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▷ Easy and simple hairstyles 2019 ⊛ Photos, Ideas & Styles!

painado facil para pelo lacio

While it is true that appearance is not the only thing that matters, we must admit that it does have a lot of weight in the impression we leave of ourselves in others. Therefore, as we strive to be better people, we also try to improve our appearance. How hair looks is crucial to pass a style test.

And with this we do not mean that we have to last hours combing our hair to wear a mega hairstyle. Just take a few minutes to take care of it and make sure it looks good. This is why in today's post we will show you easy hairstyles with which you can look like a celebrity without spending much time.

Easy pigtail hairstyles woman

Does it happen to you that every time you want to wear a beautiful hairstyle, it frustrates you that you can't get it because of how difficult they are? If that's your case, don't worry anymore. There are easy hairstyles beginner level, that is to say that anyone for very little skill you have can do them. Follow us and learn how to do easy and fast hairstyles For men, women and girls. In the case of the girls we will show you easy hairstyles step by step, phairstyles with easy braids and which ones are good for you if you have short, long or medium hair.

Easy hairstyle for men

The men's hairstyles They are commonly the easiest to do. Basically they consist of having a haircut done by a good barber and the rest consists of combing and maintaining it without much effort. But as fashion has brought more variety to male hairstyles some of these assume that the gentleman makes an effort to comb his hair.

So if you want your hair to look trendy without much difficulty, see which easy hairstyle for men You like the ones we show you below.

Easy hairstyles for men with wavy or curly hair

If you have curly hair, you can go fashion by making this tupé cut and leaving your curls to the natural. You will only need to comb your hair with a bit of some hair product that serves to mold and fix. In addition to maintaining certain basic care to take care of its health. For example, make sure to keep it clean and hydrated. Certainly a Easy hairstyle for men.

easy paling for straight hair

Now if you have straight hair, you can keep it with a cut for short hair and comb it with gel in different ways. The hairstyle shown in the photo above allows you to look elegant without much effort. In addition, that this type of hairstyles and cuts for men have become fashionable again, so take advantage of being able to wear short hair while splurging style.

easy shaved hairstyle

In this same theme of being fashionable with easy hairstyles, you find very short or shaved hair combined with a beard. A style that gives off manhood and power is a magnet for girls. The care is required by the beard and the hair just have to keep the cut.

Currently There are many styles for men that can be very easy and simple to make, especially if you have long or medium hair. You only need to master the technique of using the dryer to be able to give shape and style to all your hair. Once you have achieved it, you can make endless types of hairstyles with which you will look fabulous. A clear example of this is the Tupés. Do not miss the opportunity to learn how to make them and be able to wear a look of 20 points.


If you don't know how to become a toupee You do not have to worry, because right here we will leave you a video where you will be taught three different ways to make a toupee for men super easy and simple. So don't stop clicking video which is below and so start practicing doing this wonderful hairstyle that will leave you 20 points for any occasion or event.

The stripes They are an attraction that men often use a lot today in their hairstyles. It is more than one who goes to the stylist of your choice to make the famous line that, in fact, gives a lot of style and elegance to men's hair or hair. This is an easy and simple hairstyle that many like, they can use it for different occasions and in all of them they will look excellent. Dare to wear it and try it on your hair, you will surely love the final version.

easy and simple hairstyles for men


You can't stop getting lost Our article dedicated 100% to show all types of hairstyles for men What you have available. You can find any option that fits your style and your requirements, such as if you have short, long, shaved or afro hair. If you want to see a lot more variety we invite you to enter the link above and thus be able to choose the one that best suits your tastes. Take advantage and tell us how you thought about this article of hairstyles for men!

Easy hairstyle woman

The woman has the opportunity to show all her creativity and style with the hairstyle she wears. Regardless of how long the hair is, multiple hairstyles can be made that make her look like a goddess. If you think this is impossible to achieve with an easy hairstyle, we will show you some images that will prove otherwise. We will even indicate the easy hairstyles step by step to ensure you get them done.

Braided bun

easy hairstyle braided bun

This hairstyle known as the braided bun is very easy to do. You just have to divide the hair in two and tie it as if they were the braids of your shoes. Then wrap the bun with crossing the remaining strands of hair. Hold them with pins and go.

