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▷ Californian Wicks Step by Step ▷ 30 Trends 2019

▷ Californian Wicks Step by Step ▷ 30 Trends 2019

I will teach you a process of Californian Wicks For your hair where it is applied with media products, super lightening dye and tips with discoloration.

I know many people who are a little afraid of getting this type of hair dye but with this technique I assure you and I guarantee that it will be very easy and simple learning the best secrets of hairdressers who apply it.

This I assure you because after several years of using this type of wicks I achieved what I wanted so much for my hair that it was to have the different ranges of colors.

What are Californian Wicks?

This is the latest trend in hairstyles and hair look when it comes to coloring creating an effect as if the sun's rays were continuously projecting its light on your hair. Clarifying the tips of the hair and offering a natural effect on the roots.

Mainly it is a luminous gradient that offers light and movement to your hair, imitating with the dye the reflections of the sun, something that surely in summer you can achieve but that in winter is impossible in a natural way and this is the definitive solution that is why its great success.

This type of trend styling in hairdressers are very much requested by teenagers and the colors that are most used today are chicken yellow, orange, light blue, navy blue, king blue, bicolor, chocolate base, burgundy or choose the color of dye that you like more.

The type of hairstyle that this type of technique can apply is both hair with bangs and short hair, in long, curly hair since it is applied on tips and degraded means step by step.

Many celebrities made this type of color to be disseminated in a massive way by applying and performing this type of ink made by professionals at the beginning and then it became so popular that they began to make every color application made at home.

As always it is important to moisturize the hair very well since we are applying dye and that is why I always recommend you to take care of it if it is fatty or dry these homemade masks

mechas-californianas-trend "width =" 500 "height =" 500 "srcset ="▷-Californian-Wicks-Step-by-Step-▷-30-Trends-2019.jpg 500w, http: //www.mujeresfemeninas. com / images / beauty / mechas-californianas-tendency-300x300.jpg 300w, 450w "sizes =" (max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px "/></p>
<h2 id=How to make California Wicks Step by Step

I will tell you my experience since it depends a lot on the dye that you use the final result as well as the hair color you have but then the procedure is always the same.

In my case, I used the Loreal Paris Number 101 Belmont dye brand for very dark brown hair Californian Look.

Also in the product box brings an instruction to guide you better if you have any questions or you can consult me ​​in the comments.

The kit will bring us

  1. First Step: a bleaching powder where it is used to perform the gradient
  2. Step two is the developer cream or hydrogen peroxide
  3. Step three the lightening cream
  4. Step four conditioner shampoo

You start by mixing both the bleaching powder in the developer cream all in the same container. After you finish mixing in a homogeneous way, what you have to do now is add the lightening cream next to the whole mixture and continue mixing and then apply.

I advise you to do the part of the mixture with the closed container that step 2 brings you since you can beat well for a few minutes so that it is very homogeneous and better mixing this then it will be easier to be able to dye each end of your hair.

Then you put the cap that has an applicator shape as a funnel to start applying on your hair.

Tip if you have medium short hair I recommend putting petroleum jelly on your neck with that you achieve that if the dye touches it you can prevent it from adhering to your skin, with this you avoid having to be then rubbing your body with a sponge.

Before applying the dye, put on the gloves that the kit product brings, of course this is because of the brand that I tell you about my experience but you can use the one that best fits your pocket, so if each manufacturer acts differently in every head of women and what works for one does not work for another is a matter of trying but always try to use recognized brands.

With a thick bristle comb, start dividing your hair in two from the center, marking a line and combing the sides leaving a straight line of our scalp.

This kit includes a small brush to apply but you can also do it with a hairdresser brush that is used a lot that I advise you to always have since not always the Californian dye kit brings it.

We add enough of the mixture to the brush or if you do it with the brush on the hair you are going to apply.

I recommend starting from the tips and you go up to a little below half of your hair.

Other people like to start by applying in the media the super lightening 12-1 + 30 volumes this is already a matter of taste but I am left with the first option I give you.

