent their hair from getting loose with that prevents the spread of nits that can be spread by contact with other children but also that their hair is stuck with a play in the square or park.

You will have the combination that the little girl looks neat in her appearance but also that she wears a casual hairstyle that I assure you later you will learn to do it quickly since it is very simple.

Then you have another option that I use a lot that are implementing the garters and collected hairdo Therefore, it is ideal if you do not have very good braids that are often more complicated but also take longer to prepare.

Remember that a hairstyle with medium hair extension allows you to always look for and copy new ideas but also prevent the girl from getting her hair tangled, something very common in age.

Sometimes you have to think of simple hairstyles where only an accessory such as a headband and a good haircut where you can highlight your bangs and a good hairstyle that is classic which never goes out of style and is timeless to use whenever you want .

In the simplicity of the hairstyle is the quality of the beautiful and without a doubt that she would love to vary the accessory, the important thing is to look for something very colorful to enhance the color of her eyes.

Something that is widely used in children's hairstyles are the Pin up hairstyles which is often thought to be only for large women.

On the contrary, you can do it if you have this type of style on your shoulders, where the bun is the center of attention by changing the colors and motifs of the scarf.

If the hair is thin and not very thick then you can give it a little volume in addition to using the handkerchief to give it that 50's touch.

Your little princess will look very chic, fun, beautiful, elegant and adorable in a simple look.

Another one of the hairstyles that I like very much for this type of mane length are those that you make a simple braid and join it to a ponytail since at first glance it seems very elaborate but to do it it is simply that and then they join with a hook or clip.

If you want to vary and want to make a crown shape you have to make two braids and attach them to the ponytail

Another option that can not be missed for this type of extension is a classic hairstyle of girls that you will always see looking sweet, tender, beautiful and with a lot of charm that are the simple two braids one on each side of the head that are unique and unrepeatable for this age.

Think that later when you grow up you will hardly see her with a hairstyle of this style.

High tail with bow for girls

If you are looking for a hairstyle for your daughter quickly and easily you have to start with this one that you will have it ready in 3 minutes in addition to being a classic within the hairstyles that mothers do to their daughters.

  1. You have to make a ponytail by taking a hair band and picking up your girl's hair
  2. You can also decorate with a bow of the color that she likes that can be pink or violet
  3. The same loop can be a strip of thick or narrow fabric with which the hairstyle look can vary.

Another way to do this type of hairstyle for little girls is to create that bow with the same hair but for that it will have to be quite long and I recommend it when the girl is 10 years old and older to make this style elegant.

Hairstyle with pigtails for girls

This type of hairstyles is one of the favorite for older girls and I always advise you from the experience of having 2 daughters to do it when your girl has her hair wet so that it is easier for you to do the process.

Main tips is to have a lot of patience, practice and you will do it quickly as long as the girl has abundant hair that is why it is essential for older girls.

  1. You have to strand your hair
  2. Then you must place the tails one under the other
  3. Once you have done what you have to do is join all the tails into a single ponytail

The good thing about the pigtails that you can combine and put on everything you want since you have that freedom to add what you want.

I combine it a lot with braids and try to make fun shapes that my girls like.

For example, the last time we went out with my children we went to Disney on Ice and they were amazed with that show especially for the hairstyle of The little Mermaid, Rapunzel and especially the sisters of Frozen so much with Anna and Elsa.

Which you imagine that every girl wants to be a princess and likes that mom does this type of hairstyles.

Here I leave you the best frozen hairstyles

Another one that I recommend are the side side pigtails but sincerely they require much more time they are not so quick to be done but they are very beautiful and worth it for a birthday.

The main trick is to separate the hair from the upper ends of the ends and braid it at each step, but always very tense so that the hairstyle is not ruined.

Finally you can leave it loose or collected but that greatly influences the length of the hair it has.

And if you want not to complicate much, you can leave those same side ponytails so that they fall naturally from the front.

The secret is to pull the hair part of the braid gently so that it looks at a glance as wider.