Bun with impeller

easy hairstyle tutorial bun bun

A beautiful and original bun with impeller. Seeing the step by step we realize that combing is not only a matter of skill but also of creativity. With four simple steps you can make a bun in the best minnie mouse style.

Easy hairstyle short hair

Short hair may seem difficult to comb, but it doesn't have to be that way if you get the trick. With the boom of celebrities wearing very short hair, you have surely seen how they know how to wear it. If you have short hair you may have noticed that although it is very versatile, there are days that dawns indomitable and we do not have the time or the desire to fight it. These are the moments when we would like to be able to make ourselves a queue that would pick up the whole disaster and now. Obviously this is impossible to do with such short hair. But the problem has a solution. Watch this Easy hairstyle short hair.

Simple collection for short hair

collected straight for short hair

You just have to pick up your bangs a little bulging and hold it with forks. Then, roll small strands of hair and hold them on the back of the head and that's it. If the hairpins are colored, it will give you a more youthful and casual look, if you want to look more elegant and sober, use black hairpins.

An ideal hairstyle for when your short hair, probably wavy, is spongy and there is no way to make it go down.

Braids and collected They are special to make easy and simple hairstyles in both short hair and long hair women. On many occasions we do not find the necessary inspiration to make us different styles in our hair and thus be able to innovate, but with the image that we will show you below, you will have no excuse to look beautiful in your day to day. Share your opinions about this fascinating easy hairstyle.

easy and simple hairstyles short hair

Short straight hair

If you have short straight hair, you may think that a wavy hair look is out of your reach. But look now as in this tutorial you are taught to make waves in short hair without difficulty.

easy short and straight hairstyle

Comb your hair to the side that suits you best. Then help yourself with an iron To make the waves Make small turns with the iron while on the ends of your hair. Repeat this process in several strands, until your whole head is full of waves. It does not matter if, when making the turns, some strands are inwards and others outwards. The goal is for the waves to be loose and a bit messy without losing style. The bangs can smooth it completely or wave it a little on the tip. With your fingers and some wax on them open and set the waves.

Straight hair sometimes it can be a little difficult to handle, because sometimes it is very thin and does not usually grip very different types of hairstyles. In other articles we have clarified that braids are always good options for easy and simple hairstyles, that is why we could not stop showing you different examples like the ones we'll leave you next. Despite the short and straight, they will be beautiful.

easy and simple hairstyles short straight hair

Easy medium hairstyles

When combing the medium hair gives you the best of both worlds of long and short hair. It is not an uncomfortable length nor is it so short that it prevents us from getting picked up. For example, look at this collected half mane:

easy medium hairstyles

An ideal collection for events and meetings. You just have to wash, dry and iron your hair so that it is straight before proceeding with the steps described in the photo:

  • Draw a line to the side, with a pointed comb.
  • Collect all hair in a low ponytail. The way it looks in the picture.
  • You will turn all the collected hair around the elastic of the ponytail.
  • Fix hair with hairpins. Try to be of a color that goes unnoticed and that are well hidden.
  • In the end apply some hair fixative.

If you want to make a variant of this hairstyle, look at the following image and see how an accessory turns this hairstyle into a dream collection.collected easy half wavy mane

If your medium hair is curly and you don't have time to iron it, or if your hair is straight and you want more volume and movement in your hair then curl it and follow the next steps described in the image below.

picked up easy curly hair

If you are straight hair naturally and you have a medium hair, even if you don't believe it curl your hair in itself it will be an easy and simple hairstyle quite impressive, since you usually wear it in a different way. It will be as easy as grabbing your curling iron and making a few waves, you will see that the result will be fresh, jovial and beautiful. This look is perfect for use on work or school days.. Tell us what occasion you would like to look like this.

easy and simple medium hairstyles

If you do not have curly hair but want to make a hairstyle like this, you have no cause for concern, since here we will leave you a video that explains how to make curls or Chinese with the plates easily, simply and quickly. If you are a rookie in all this hairstyles this video is totally perfect for you. So be sure to see it to learn how to make this hairstyle faster than you think. Everything is based on practice and soon you will be an expert.

The easy and simple hairstyle that we will show you below is perfect for those hot days when you don't know how to do it for pick up your hair and make it look fantastic. For your medium hair it is super perfect since you only need to make a high ponytail and surround it with a piece of your hair to hide the rubber. If it is your preference, you can also choose to give a little volume to the remaining hair of the tail, so your look or hairstyle will have much more personality and fun.


