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▷ Communion hairstyles 2019 ⊛ Photos, Ideas & Styles!

peinados de comunion

The first Communion, In addition to being an act of Catholic faith, it is a family event that is remembered for the rest of life. If your little princess is about to make this divine sacrament, here we bring you some communion hairstyles They can be an inspiration for that special day.

Remember that the most important thing is that your little girl feels comfortable with her dress and hairstyle, because that way you can enjoy this special day to the fullest.

communion hairstyles


Surely you have heard the saying that "less is more", and in this case we want you to have it as a mantra. That's why we propose these simple first communion hairstyles, which will make your girl look like a little angel and, in addition, they will avoid many headaches. Sometimes we have to be practical, but that doesn't mean you should put the style aside.

simple first communion hairstyles

High bun

This is a very classic hairstyle that looks extremely beautiful, all you have to do is pick up your little girl's hair in a monkey tall, which can go backwards, downwards or to one side. You can give it a personal touch with an accessory that you like and that complements your dress. In addition, you can vary the shape of the bun with the help of hooks or hairpins.

first communion bun hairstyles first communion bun


The semi-picked hairstyles for communion They are always a very simple and elegant option to comb girls. The best thing is that you can make different variants and give it your personal touch as you prefer. Here we show you two options: one with twist and the other with a small bow, both beautiful and very simple to make.

First communion semi-chosen

With braid

Braiding hair is always an excellent option if you are looking for a natural but beautiful style. Here we bring you some first communion hairstyles with braid That will look beautiful in your little princess. If you are not very skilled in the hair tissue, we recommend you practice a few times before the big day, so you will make sure that it looks perfect and that your girl looks beautiful.

first communion braid hairstyles

Braided crown

East hairstyle for first communion It is very beautiful and it is not so complicated to perform, although we warn you that you will need the ability to make braids. All the magic consists in making a braided crown that surrounds your little girl's head; You can pick up all the hair or leave a loose part, that will depend on your creativity and imagination.

first communion braided crown first communion crown

Braid and bun

If you are looking for a more elegant finish, we recommend you try the combination between a braid and a monkey. It is a fairly simple way to give a modern touch to a very traditional hairstyle. In addition, it is the perfect way to keep your little girl's hair under control throughout the day.

first communion loop hairstyle first communion hairstyleshairstyle first communion loopfirst communion looploop hairstyle

With loops

Curls or loops are a very common option for the day of first communion. It may be because they give the girl a very angelic and ethereal air, they also make the hair look more voluminous. For you to be inspired we have decided to bring you these two combs for first communion with loops that will make your girl look like a beautiful princess on this special day. For these hairstyles we recommend the use of a fixative, so the loops will remain perfect for longer.

Loops and flowers

The loops and the flowers they are a beautiful combination in a hairstyle for first communion. The great thing is that you can let your creativity fly and use them as you please; the most common way is to make a semi-pick or a waterfall braid and make loops In the rest of the hair. Then, you just have to decorate the hairstyle with flowers natural or artificial.

first communion loops hairstyles first communion hairstyles loops

Loops and collected

If what you are looking for is a hairstyle that helps you keep your little girl's hair in order, we recommend this hairstyle for first communion which consists of complementing some collected with the subtlety and elegance of loops. You can choose the one you like best (high, low, side or back), the trick is to curl the hair that is loose and thus raise the level of elegance and colorful hair.

loops and collected first communion first communion collected

For Mom

Do not think that we have forgotten the beautiful moms, who want to look spectacular on this special day. For you we have brought this beautiful hairstyle for first communion for mom That is very simple to do.

first communion hairstyle for mom

This is a collected half carefree, which will make you look beautiful without much effort. The wonderful thing about this style is that you can adapt it to your personality; since you can decide on which side, at what height and how structured you want it. Always remember to use a style that makes you feel comfortable and that is resistant to movement, as it will be a hectic day and your style should last as long as possible. To have a durable finish we recommend the use of fixative, preferably those that come in aerosol.

first communion hairstyles mothers

Step by step guide

Finally, we want to show you a hairstyle for first communion step by step That will make your girl look beautiful and tender on this special day. We have loved this hairstyle from the moment we saw it, because it looks very innocent and childish; In addition, it is very easy to do, which makes it much more attractive. Follow these simple steps and you will see that you will have no problem getting it done to your little one:

  1. Start collecting all the hair in a ponytail; It can be on the back of the head or on the side.
  2. Make a balloon bun with most of the hair and hold it with crochet hooks. If your girl has long hair, leave a loose part to make the final finish.
  3. Open the bun in half and hold each part with a hook or hairpin, try not to see them so that the hairstyle is more neat.
  4. Take a part of the hair that was loose and pass it through the middle of the bun, so you will cover the tail or tie that holds the hair. If you want, you can make a small braid with this hair to give a more original touch to the hairstyle.
  5. Finish curling the hair you left loose, this gives a more elegant and flirtatious air to the hairstyle.
  6. Our recommendation is that you use a hair fixative, such as hairspray, so picking up your girl will last much longer.

first communion step by step hairstyle first communion hairstyle step by step

hairstyle for first communion step by step

first communion step by step hairstyles

These are some of the hairstyles for that first communion that is on its way. You will undoubtedly highlight your little one and you will stand out for that important event. Do not hesitate to share these hairstyles with your friends on social networks.

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