Elegant hairstyles for party or events for girls

The best option for birthday, communion or christening hairstyles are those that you can comb your little girl in a collected way which will give her an elegance in a simple way.

With a headband or an elastic band it will be more than enough to put around your hair on the top for example.

And on the back of the headband if you put it you have to go putting each strand to give it the shape you want.

The bangs is something that I like very much as it is when for example you want to hide if you have a lot of forehead for a hairstyle for a party that you have to go with your daughter, granddaughter or niece.

Braids for girls

Within the styles with braids for girls there are many models to choose one that is elegant is the side braid and it is very beautiful the only important requirement is to have enough long hair to achieve that desired effect.

Another type of braid is the cascade that although it is somewhat complicated to make the girls like it a lot and can be implemented very well if you have patience and practice with the head of your girl.

The good thing is that long hair is not needed and can be done with medium or short hair.

In this tutorial I explain how to make a Braid in Waterfall but I also leave you an image where you can see each step, I assure you that your little one will like it.

The side braid is very important to make and implement since it can be combined with a pickup for girls easily and with the side ponytail.

Also the double braid takes a long time but it is very beautiful and is a hairstyle that the little ones ask a lot.

Something I always tell mothers that not only a hairstyle has to be perfect especially when you wear it to a party but that it has to be in tonality with her dress, shoes and appliques.

Hairstyles for Girls with Garters

This is a hairstyle with crossed garters that are beautiful for any girl who wants to stand out and finally I will show you how to make the braid stuck.

These are fast hairstyles and that can be easy at home in children's years, I recommend that the hair is wet and if you want you can apply a little gel or mouse.

  1. First you have to make a division in the middle of the middle of the eyebrow and it has to reach a little behind the crown of the little girl with the rest of the hair then you will make a ponytail
  2. After taking the main strand of the section you have to make 4 divisions and the provisionally bound ones, the first, third and fourth section must be 1 finger wide, the second 2 fingers wide.
  3. You have to use single-colored suspenders so that it is neat and according to the hairstyle then you have to make 6 divisions in the third strand and then the 6 equal divisions in the first strand
  4. The other strands that you already separated I recommend that you hold them provisionally with suspenders, try that the first division of both the first and third strands of both sides are even to achieve the desired effect.
  5. Now you have to comb the center by applying a little gel to moisten and fasten with a garter so that it is well attached to the head
  6. You take the first 2 divisions (of the 1 and 3 strand of hair) and cross them as if they were a letter X and then hold it in the third division of both sides
  7. You repeat the process by taking the second division from both sides and subject it to the fourth and so on.
  8. Once finished it is time to start with the next division where you have to take a small strand of hair to divide into three equal parts and start braiding below until the end of the ends.

With this you will have finished this hairstyle to wear loose hair so beautiful and elaborate for girls but if you want hair collected with this same style you must follow the following steps:

  1. To have your hair collected with this style you have to make a ponytail taking the four sections in front, join it in two parts and turn them a little and then attach it to the ponytail
  2. Now with the strand of the ponytail you have to divide it into three parts to make a braid
  3. After you finish the braid you have to put it around the ponytail and you make a chongo holding with pins or buckles

In this case I will not leave you a photo but the video explained step by step so that you learn it and you can do it at home.

If you are interested in knowing more, visit the exclusive article about hairstyles for girls with suspenders where you will learn to do different hairstyles.

Picked up for girls

To make elaborate hairstyles you need time and more knowledge and not all mothers have it, you will surely understand me and more when you have more than one child.

That's why the hairstyles collected in my opinion are the best since they are the easiest to do and that looks like a princess that is what she likes the most.

What I like about the side braid, for example, is that it can be picked up and rolled up the part of the ponytail on the back of the mane and the little dams will be like queens.

That is why braid and collection are so important because they combine quickly.

Remember that any hairstyle for a girl with an accessory of the character you like or an animal can be ideal to decorate quickly.

Donut picking is a hairstyle that I recommend for girls mainly if they go to an event.