Easy long hair hairstyles

Long hair allows us to perform a wide range of hairstyles. But with so much hair to collect, there are many hairstyles that, although beautiful, are difficult to do. Here we show you a easy hairstyle long hair

picked up long hair easy

With this collection you can look elegant and sophisticated. Best of all, it is not complicated and in a few minutes you will be ready to be the center of attention of the occasion.

Girls with long hair think a thousand times to cut their hair, knowing how much they had to wait to get a long hair. If you have long hair but want to see how it will fall short or if you want a change of look without losing your hair, look at this hairstyle:

easy hairstyle picked long hair

You see? With a quick and simple hairstyle you can wear short hair without neglecting the benefits of long hair.

Long hair is perfect for braiding., and the truth is that to have a super easy and simple hairstyle, you don't need to spend much time learning to do it. Here we will leave you a good example of how to get ready to look spectacular in a few steps. You only need to make some braids on the top of the hair and then hold them in a medium or high ponytail. He doesn't have much work and the end result is spectacular. So try practicing it and tell us how you have done with this hairstyle.

easy and simple hairstyles long hair

Another very easy way to make a hairstyle for long hair, is opt for a simple curl on a side of your hair and thus be able to hide it with another strand of your hair. We can frame this hairstyle in semi-picks that are ideal for women with large hair. As in the example you can use curls or if you prefer, leave it completely smooth. It's all about tastes or preferences. But it certainly looks completely beautiful and romantic.

easy and simple hairstyles long hair

For this easy and simple hairstyle you will need to have long, leafy hair, since only then can you get it rolled up to achieve a braid in all the rest of the hair that will leave more than one enchanted. In particular this hairstyle has enchanted us as for those situations a little more relaxed, such as an outing with friends or with your partner. It is certainly special and the best of all is that it is super easy to do, so do not stop trying and show off with this wonderful easy and simple hairstyle.

easy and simple hairstyles long hair

Hairstyles easy for girl

Combing a girl represents several challenges. On the one hand there is the fact of always walking against the clock, especially the morning ritual is a real hustle and bustle. It is to fix ourselves and fix a little girl who is usually not fully awake. On the other hand, it happens that most girls do not like too much to remain still for a long time while moving their hair from side to side to comb them. And all this is aggravated if the one who touches the hairdresser that day is dad.

To relieve your burdens we will show you easy hairstyles for girl that it will take almost no time to complete them and even the least skilled, including dad, can do them.

Cross pigtails

easy hairstyle pigtail crossedThese cross-ponytails are made very easily and are perfect for a school look. You just have to divide the hair close to the face into two parts and make a pigtail with each part. Repeat the process below, but this time reverse or cross the pigtails before holding the bottom ones. If you did it with little hair repeat until there is no more, or if not, take more hair and at a crossroads and four pigtails will be ready. Other cross-ponytails you can do are these:hairstyle crossed pigtails

Fast and cute

fast and pretty hairstyle

This hairstyle so fast and cute will be your favorite. Take two strands of hair, one on each side, roll them up and join them with two knots. Secure them with a transparent garter under the knots.

Simple asymmetric bun

simple asymmetric bun

This asymmetrical bun is made by combing the hair well so that it is not tangled, then carefully make a ponytail to the side of the head. Wrap the hair around the ponytail, make a kind of knot and secure with suspenders and hairpins.

Many times, a few little cakes and decorative ribbons may be enough to make a beautiful hairstyle easy and simple in girls; A clear example of this statement is the hairstyle that we will show you in the image below. You will only need to divide the upper part of the hair into three sections and link the tails that result from them. At the end give it a special touch with a pair of decorative ribbons the color of the outfit that the girl will wear. This hairstyle is very beautiful and simple.

easy and simple hairstyles girls

Next we will show you one of the most classic hairstyles in childhood, which is characterized by its ease and simplicity when it comes to doing it, but also for looking super beautiful in both long and short hair. You just have to help yourself with a few finite coletitas and open a hole in the middle of it, then insert the remaining hair through that hole and squeeze the little string once you're done. This process can be repeated as many times as you want or need, the more you do, the more detailed the girl's hair will look.