Then we apply on the other side and once we finish we must wait 15 minutes for the dye to take effect on our hair.

After those 15 minutes we apply more dye to the hair in the same place of the hair but a little above the part that you applied previously until you reach the middle of the wick.

With this same we cause that degrade effect of darker to lighter hair causing the range of colors we want.

Now you wait 20 minutes.

After waiting for the time to fix the dye on the hair you wash with step 4 that mentions you of conditioning shampoo.

We dry with a towel to remove excess water and then with the hair dryer.

Ready with this you finished the steps to have your Californian Wicks Homemade like you and I like to be more beautiful.

Long hair with natural roots and gold in tips and a half

Gradient Hair California Wicks Degrade Hair

Gradient dye color from the middle to the tips in a gradual manner

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<h4>Little makeup for a dark brown brunette in roots and light brown tips</h4>
<p><img class=Types of Hair Shades

Stylists and colorists began to expand their creativity and implemented this same technique which wished to naturally simulate the lighting of Californian surfers, in search of new colors both natural and fantasy that could help blow up women's fantasies by breaking the paradigm of the classic shades of beauty.

That is why I am going to show you the tones for wicks that are a trend today and that are used in women's hair.

Blonde California Wicks

It is an excellent way to use lighting in brown hair to enhance the features of your face and always look beautiful.

The tones can change between one or two tones depending on the intensity you want to give.

In this case, it is always recommended to discolor the tips in different wicks to obtain the expected yellow color and not be surprised by an orange color that often happens when it is wrong when implementing the hue.

blonde California wicks 1

If you are interested you can visit the article I made about Blonde California Wicks where you can discover the different combinations that exist.

Gray California Wicks

gray California wicks

White Californian Wicks

white California wicks

Californian Wicks Roses

pink California wicks

Red California Wicks

If you are interested in getting this type of red wicks then I advise you to visit the article of red California wicks where you will discover all the tricks to be able to conquer this color that predominates in women who want to highlight their personality to the fullest.

red california wicks

Californian Colored Wicks

colorful California wicks

Purple California Wicks

extensions with 100 natural hair clip black and purple California wicks

Blue Californian Wicks

blue california wicks

Other examples so you can get very nice ideas that are trends:

California-made-at-home wicks "width =" 337 "height =" 450 "srcset =" 337w, 225w, -en-casa-768x1026.jpg 768w, 800w "sizes =" (max-width: 337px) 100vw, 337px "/></p>

<p><img class=

advantages of California wicks Gisele-Bündchen "width =" 300 "height =" 370 "srcset ="▷-Californian-Wicks-Step-by-Step-▷-30-Trends-2019.jpg 300w, beauty / Gisele-Bündchen-243x300.jpg 243w "sizes =" (max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px "/></p>
<p><img class=

Drew-Barrymore "width =" 402 "height =" 611 "srcset ="▷-Californian-Wicks-Step-by-Step-▷-30-Trends-2019.jpg 402w, beauty / Drew-Barrymore-197x300.jpg 197w, 296w "sizes =" (max-width: 402px) 100vw, 402px "/></p>

<p><img class=Californian wicks in short hair

You can find ideas with this new trend where short hair is used by implementing the California wicks combining the dye at the tips, giving the hair natural lighting.

If your mane is short reaching the shoulders you can take advantage of giving light rays of half to the tips of the tufts

A very youthful look to use short hair but in turn make California wicks will never go out of style

In this mane you can see that the reflections and the light of the rays come from the root, touching the change to the full blond in the hue

Short haircut for women by the shoulders with degrade to give you the best style, looking for the perfect shade of dye according to your skin

Blonde and red dye in the wavy short haircut to highlight the California strands

Video on how to make a quick and easy California wick step by step

Currently, the balayage which is the main competitor of the fashion of this type of looks and that will explain you in the next article.

I hope you like my dear reader and it helps you to be more and more beautiful by changing your hairstyles in addition to your colors whenever you want.

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