The good thing is that it attracts a lot of attention and is an idea to comb the girls so they get used to staying still when the mother combs them.

The French braid is a complicated process but you can try it if it has a lot of hair and is long because it does not want to be cut like my daughter.

Girls with curly hair

If your daughter has curly hair, don't worry that there are also several options for doing hairstyles.

An idea that I give you is to first make a cap or bangs that comb from one side that you like from the forehead and the rest of the mane a loose hairstyle.

Always use a little fixative to be able to help you in small quantities since they are rebellious hairs.

I have friends who do not want to put a fixative because they say they are very small which I share then it is best to wash it with a rinse cream before that will give you the possibility to handle the hairstyle as you want and need to achieve the expected look.

The benefit of having this type of hair is that any hairstyle stands out for the others that are most often seen.

Comb it carefully because the comb usually snaps into the hair and may hurt the little girl and not want to do the hairstyle.

The best to my taste of all the looks that exist for this type of hair is that of the braid root which can also be used if you have Chinese hair since you can mold and add children's accessories that girls like so much.

Minnie Mouse hairstyle

Minnie's bun is undoubtedly one of the most famous bun in the female public and make this type of simulated hairstyle that tie will look amazing and very original.

Girls really like this character that is always next to Mickey Mouse so I will explain how to make it so that your girl can wear this beautiful and youthful hairstyle.

  1. You have to make a high ponytail with your hair
  2. Next you have to create an impeller where the hair ends are free
  3. The next step is to divide the impeller into two and you can fix it with the tips of your hair
  4. For that you have to pass each strand through the previous division that you had to make
  5. Through a fork you have to help yourself so that the tips are held and you can keep that loop in the place you did it

In case you have any doubts, I will leave you a tutorial that shows you all the steps and each tips for this girl's hairstyle in the best minie style

As in all hairstyles for girls there is a variation that you can do if you wish by adding a French braid in regards to the neck.

I advise you to do this if you have time because it is somewhat more complicated.

My girls love it when I do this hairstyle because they can show it to their friends and all the mothers are going to ask you to tell them how to do it.

Hairstyle with Minnie Mouse style bun where each hair is tight and the impeller represents a giant bun

hairstyles-girls-bows "width =" 415 "height =" 1000 "srcset ="▷-Hairstyles-for-Girls-Easy-Fast-and-Beautiful-2019.jpg 415w, http: //www.mujeresfemeninas. com / images / beauty / hairstyles-girls-bow-125x300.jpg 125w,ñas-moños-187x450.jpg 187w "sizes =" (max-width: 415px) 100vw, 415px "/></p>
<h2 id=Accessories for girl hairstyles

In girls' hairstyles, the accessory is always essential because it gives the touch and theme that you want to give that surely you will not do as an adult.

It all depends a lot on the different haircuts that you use to complement with an accessory that you like.

You can always add a lot of color and convey fun as every girl likes when she is little.

Hair bands have a great advantage that their colors can match the dress you are wearing and make a bow, a flower or just a bow that will always look good when you look in the mirror.

Adding a bun to any children's hairstyle will always be perfect and is highly recommended within the fashion tips for girls.

The headbands is another element that can not be missing especially because it is used for long and short hair.

Flowers like roses of different colors are very beautiful appliques.

As also the elastic bands but so that it is not always so boring use interleaved colors.

Step by step I will explain the easiest hairstyles that will be beautiful for your girl

To go to school, it is always advisable to use the hairstyles with braids or impeller If you have long hair because that will be much tidier in school as we also prevent it from spreading the pediculosis so avoid scratching so long and those lice are out of your daughter's head.

The good thing about hairstyles is that by doing it every day we are taking practice and when I say that even a father can learn and do it I do not lie since my husband after several times doing crafts with the hair gummies and my daughter's head learned from making braids to putting tapes that are so beautiful.

In my case I have two daughters, one with straight hair and one with more wavy hair which changes the type of hairstyle but when it comes to tying the hair it is easier to use this type of techniques so that they go more evenly when they have to leave on the street.