easy and simple hairstyles girls

Simple hairstyles with easy braids

Braids are hairstyles par excellence. There is so much variety of them and they look so good in the hair, that they deserve a separate entrance. Therefore, if you want to see everything that braids have to offer you go to the article of Hairstyles with braids What we have done for you

While we will show you the Hairstyles with easy braids. It is that the braids give the appearance of complex, and indeed some are, but there are many hairstyles with fast and simple braids. Here you will find three:

Braid and impeller

This hairstyle that combines braid and impeller is perfect for an elegant occasion. The best thing is that it is a hairstyle that can be done in a step.

hairstyle braids fast pretty tutorial with impeller

Braid like crown

Make a thin braid with a strand of hair to the side of your head, as shown in the photo. What remains is left behind the head and is loose from the braid. The braid will wrap your head giving the appearance of a kind of crown. Grab a strand of hair on the other side of the head and join it at the end with the braid.

easy hairstyle with crown braid

Side braid

This hairstyle is quite simple and has a casual style ideal for a fresh, youthful and very chic appearance. Sun you have to take all the hair to the side and make a simple and loose braid to the tip. Hold it with a rubber band or garter. Then he pinches the braid to try to release it a little. Then extract a strand of hair from the opposite side of the braid. Try to shape it using your fingers, a clamp or an iron. The idea is that the hair does not look so stiff or tidy, so run your fingers to get that casual look. If you wish, cover the rubber with a tape or other accessory.

easy side braid hairstyle

Make yourself a boxer-style root braid all over your hair and then wear them up It is an easy and simple hairstyle You can't stop trying on your hair. We must say that you will have to have a long mane to be able to do it, since in short it is usually a little more complicated. However, do not forget to try this beautiful hairstyle that you can use for different occasions, and we really love it and it is even part of our favorites. These are the benefits of braids, which with them we can turn a hairstyle from the simplest to the most elaborate and special.

easy and simple hairstyles with braids

Braids, braids and more braids! We love how they make our hair look in just a few minutes, which is why in that article we could not stop including a special section for them and all the variety that allow us to do with our hair. On one side or both, in short or long hair, normal or vice versa, the braids offer us an infinite range of options To leave our hair shiny in a few minutes. We can not ask for more easy and simple hairstyles than those that allow us to make braids, that is why they are our favorite when combing hair. Dare to try them all!


hairstyle with long hair braidHairstyles with braids

If you want to see many more options in terms of Hairstyles with braids you mean, be sure to visit our article dedicated to the hundred on easy and simple hairstyles with braids for all hair types. There, you will surely find some that you like and become your new favorite. Do not hesitate for a second to click on the link above to go to our article. Tell us what is your easy and simple hairstyle with your favorite braid!

Easy and simple wedding hairstyles

Weddings are super special occasions where we have to look blank, especially if you are the protagonist of the event. But even if you are invited, you also cannot miss the opportunity to look beautiful and radiant. Do not let a hairstyle be difficult, since there are many options for easy and simple hairstyles to look spectacular on an occasion such as wedding or marriage. Get to work to make all these hairstyles!


If you have short hair it is very possible that on many occasions you suffer from not knowing what hairstyles to do with the little hair, but the truth is that you have different options that will make you stand out and look spectacular at a wedding or any other occasion. A good inspiration of easy and simple hairstyle is this that we will show you in the image below, since as you can see, you will only need to divide the hair in two and proceed to roll it until you get the final result. It is recommended for a wedding since it is romantic and sweet. Try it and tell us how you like it!

easy and simple wedding hairstyles

The headbands They can be very helpful for getting easy and fast hairstyles. The best thing is that no one will know your secret since your own hair will not allow you to notice that it is a diadem that gives you that spectacular shape and that hairstyle that surely causes a sensation among all your friends. You will only need to curl your hair on the headband you have selected. It doesn't matter if you have it short or long, You can also do it and get this fascinating special hairstyle for weddings or weddings fully recommended.

easy and simple hairstyles

Can you believe it is possible to get a headband pickup in less than two minutes? Well, this video shows that it is possible and that you do not need much time to make this beautiful hairstyle that we leave in the previous image. You will only need a headband and begin to get to work to do it in less than a rooster sings. Surely everyone will love it, starting with yourself. Start practicing it and tell us how it went.

