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▷ Animal crossing new leaf Hairstyles 2019 ⊛ Photos, Ideas & Styles!

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We live in a time when video games are increasingly part of the lives of children, teenagers and even the lives of adults. Therefore, the companies that produce these games live in constant evolution, seeking to improve day after day the different consoles and games to create greater satisfaction to the public that as mentioned before is of very varied ages which makes the task a bit more difficult.

Nintendo in a Japanese company based in Kyoto, founded by fusajiro Yamaguchi in 1889 and since then is dedicated to the creation of consumer electronics and video games. Being thus creator of very successful consoles and video games, among its most important consoles we have a different range of ds, this is a portable console which was created to be the successor of the game I go forward and had an incredible success causing an incredible stir in the Children of the world, Mario Bros was included in this console which can be said to be the most important game for the company, creating together with the different types of games such as Mario party and Mario kart.

Animal crossing hairstyles leave their mark

Animal Crossing, which means crossing animals in Spanish, is a video game created by this company, this game focuses on the simulation of life. At stake, it takes place in a town where different anthropomorphic animals live, such people perform various activities that will be carried out by anyone in their day to day. This is carried out in real time, that is to say that the hours and seconds pass in the same way as on earth, thus giving more entertainment.

animal crossing new leaf hairstyles

This saga has six editions of which two were only made public in Japan, these games were released to be developed in nintendos ds, 3ds and Wii u. of which two are portable nintendos facilitating thus being able to play in any place where you are without losing a moment of the day since it is a game in real time.

Animal crossing was a great success since it was the first to be launched to the market, therefore all children and adolescents were very identified because they could perform daily tasks with an avatar chosen by themselves thus selling 16.49 million units around the world.

Animal Crossing New Leaf hairstyles for Nintendo 3DS and WII

  • Nintendo ds, the version that was delivered to the ds was the second so-called animal crossing wild Word which had a Wi-Fi connection from Nintendo, allowing fans to connect with different players around the world.
  • Wii, For this console, the Animal Crossing City Folk version was launched on the market. This was the third version of the saga which also allows you to connect via Wi-Fi with other players from different areas. It also has extensions, which allow for example visiting the square. from the city.
  • 3ds, For this console, the most recent content of this animal saga crossing new leaf was delivered, it has all the innovations that this game can offer so far which was launched on November 8, 2012 in Japan, on June 9, 2013 in America and on June 14 of the same year in Europe which was a total success in the masses as well as the previous versions of this saga.

The incorporation of wi-fi plays a fundamental role because it allows interaction between different players around the world. Which makes the game more entertaining and interactive expanding its market attracting more players through the expansion of its saga.

Guide of Hairstyles of Chez Marilin and his Hairdresser in Animal Crossing New Leaf

In the old animal crossing, entering the hairdresser of Chez Marilin became a game of chance because the hairstyles were an uncertainty, you could enter with a good look and leave with one that you did not like at all. Well, that changed today the new game new leaf gives you the opportunity to choose the hairstyle that suits you or simply the one you like the most.

This through some chips which show a wide range of hairstyles, in which you will select the look that can range from a short hair to a large long hair, you can choose curlers, waves, braids or a simple straight hair.

This was a great advance for the game since the gamer feels in the power or in the free will to choose the look that best resembles him. New technologies have developed great inventions, previously focused only on garment styles but that taboo ended, integrating hair styles to consoles. New leaf guarantees this and much more through the hairdresser of Chez Marilin. Here we leave you the Animal Crossing New Leaf Hairstyles Guide:

guide hairstyles animal crossing new leaf

Here we show you how to change the color of the eyes:

chez marilin hairdresser color eyes

Animal Crossing New Leaf Hairstyles combinations

Chez Marilin offers the player a range of hairstyles to delight and place it on his avatar. These are presented in the letter with a wide variety of names which offers you different styles both male and female. The application has the particularity of disappearing as much as possible to new trends in terms of hairstyles.

Different hairstyles, various colors, variety of cuts are the motto of the hairdresser Chez Marilin exceeding the expectations of the players. Hairstyles that go from casual to formal.

animal hairstyles crossing new leaf how to choose

Play animal crossing new leaf with this Step by Step

  1. When you start the game you must create an avatar.
  2. Then start performing the tasks that the game tells you or that you simply want to perform.
  3. To be able to enter the hairdresser of chez marilin you must wait two weeks after starting the game she will automatically appear in the mall.
  4. To change your initial look you must first enter the hairdresser
  5. Then choose a hairstyle from the letter which will be automatically applied to you
  6. These hairstyles have different costs which you must pay at the end

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Animal crossing new leaf Hairstyles

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