On the other hand, when he has birthdays or parties, what I do are braids with Chinese or I also find it very easy to let his hair loose with some applique.

I always recommend you to take the hair by separating the head with a comb from two or three parts or with your hand depending on the practice you have and if you let your little girl do her hairstyle.

The headband is a good applique that does not have to be missing since it is a style the headband where you can throw all the hair back and leave it much more neat.

Do not forget that you can play with the side or waterfall braids depending on the ease you have.

In communion it is an event that uses wavy hair a lot and with flower appliques or bows that give it that delicacy on your daughter's head.

Something that does not fail are the side knotted pigtails that if you have long hair I advise you because it is as simple as taking the ends of the hair and intertwining as ties.

The princess style never fails, so I recommend you to copy some of the characters from Disney Princesses that he likes so much when they are in preschool and primary school age.

If your little one has waves in her hair, it is best to always make two pigtails by separating the hair from the middle of the head combing for one side and for the other and then tying in a very easy way.

The low queue with a knot can always save you when you have little time and if you are a mother with children who already go to school you will surely understand that you want to do everything as quickly as possible.

But enough of such an explanation as I always say it is best to see each hairstyle trend and example with these photos that will surely offer you the solution so that your adorable princess looks as beautiful as possible.

Step by step how to make easy collected braids on the neck and look beautiful all day


Hairstyles for easy girls with braids in 8 steps for parties

pretty-hairstyle-image-for-girls "width =" 310 "height =" 1024 "srcset ="▷-Hairstyles-for-Girls-Easy-Fast-and-Beautiful-2019.jpg 310w,ñas-91x300.jpg 91w, -girls-136x450.jpg 136w "sizes =" (max-width: 310px) 100vw, 310px "/></p>
<h3>Infant princess hairstyle with impeller above the head and a braid that surrounds it, tight feeling.</h3>
<p><img class=

Imperial crown braid style with horsetail hairstyle alongside for special events and weddings


How to make the French ponytail for a girl in 4 steps

peinado-nina-6" width="736" height="645" srcset="▷-Hairstyles-for-Girls-Easy-Fast-and-Beautiful-2019.jpg 736w, 300w, 513w" sizes="(max-width: 736px) 100vw, 736px"/></p>
<h3>Pequeña trenza en cascada alrededor de la cabeza con un moño y aplique de una flor</h3>
<p><img class=

Triple mecha para hacer la forma en espiga me gusta este estilo pero se necesita mucho cabello

trenza_holandesa" width="601" height="639" srcset="▷-Hairstyles-for-Girls-Easy-Fast-and-Beautiful-2019.png 601w, 282w, 423w" sizes="(max-width: 601px) 100vw, 601px"/></p>
<h3>10 pasos para peinar con rodete y utilizar el pelo enlazado como en la imagen</h3>
<p><img class=

Otro ejemplo en 5 pasos para este peinado que le gusta a las adolescentes de cascada simple

peinado-cascada-ninas" width="236" height="511" srcset="▷-Hairstyles-for-Girls-Easy-Fast-and-Beautiful-2019.jpg 236w, 139w, 208w" sizes="(max-width: 236px) 100vw, 236px"/></p>
<h3>Corazón de lazos realizado con dos mechas de tu pelo al principio y luego sumas dos más para melena lacia</h3>
<p><img class=

Peinados para chicas adolescentes y pequeñas muy utilizado en este verano

foto-peinarse-niña" width="650" height="945" srcset="▷-Hairstyles-for-Girls-Easy-Fast-and-Beautiful-2019.jpeg 650w,ña-206x300.jpeg 206w,ña-310x450.jpeg 310w" sizes="(max-width: 650px) 100vw, 650px"/></p>
<h3>Paso a paso este Peinado para Niñas para aprender hacer una espiga con diferente mechas de cabelllo</h3>
<p><img class=

Video para Aprender como hacer Peinados para Niñas Paso a Paso

¿Te gustaron estos peinados para tu hija, sobrina, nieta? Espero que puedas sacar provecho de todas estas ideas para que quede lo mas linda posible es chiquilla y que ademas tu aprendas algunos de los peinados para hacerte en tu cabeza.