Do you like tupés and hairstyles with volume? We must tell you that if you have long hair this is a super easy and simple hairstyle, especially recommended for weddings or situations in which you have to look more elegant or sober. We love this option because of the little work it deserves and the beautiful results it leaves. With a little patience you will see how you will be beautiful and perfect to go to the wedding, either as a guest or girlfriend. Try it and tell us how you think about this hairstyle.

easy and simple wedding hairstyles

However, if you are bridesmaid or part of the courtship of the bride at the wedding, we also have options for you, such as this hairstyle variation that you can leave in one version or the other, so it will depend directly on whether you prefer your hair loose or collected. In both ways it is super easy and quick to do, in a few minutes you will see the final result. If you have half hair it is the most recommended for you, so do not stop trying and tell us how you are doing with this easy and simple hairstyle.

easy and simple wedding hairstyles

Finally here we will leave you A step by step of a super easy and simple hairstyle for weddings. If you master the braiding technique we are sure that it will look beautiful and that you will have it faster than you think. Surely you will be the sensation of the event and that more than one will like this look. That's why you can't stop trying it on, especially if you have long hair. This way you can braid it and make yourself this collected romantic and sweet for marriages.

easy and simple wedding hairstyles

Easy and simple hairstyle for flamenco

He Flemish It is one of the most important and significant musical genres in Spain, which is why many women practice it as a hobby or professionally. It is these same girls who on several occasions are in doubt about how to properly wear their hair for the numerous events they attend with flamenco, so we could not leave them out of this article and show you different options of easy hairstyles and Simple for you, flamenco. Continue reading to know more!


Flemish hairstyles are recognized and characterized by being collected, to which you can incorporate certain variants such as braids or hair curls. Everything will depend on the style that you like and with which you identify most. For example, in the easy and simple hairstyle for flamenco that we will show you next, you will not have to search too much, in a few steps you will have your hairstyle finished and ready to be exhibited in your flamenco dance. The important thing is to add the flowers according to the suit you will wear.


But if you are one of the bold that they like to get out of the rules and try something different, here we will leave you an easy and simple hairstyle for flamenco that will only need you to do a few curls in your hair and take it aside, of course without Forget the characteristic flower of these costumes. We are fascinated by this type of flamenco hairdo, especially if you have medium hair or long hair, you will know how to stand out and look super beautiful without much work.


If you have the curly hair, this collection is perfect to make you an easy and fast flamenco hairdo. You only need to take all your hair back and make a kind of bun that with the texture of your hair will be perfect to dance and show off throughout your event. To us in particular we love the special detail It gives you the flower you decide to place, so do not miss the opportunity to look beautiful and radiant as a flamenco with this easy and simple hairstyle.

easy and simple flamenco hairstyles

Finally we leave you the easiest and easiest flamenco style of flamenco style of all. It is nothing more and nothing less than a collected with quite perfect hair and arranged without leaving any hair of it. For this you can help yourself with serum or hairspray, in this way you will get this wonderful finish for your hair, especially for those events in which being flamenco is the first option. Do not stop taking it as inspiration to make your own hairstyle. The flowers also look beautiful!


If you want to look beautiful and radiant For your flamenco events do not hesitate to see this video that we will leave you where at the hand of the Sofi Look channel, where specifically it will teach you to make a braided hairstyle and also a specific makeup for this type of outfit. You have no excuse to see it and be able to look really beautiful for your events. You will surely love it as much as we do.

At video that we will leave you next we will show you 4 hairstyles for flamenco with different styles in which you will surely find the one that best suits your tastes and your personality. Surely you will find the one you like best in this video that shows easy and simple hairstyles for flamenco. We have loved this audiovisual piece that comes to make our lives easier and teach us really simple ways to get ready in a short time and yet have beautiful results.

Easy and simple curly hair styling

The women of curly hair They are always in a constant search for easy and simple hairstyles with which they can look beautiful in a very short time or without much work. If you are one of them, with this article your search ceased, because we are going to show you the best examples of easy hairstyles for you, that you have curly hair, and that you do not know how to fix it or handle it to look very beautiful and radiant. So stay with us To see everything we have to show you.

easy and simple hairstyles curly hair

In other sections of this article we have talked about the different advantages of using bun in our hair, since they are super easy and simple to do, while turning any hairstyle into something more elaborate and perfect to leave for any compromise. That's why we couldn't stop showing them on curly hair, since they are perfect hairstyles for this type of hair in view that they can be fixed much more easily. So dare to try any of the three hairstyles that you will see in the image below.


On the other hand, it is clear that the braids cannot be left out of an article that talks about easy and simple hairstyles for any type of hair, especially for curly hair. We have previously said that one of the advantages of having this type of texture in the hair is that everything we want to do is going to be fixed much more easily, and braids are no exception. So we bring you some inspirations to be applied to your hair and that you can look beautiful for more than one occasion.


Do you have very frizzy hair and don't know what hairstyle to make it easy and simple? pues ya no tienes de que preocuparte, puesto que también tenemos varios ejemplos que te pueden ayudar a arreglarte sin mucho trabajo y en muy poco tiempo, dejando como resultado peinados fantásticos que le encantarán a más de uno, empezando por ti. Así que no dejes pasar la oportunidad para hacerte alguno de los peinados que te dejaremos en la imagen de más abajo. Cuéntanos cual ha sido el que más te gustó y comienza a ponerlo en práctica.


Unas buenas trencitas también son parte de los mejores peinados fáciles y sencillos para mujeres con pelo rizado. Solo tendrás que aplicar la vieja técnica que se le hacía (o hace) a las niñas para las escuelas. Hacerlo en tu cabello rizado será super fácil y verás que no llevará más de 5 minutos. En esta poca cantidad de tiempo estarás super hermosa y arreglada para cualquier evento al que quieras asistir.

peinados faciles y sencilos pelo rizado

Finalizamos estos ejemplos de peinados fáciles y sencillos para pelos rizados con este hermoso ejemplo de unas trenzas de raíz para este tipo de cabello. Lo mejor de este peinado es que en verdad te lo podrás hacer en muy poco tiempo e igualmente lucir espectacular para cualquier ocasión o compromiso que tengas. Es importante que sepas la técnica del trenzado y que la domines a la perfección. De esta manera lograrás obtener este maravilloso peinado que a todos nos encanta.

peinados faciles y sencillos pelo rizado

Si tienes cabello rizado también tenemos varias opciones para ti en forma de vídeo, puesto que estos son materiales perfectos para aprender de manera fácil y rápida a hacernos diferentes peinados en menos de 10 minutos. Lo mejor de todo es que en este material audiovisual podrás encontrar aquel que más te guste y se adapte a tus necesidades ya que son varios los estilos que se muestran en él. Ya verás que será super práctico verte arreglada o hermosa sin tanto trabajo o muchos pasos a seguir. Dale clic al vídeo de más abajo y no te lo pierdas.

Peinados fáciles y sencillos con coletas

Las coletas son perfectas para esos días en donde hace mucho calor o donde simplemente quieres lucir un peinado diferente a los habituales en los que te dejas el cabello suelto. Pero a veces tienes el cabello corto o medio y no sabes que hacer para que tu coleta habitual luzca un poco más larga, pues te tenemos un truco especial para eso. Solo necesitarás dividirla en dos para dar la ilusión de que es mucho más extensa.

peinados faciles y sencillos coletas

Estamos seguros de que en muchas ocasiones quieres hacerte una coleta sencilla pero no sabes como ocultar las liguitas con las que se sujetan, pues resulta que es mucho más fácil de lo que piensas. Solo necesitarás sacarte dos mechones de pelo antes de hacer tu coleta y luego llevarlos hacia atrás para cubrirla. Además de adornarla, obtendrás un peinado fácil y sencillo fabuloso para esos días en que arreglarte demasiado no es tu prioridad.

peinados faciles y sencillos con coleta

Una excelente combinación es la de las coletas junto con las trenzas. Este es uno de los peinados fáciles y rápidos más espectaculares que te podrás hacer en muy poco tiempo y con el que te verás radiante sin importar la situación o evento al cual tengas que asistir. Aquí te dejamos un ejemplo de como incorporar ambas cosas a tu look. Es importante mencionar que deberás tener el cabello medio o largo para completar este peinado. Así que no dejes pasar más tiempo para ponerlo en práctica y comentarnos que tal te parece este estilo para llevar en el cabello.