Realmente a mi me ayudo mucho ya que no tengo ni el tiempo ni el dinero para ir a una peluquería constantemente y me pareció una buena idea para que al mirarte en el espejo puedas disfrutar de algo tan maravilloso que es verte linda y mas cuando nuestra pequeña lo esta.

Querida lectora espero que este articulo te guste mucho y quiero ver a la madre y a la hija sentadas frente al monitor para elegir la foto de la modelo que mas representa ese peinado que tanto deseas.

Recuerda dame tu ayuda para compartir en facebook o enviar un tweet para que otras madres puedan poner mas lindas a sus hijas.

Si tienes grupo de Whatsapp de tu Preescolar o bien de el colegio de la Primaria puedes enviar el enlace para que tengas mas ideas.

También te puede interesar este tipo de peinados para mujeres

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¿Cómo hacer un peinado bonito y fácil para niña?

Despertarse temprano a la mañana para ir al colegio es algo terrible cuando tienes que preparar a tu hija haciendo un peinado que le dure todo el dia.

Es por eso que si tienes hijas mujeres te voy a enseñar nuevas ideas para poder peinar de manera rapida y sencilla en el cual podra hacerlo cualquier padre o madre para cuando tienen poco tiempo.

Principalmente estos peinados se basan en pelos largos para niñas.

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¿Cómo hacer un peinado sencillo para la escuela?

Lo primero que te recomiendo es visitar este articulo con más de 70 peinados para la escuela

en donde podrás encontrar la solución a que tipo de corte de cabello y peinado necesita tu niña de acuerdo a tus necesidades ya que son sencillos y se pueden hacer rápidos en su gran mayoría.

Pero ademas te voy a dejar un peinado que siempre me dio un buen resultado cuando me tenia que despertar temprano a la mañana y mi hija no quería cambiarse para ir al colegio lo cual me atrasaba para entregarla en la institución.

El peinado de cola clásica es el gran salvador de toda madre o padre que tienen poco tiempo y los pasos para realizar son sencillos:

  1. Como es para ir al colegio o kinder lo mejor es que sea una cola de caballo ordenada por eso debes primero cepillar el pelo para quitar todo nudo que tenga
  2. Debes observar que quede bien alisado, ayuda mucho si tiene el pelo lacio, si en cambio lo tiene ondulado puedes mojarlo un poco.
  3. Tienes que juntar todo su pelo hacia atrás en la nuca eligiendo la altura de la coleta que puede ser alta, media o baja
  4. Peina nuevamente para quitar nudos, si no tienes el peine a mano entonces lo puedes hacer con los dedos
  5. Toma una goma de pelo o elástica y ata haciendo un doble nudo

Si deseas que quede mas bonita puedes a esa misma banda elástica agregarle algunos ganchos o apliques decorativos con flores o mariposas.

Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Cuáles son los peinados para niñas que están de moda?

Los peinados para niñas que están de moda son los peinados con coletas, trenzas y los peinados recogidos, sobre todo para llevar al colegio que las hace lucir prolijas y elegantes.

¿Cuáles son los peinados recomendados para niñas que van a la escuela?

Todos los peinados recogidos son ideales para llevar a la escuela, tambien se puede llevar trenzas ya que de esta manera se evita llevar el pelo suelto y contagiar piojos.

¿Cuáles son los peinados de fiesta para niñas que están de moda?

Mechones con trenzas combinadas con rodetes es una tendencia para chicas pequeñas y también los apliques de cintas, lazos y moños con el pelo recogido es algo que se utiliza mucho en cumpleaños.

¿Peinados preferidos inspirados en princesas Disney?

Los peinados preferidos por las niñas de las princesas Disney son el de Anna y Elsa de Frozen con trenzas, el de la princesa Aurora con la Tiara, el lazo y la coleta de Bella y el clásico moño de Blancanieves.