peinados faciles y sencillos coleta

Si te gustan más las coletas sencillas no tienes de que preocuparte, puesto que aquí te tenemos una opción maravillosa que solo bastarán unos cuantos minutos para hacerla. Además, necesitarás una cinta para adornar tu coleta alta y que quede realmente espectacular. Como ves, a veces menos es más, y en esas ocasiones es donde no necesitas demasiados adornos o peinados trabajosos para verte de 20 puntos. En este sentido no dejes de probar con este look que le encantará a más de uno para días relajados e informales.

peinado faciles y sencillos con coleta

Las semi coletas no podíamos dejar de incluirlas en este artículo que muestra los peinados más sencillos y fáciles de hacer. En el ejemplo que te mostraremos a continuación solo bastará que te rices el cabello restante y que hagas una especie de coleta alta. Puedes jugar con las opciones y añadir un pequeño tupé con volumen que le dará un toque extra para obtener un peinado espectacular en muy poco tiempo. Específicamente lo recomendamos para esas ocasiones en donde tienes que verte más arreglada o elegante. ¡Cuéntanos si te atreves a lucir este look tan chic y fashion!

peinados faciles y sencillos con coleta

Peinado fácil y sencillo con plancha

Aunque no lo creas, existen diferentes maneras de hacer peinados fáciles y sencillos con las planchas. No solamente podrás alisarte el cabello, sino que también son especiales o recomendadas para hacerte unos hermosos rizos relajados, o unos de estilo vintage, como por ejemplo los que se aprecian en la imagen que te mostraremos a continuación. También te dejaremos una imagen que muestra la manera de hacer estos rizos al estilo antiguo, que particularmente nos encantan para ocasiones un poco más elegantes. ¿Qué te parece este peinado?

peinados faciles y sencillos

peinados faciles y sencillos

Si tienes rizadora estas ondas se te harán mucho más fácil, como por ejemplo con el vídeo que te dejaremos más abajo. Pero si por el contrario no tienes, recurrir a las planchas siempre será la mejor opción. Solo tendrás que ayudarte de unos cuantos ganchos y doblar tu pelo en forma de “S” al mismo tiempo que le vas dando la forma con las planchas. De igual forma acá te dejaremos un vídeo explicativo sobre como hacerte este peinado fácil y sencillo.

The ondas relajadas como al estilo playero nos encantan a todas, y lo mejor es que podrás hacertelas así tengas el pelo corto o largo. Solo necesitarás tener unas planchas a la mano para este tipo de ondas, que en contraste con las anteriores, son perfectas para esas ocasiones o compromisos más informales, como por ejemplo ir a clases o al trabajo. Para una salida con amigos vendría como anillo al dedo. Así que no dejes de intentarlas en tu cabello, coméntanos que tal te fue con el procedimiento.


A continuación te mostraremos un vídeo en donde se enseña el paso a paso para hacer este maravilloso peinado fácil y sencillo con las planchas. Aparichi TV en su canal nos enseña como hacer ondas naturales y sueltas en muy poco tiempo. Específicamente nos enseña que es un peinado fácil para cualquier ocasión, solo dependerá de tu atuendo y la forma en que decidas llevarlo para el día a día. Así que no dejes de dar clic en el enlace de más abajo para ver todos los detalles de este impresionante vídeo. ¡Coméntanos que tal te ha parecido!

Patry Jordan es la creadora de uno de los mejores canales de Youtube asociados al mundo de la belleza y la estética; por lo que era evidente que no podía dejar atrás un video en que nos enseñe diferentes tips o consejos para hacer ondas según sus variantes, bien sea con las planchas o con las rizadoras; incluso de forma natural.  Todos estos temas convierten a este video en uno de nuestros favoritos para iniciarnos en el mundo de los peinados fáciles y rápidos con las planchas. ¡Vamos a verlo!

Peinados fáciles y sencillos bohemios

Con la llegada de la primavera también predominan los estilos bohemios, en donde lo que está en tendencia son peinados fáciles y sencillos más ligeros, despeinados, pequeñas trenzas o recogidos relajados, que se puede decir que se enmarcan dentro de una tendencia un poco hippie con campestre. Es por eso que te hemos traído los mejores ejemplos de peinados bohemios super fáciles para hacértelos en esta época del año. No importa a donde vayas, recuerda que verte chic siempre será primordial.


Previamente hemos mencionado que en los peinados bohemios fáciles y sencillos siempre predominan ciertos estilos dentro de los que se incluyen las trenzas, los recogidos y las coletas, pero con algunas características que los hacen únicos y especiales de las épocas del año en donde se lleva este tipo de atuendo. Si eres de las amantes de los peinados bohemios, seguro que te encantará el ejemplo que mostraremos a continuación. Recuerda que el despeinado es un rasgo característico de lo “bohemio”.

peinados faciles y sencillos bohemios

Las trenzas son un must have cuando hablamos de peinados fáciles y sencillos bohemios, especialmente porque están muy asociadas o relacionadas con la onda hippie primaveral. Así que obviamente tienes que incluirla dentro de tus peinados para esta época del año. Un buen ejemplo o manera de incorporarlas en tu cabello es como en la siguiente imagen. Además de que te puedes ayudar con ciertos accesorios como un sombrero, que es bastante bohemio y perfecto para darle un toque final especial a tu look total. A nosotros nos encanta esta manera de llevar el cabello, solo es cuestión de intentarlo.


No podíamos dejar de mostrar un peinado fácil y sencillo bohemio con diademas, ya que es un accesorio bastante característico para esta época del año y muy sobretodo de este estilo de peinados que estamos tratando en esta parte de nuestro artículo. Recuerda que las puedes personalizar según tus gustos y deseos. Una buena opción es combinarlo con el outfit de tu preferencia, no dudamos en que el resultado final sea espectacular. No te olvides de comentarnos cual es tu peinado bohemio fácil y sencillo favorito. ¡Queremos conocer tu opinión más abajo!

peinados faciles y sencillos bohemios

Videos de peinados fáciles y sencillos

No podemos dejar pasar el hecho que son muchas las mujeres que no se les da muy bien el hecho de hacer peinados, bien sea porque no se domina la técnica del trenzado o cualquier otra técnica de estética. Es por eso que este video es perfecto para ellas, ya que se muestra una manera excelente de hacer 6 peinados fáciles y sencillos para cualquier ocasión, con la finalidad de lucir hermosas o radiantes ante nuestros compromisos. Para ti que no eres muy diestra con las manos, te dejamos más abajo este fascinante video de la mano de Team Mechaz. ¡Veámoslo!

Todas las mujeres en algún momento queremos lucir como las actrices o estrellas de Hollywood cuando hacen su aparición por los eventos en las alfombras rojas. De hecho, seguro que en más de una oportunidad has querido imitar sus estilos y muy especialmente sus peinados. Si tu eres una de las fans de los looks de las estrellas, no dejes de ver este vídeo que muestra varios peinados fáciles y sencillos inspirados en los de las famosas de Hollywood. Lo mejor es que sirven tanto para cabello corto como para largo. Atrévete a lucirlos y contarnos que tal te ha ido.

Aunque no lo creas, las bandanas son accesorios caídos del cielo para poder embellecer nuestro cabello como por arte de magia en muy poco tiempo. No necesitaras más que una del color de tu preferencia (o por ejemplo de outfit que estás luciendo) para poder hacerte estos 5 peinados fáciles y sencillos con bandana. A nosotros nos ha encantado esta manera de llevar el pelo para esos días un poco más relajados e informales. Si eres amante de los recogidos sencillos seguro que también te gustará este video.

¿Te preocupa el hecho de diferenciar peinados según la ocasión a la que vas a asistir, como por ejemplo una fiesta, clases o trabajo? Pues en el canal de Youtube Claudipia, nos muestran como hacer 10 peinados diferentes para todas estas ocasiones que hemos descrito. Así que de ahora en adelante no tendrás excusa para verte divina sin importar a donde vayas a ir. En muy pocos pasos tendrás estos peinados fáciles y sencillos super versátiles para todos tus compromisos. ¡Vaya que si está caído del cielo!

Ahora si que tienes muchísimas opciones de peinados fáciles y sencillos para estar lista en menos de 15 minutos. Sabemos que el ritmo de vida de las mujeres no es para nada fácil, y por eso desarrollamos todos estos ejemplos para que, a pesar de tus compromisos, no dejes de verte maravillosa.

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Peinados fáciles y sencillos

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